Live Show: 8/10/99


Rochester, NY

Reviewed by: Maggie

The Details

Disclaimer: I have been awake for almost 21 and a half hours and I am utterly exhausted. My bestest fru-bud Melissa is here with me, and we shall proceed to the best of our abilities since this is our first review.

Well, first Melissa showed up at my house and we went to get ready to go to Record Archive. the brownies i baked for the guys were cooling off and smelling delish. [totally off-topic, i quit capitalization cuz i'm too tired. i apologize.] i put the brownies on a paper plate and covered it with plastic wrap. BAD IDEA. by the time the acoustic set was over, the brownies were smushed. then i dropped them and the plastic wrap fell off. :*( let's just say that i was slightly *pissed*off*.

Thornhill was playing in the background, but it was too loud for anybody to actually listen to it. the set was great. i have a terrible memory, so i can't tell you the exact set list, but they broke out Lazy Boy. it was a great set. beg somebody for a tape [speaking of... would somebody who taped both shows contact me? and i'll pay for the tapes plus a few dollars for being so darn nice!].

The Pictures

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The Music

The Set

Misc. Info

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