Live Show: 8/19/99


Washington, DC

Reviewed by: Kate

The Details


This is gonna be short'n'sweet, as I'm actually *supposed* to be working today!

Got to Borders about 10:00, actually found a chair-seat. This is relevant, as the store area quickly filled up; I'd guess there were close to 100 (?? I couldn't see how far back the crowd went) people there by the time the show was in full swing.

Jian's setlist (hidden under the drum kit, Lawrence!)

	Earth Q.
	Spidey G.
	M P G
	Splitter S.  		(sic)

Here's what *I* wrote down:

		-issues of missed lyrics; 
		"Spilled some dressing *with* Doris Lessing..."

		- Introcuction of audience member wearing a Beatles shirt

	Half As Much
	I Love My Boss (I'd *written down* Downsizing, before they
		started.  D'oh!)
		- ("I'm STUCK!" as Mike jumped on a chair that broke)

		- Introduction of Virtual Boy

	I WIll Hold On
		- knocking Pentago City, next performance
		-Improv of Beautiful Stranger, the Hayseed remix
		-Improv: "Dave's Got a Book for Mike"; the book?
			"Solo Guitar Playing"

	Michigan Militia
	Splatter Splatter (typo on Jian's setlist?  =)  )

Had a great time-- time to do some work before leaving to get to Pentagon City!

All in all, I *really* enjoyed both in-store concerts. I had nnever ben to one prior to 12:30 yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. The setup wasn't ideal, and a lot of people had trouble seeing (I had a good seat both times [5:30: *Thank you,* Amanda!!], luckily) from the back, or from behind the racks (it was noted that everywhere one turned, people could be seen in nooks).

Upbeat songs were well-appreciated; as was being able to hear some of the stuff I'd anticipated at Ram's Head that weren't played. (not that I didn't enjoy the show-- I did, very much!) A great big kudos to the lads for sticking it out through that enormous line after the Borders 5:30 show; I was at the very-end with Amy, and they guys, while tired, were still jovial and friendly. And *special* thatnks to Tobey for getting me my hockey jersey!

Three shows in less than 24 hours. Aaaahh, saturation. =)

Hope all ye who tripped from out of town had a good time in DC! Good to meet you, Angie, Queen Lisa, Fruprincess Dana and Amy, finally!

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