Live Show: 8/7/99


South Norwalk, CT

Reviewed by: Alex, Kimberly, Gordon, Amanda, Matt & Harry

The Details

It's always nice to see a Fruvous show. It's even nicer when it's 15 minutes from your house. This happened to me earlier in the year with the House of Blues shows when I was living up in Boston, and it happened today again. I'm trying to get all the shows I can in before I leave for the other side of the planet (Australia) later this month.

We managed to find a parking space after about 10 minutes' searching (the parking lot near the festival was worthless -- packed, and every time someone left, somebody would sleaze their way into the vacant spot. Unfortunately that someone was never me, so we ended up parking on the hill.) We also managed to find the stage, and we had time to spare before the concert, so we hung out by the taper(s) (hiya Jason :) and talked for a while with other fruheads. The weather was great, though the band didn't seem to be doing as well as we were. Murray, especially, was sweating bullets (what the hell kind of expression is that btw?) on stage. The show, though, was great.

They opened with Sahara, which was really cool, since I'd only heard it once before live. Great harmonies on this one, and a cool song to open with.

Complete setlist (Adam managed to "snag" Jian's after the show -- I use "snag" in quotes because he got Cal to hand it to him.)


bj - Mike seemed to mess up the first verse of this. I'm not sure he messed it up by accident though, as a lot of it seemed definitely intentional. I couldn't make out what he was saying though. "Now he hikes the Himalayas, but he'd rather catch a bootlegged recording."

disco bargainville - Wow, 2 for 2. This version of Bargainville *rocks*. Those who haven't yet heard it, beg and plead for a bootleg. :)

medicine show - A surprise. I'd never heard this live, and I don't think it's been done much(?) Really cool to hear it.

ywgttm - After the song, Murray mentioned that he'd accidentally pointed at the sun instead of the moon at one point. He warned us, "So, don't go to the sun."

1/2 - I bet this is the song that gets played on Conan. :)

too careful - Or this?

when she talks

pisco (not played :/)

king/green - Monkey Boy attacked Mister Cheese during Green Eggs and Ham. (Monkey Boy was Mike, "wearing" a cup over his mouth and making screeching sounds.)

booty - "Feelin' our best at the SoNo Fest". Lots of references to local minor-league baseball teams (Ravens, Bluefish, and a couple other Connecticut-centric references. Kinda neat.)

splatter - It's neat how an acoustic guitar can sound like an electric, even without pickups.

fly - The harmonies on this were as good, if not better, than the Live Noise version. Definitely the best I've heard it performed.

tureen - Another pleasant surprise. They seem to be playing this more often lately.

sauce - I love this song.

author - "My crucifixion", "Who needs a grave?"

car - Another song I like hearing live.

psycho - This was sweet. Jian got the entire crowd (and the band) to be really, really quiet for the intro. He did the "I can't seem to face up to the facts. . ." bit *really* quietly, and then *yelled* out "Don't touch me, I'm a real live wire," while making the most maniacal face. See Chris's review of the first House of Blues show -- he did it then too -- for a better description. :)

michigan militia - Pretty cool, though they're playing this an awful lot lately. I'm not complaining, though.

mpg - This is a pretty cool song to end the set with, I've decided. Mike's guitar sounded really nice. This song seems to come together better every time I hear it.

After the show, the band came out and hung out with everyone for a *long* time. It's really cool to be able to talk to them; they're so easily approachable and genuinely like talking to their fans. It's neat, too, that they can still hang out and go shopping (Murray and Jian were buying clothes after the show in the "retro" store across the street from the merch booth) and watch the other performers and whatnot without being mobbed by fans. It's also neat to see the wide range of ages of the fans. I saw people there that were older than my father, and kids that were maybe 5 or 6 years old, and *everyone* had a good time. The mood was great, no hecklers or people acting like idiots. I had a great time.

Until South Street Seaport...

From Kimberly:

This was probably the best time I've ever had with a severe hangover. I've seen the other reviews, so I'll just add my take on things and a few banter notes I kept during the show.

Kristaffer had abandoned me for the weekend, so I talked my mom into joining me at the SoNo fest this year. It's probably just as well, since if I was going solo I probably would have skipped it due to a really late happy hour excursion the night before. Anyways. We got in at about 2pm, found an actual parking garage with open spots, and walked over to the grounds. I immediately ran into LadyWench, and then Beth and her crowd, before heading down Washington Street to check out the stage area. There I ran into Maureen, Lisa, the FruVirgins, and GordonLew. We mapped out stage strategy before mom and I headed out to shop. We ended up over by the Puppet Parade staging area, watching the preparations for this ultra-cool (in a strange way) event. I think Gordon was right, and the parade was shorter this year. It's still a kick to watch all the puppets, and I adore the drummers. Did you all notice the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band guy, with the John Lennon puppet? Well, we ended up back at the stage before the puppets arrived so we got to see both ends of the parade. After that, we just claimed our spots and stocked up on beverages for the show. Time flew since we were in the midst of a very large and familiar crowd, although I did meet some great new faces: hi, Sam I Am and Maureen's FruVirgins!

Now, the show. They opened with the regular Sahara, which I never understand: Sahara just doesn't seem to have the momentum to open a show properly unless it builds up like the extended version. I know at least one person who agrees with me on this. Next was BJ, excellent as always. Banter folowed about the great weather, and how great it was compared to Toronto where the igloos were finally melting...there's a very brief warm period in Toronto, and Mike says the month in which it occurs is called "Connecticut." Jian talked about capitalism a bit, and then Murray mentioned the fact that although they like a lot of other bands and appreciate fans supporting these other bands, "that guy in the Eddie From Ohio shirt over there? You'll have to leave. I'm sorry. We just can't have that kind of thing here."

Next up was the fabulous Video Bargainville, non-accordian-keyboard-disco-version. I've never cared too much for this song until I heard this version. I was standing in front of the monitors and can't be the best judge of sound, but it seemed to me that the keybaord was a bit muted on this song compared to the FRFF debut. Still a fantastic song and a treat for those who hadn't heard it before. Medicine Show followed, to my amazement...just when I was SURE their setlists were getting rather predictable! Banter followed, mostly the crowd-surfing commenst you've heard about in other reviews, but what about the advice to "keep a pusher near you at all times?"

Moon was next. I like Moon. They followed that up with yet MORE banter about the CD release, followed by some short snippets from U2 and Hootie and the Blowfish. Then they played Half as Much, and When She Talks...was anyone else besides me and Mike distracted by the loud conversation at the panel to the side of the stage? Mike finally got their attention and shushed 'em with a finger to his lips. Way to go, Mike.

"As Tina Turner said...we don't need another hero!" So started King of Spain, which very nearly didn't start at all after Mike made the "I'm Monkey Boy!" comment. Murray was holding the pitch pipe to his mouth but was laughing too hard to actually use was adorable! He was completely lost to the Giggles. When Mike said, pre-epilogue, that "the next song will be a better time for me to come out from behind the congas and beat you up," it was kinda obvious what song would follow. The GE&H Monkey Boy attack was a lot of fun...Mike was obviously having a great time during this show. Boo Time was next, then Splatter...with a Blair Witch intro. Jian said that the movie scared him a lot despite the fact that he hasn't actually SEEN it yet. Fly was lovely, of course...the band was really into it. Next more banter: Murray's obvious discomfort in the heat led to promises of his very own firetruck to hose him down. Firetruck became Friar Tuck, somehow (Mike's mind works in scary ways) and a bit of a Robin Hood moment ensued. This was the last big banter break of the show. The next songs were, in order: Tureen, Saucep'n, MBLABOA, Get in the Car, and Psycho Killer...all fairly standard and extremely well-done. Back for an encore, they played Michigan Militia and I went off to a corner for a while. Sorry, but I'm so sick of this song I just can't stomach it any more. They got called out for another encore, fortunately, with the MC asking "should we stick to the timeclock or have 'em do another?" and the crowd's enthusiastic response. That gave us My Poor Generation, probably my favorite new song and a lovely closer. What a great show!

We had to get back and didn't want to drive on Route 7 and the Taconic in the pitch-dark, so I remained just long enough to chat with Dave and say some quick goodbyes before heading back to Rochester. My sincere thanks to all who were so nice to my mother...she had a great time, and never seemed to lack someone to chat with! I'm pressing her to get a Frumiles card.

This was her third show, after all.

This Früvous thing MUST be genetically linked somehow.

From Gordon:

>Booty - So cool. Lots of local references...looks like Mike had two >different sets of lyrics...I didn't get em..only the set list. Many CT >references.

I did get them, Here are the lists. First the one he actually used.

Norwalk Groovers
Moxy Fruvers
Tito Puente
SONO Art Bash
Rum Sodomy + the Lash
Eat a Big Knish
Bridgeport Bluefish
Hey New Haven
Quoth the Raven

SONO Fest.

Now the list he didn't use.

Sono Art Bash
Rum Sodomy + the Lash
Norwalk Groovers
Moxy Fruvers
Tito Puente
Hey New Haven
Quoth the Raven
Bridgeport Bluefish

From Amanda:

What a perfect day! The weather, the music, the people... everything! The SoNo Arts Celebration was a beautiful chance for Fruheads to come out and play. (well, Fruvous did the playing... but you know what I mean.) :o) Yesterday was really special for me because for the first time, I began to feel like a real member of the Fru-community. I'm finally getting to recognize familiar faces and come out of my shell... So I will begin by saying hi to Lori, Trace, and deb, who really helped me feel welcome yesterday. =)

As always, Fruvous was fantastic- the sun was beating down on the stage, and Murray admitted to feeling "wilted" but they still gave the audience a wonderfully high-energy show, including an appearance by Mike the Monkeyboy... The setlist, as best as I can remember was: Sahara, BJ, Disco VB (this is great!), Incredible Medicine Show, Moon, Half as Much, Too Careful, When She Talks, Boo Time, KoS/GE&H, Fly, PTT, Saucepan, Splatter, Authors, Car, and Psychokiller, with Michy and My Poor Generation as encores. There wasn't a whole lot of banter between songs, but my favorite line was Murray's reminder that we can't go to the sun, just the moon.

Yesterday was also special because my mom came for her first Fru-show, along with my brother, making his second appearance. They both loved it, and my mom really enjoyed talking with Mike, Jian, and Dave after the show. I think now she'll understand a little more when I head off on Fru-trips... =) Which hopefully will be very soon!

Thanks again to everyone for making the day so memorable.

From Matt:

Hey all...welp...someone beat me to the review...wonder why..5 mins from your house..I had a longer car ride....the ride was ok. Parking was really close to the stage....$5 but it was well worth it..especially for a free fest. Umm..where to go next. Welp..walked over and picked my spot..directly stage Mike. I was there the whole time Cal set up etc....long time. I had my spot saved and went over to talk to Toby. Umm...gave Toby his allowance of Pez and got my shirt and the card stamped. Anyway...the guys were actually on time! It was so unexpected. Show started with some really good energy. Mike's setlist ( which I almost had to fight for) reads:

PISCO --> not on list but scratched for Green Eggs and Ham after King

Sahara - Really nice melody..but the mix seemed bad from what I could hear being infront of the speakers.

BJ - went really well and Mike made a nice Jason reference with " Now he hikes the Himalayas, but he'd rather catch a bootlegged recording!"

Disco Bargainville - Really good....great crowd interacton.

Medicine Show - At this point I totally lost my voice! BUMMER! Sounded really scratchy. Cool to hear live...Mur was really on for this song.

Moon- Mike and Jian got really into it dancing and at one point the quasi-stable stage shook and a bunch of stuff got knocked down. Oh well. Murry accidently pointed at the sun.

At this point if not soon earlier the guys did the "talk to the people" thing. Most noticable was the people sitting in apartment windows that Jian and Mike pointed out would " Jump from the windows with " pushers" behind them and that they would crowd surf and get lifed up onto the scaffolding which holds the speakers and will be given flowers.

1/2 As Much - A bit of talking but went reletively well.

Too Careful- Mike -" This is a song that exaclty describes connecticut"

When She Talks - Jian " This song is dedicated to that nice police officer over there with his girlfriend"- Mike " So we should call it when she sings???" Welp no one got the joke untill Mike made it clear that she would be ratting people out. Was really preitty.

Pisco - Scratched and used with GE&H later in the set.

King - Dave came out wearing a floppy hat and sunglasses..he needed them too. Was so hot. Jian and Dave almost lost the song at " My epliogue" in talking about Mike the " Monkey Boy!"

Green Eggs- Was direcly put in after KOS. After the beatles part Mike appears with a plastic up over his mouth as monkey boy, does and dance, and jumps Mr. Cheese. Crowd interaction with this one was really well.

Booty - So cool. Lots of local references...looks like Mike had two different sets of lyrics...I didn't get em..only the set list. Many CT references.

Splatter -My voice was totally gone and I was the seemingly only person who knew the lyrics! Mike kinda smiled at me trying the rasp them out. Perverted ending to second verse " He's got a big surprise for he on the porch out back"

FLY - Very emotional for me..bad time with Ex and Jian made a point about this being the season that people break up. A good deal of tears in the crowd. Jian was really on...he himself was nearly crying.

Tureen- No huge into this time...plain and simple....was kinda for kicks. Dave broke an acustic string and they said they could never perform t

Sauce - Welp.....i think everyone in the audience knew the lyrics this time...and they loved it.

Authors - Umm...Davies " Who needs a grave" and Murray's " My crucifiction" comment..he was standing right on stage Mike too!Dave broke an acustic string and they said they could never perform the song again because it didnt end properly so they got him another guitar..good going Toby.

Car - Really high energy...guitar solo was new this time..sounded good.

Psy- This is where Mur seemed to start loosing it. Was kinda odd. Welp Jian played alot of games witht the audience trying to fake us out on when he would start. Loved by all at the fest.

Michy - Was really good. Mur seemed really gone by now.

Welp the SoNo guy talked and distracted us while the guys ran away. So I waited around under Toby's instructions to seem them arrive out of no where. I went to Jian first and was nicknamed " CT boy" because of my incident at the Met cafe. Then i went to Mike later after he wasn't busy and asked misc. questions between our talk. He was tired. He told me that Mur was getting sick because of the heat and prob needed to sleep it he wouldn't be out. At this point he went over the Splatter chords with me..wish i could remember them...i had nothing to write on. Got my picture taken with him and we talked for a long while. Mention of a song he wrote and why they don't play it that often came up..and he said welp.." Maybe I'll work it back in..sounds good...thanks for the suggestion.." So we'll see if It's Too Cold comes back..which he partially sang with me. :) Got my set list signed and animated and Mike said he was tired and had to go. Worked my way to Dave who was kind of in the middle of a crowd of " Dave's people" and talked for a while. Mention of the indie cassette came up and he said it's cool to make copies. So that's most of what happened at SoNo..look for my scanned set list soon and my pics! L8r all!

From Harry:

Wow was there traffic on I-95. It took me over an hour to get to South Norwalk. It also meant I could play my newly recorded Moxy Fruvous assorted tape for my friend Eddie Havoc and his wife Eileen. They got a little preview of what to expect.

My wife & I stood in front of one "Big Ass Fruvous Flag" getting ready for the show while Eddie & Eileen went to get some food. They ended up missing a song or two and stood under the windows where said acrobatics were to take place.

After "Sahara" MF went into "BJ" which had Mike forgetting the lyrics after spotting The "...Fruvous Flag" behind us, though he did say "Fruvous flag" a lot in between his mumbles. My friends & I dug Jian's little dig at capitalism and "Disco Bargainville" was great. There was quite a bit of between song banter early on, which was fine because the crowd, setting and day all called for it. They could have easily talked for an hour and most everbody would have hung on every word. Except maybe some people who were supposed to stage dive from the windows above us.

All in all they got at least two new recruits during the show as Eddie & Eileen expressed their excitement over what they had witnessed. I can't wait to see them on Friday at South St. Seaport.

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