Live Show: 8/26/99


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Sara, Angie, Maggie, Irene & Melissa

The Details

Okay, I don't see a review now I have the option to either do a detailed review or just add some random thoughts. Well, since I'm sure there will people taking strict notes, I'll probably do more of the later, but maybe a bit of the former. :p

Overall, it was a great evening. Good friends, good music, and we didn't get wet (although I think Dave might have gotten a bit wet at the back of the stage! I was worried about him playing the keyboard back there!).

I thought it was interesting that they started with Half as Much and ended with MPG - nice bookends from the album. :) I have to admit that I really love the Thornhill songs live after listening to the album a couple times (as I said before, I find it hard to really get into a show when I'm not familiar with the songs - I can enjoy the show, but last night I was really *digging* it). I also loved the new arrangments of old songs (especially Video Bargainville - I take it that's the "disco" version - it was very cool).

It was an interesting set because they didn't do some of the more "typical" Toronto songs - the expected ones like King of Spain/GEaH or Marion Fruvous. I thought it was a good choice to expose people to their other songs, and also I felt all the songs worked well together. My only disappoinment was there was no "dancing queen/walk on the wild side" but that's purely selfish (check out my email address if you want a hint at understanding that)

Impressive statistic: that ampitheatre has seating for 1750 people and 250 standing under cover (plus apparently room for 3000 standing on the uncovered pier behind). That ampitheatre was there were close to 2000 people there! Go Toronto! :)

A few fun highlights:

- Jian commenting that the Mix got their name wrong, their name was actually Bell Mobility (a large advertising banner was hanging overhead) and all the other Bell Mobility comments were good (I love how they always manage to work in their sponsers by making fun of them at the same time - but it does get their names out there!)

- Singing along with them with "is that James in the boat" and participating in the first land/sea jam

- Dave commenting that the sound of the rain made him have to pee (and a little rant about "One Hand in My Pocket") and then Dave leaving the stage during the beginning of the next song (guess he was serious! *grin*)

- Being mentioned in the banter (a joke that was so inside even the guys didn't get it, except for one - but hey that was fun)

- and in the slightly-scary category (scary in a good way, not a scary way if that makes any sense) was shaking Jian's hand after the show and introducing myself as Sara, his response was "Revell?" Wow, someone's been paying attention! :p

I had a great time, as did the friends I was with. Here's my public plea for a taper who's willing to do a B&P to get a copy of the show (I saw the equipment I know there were people taping!) :p

It's taken me an hour to write this, so I'm going to get going now. I'm sure there is more to say, but someone else will probably cover it too!

Sara, sleep deprived and wishing she owned a discman so she could listen to her Thornhill CD again

From Angie:

The thing is, too much crap is floating in my mind to remember things. And the things I do remember aren't worth posting... but here goes:

Taryn and I leave Roch around 5pm en route to Batavia to pick up Mike and Jennifer. Interesting conversations along the way about the varying levels and definitions of FruHead-dom, what makes gay men so attractive to straight women, Adam Sandler stand-up comedian vs. Adam Sandler comic actor, and all sorts of strange stuff in between (including what makes certain straight men more attractive than others, but that's another story, *smirk*)

So, I'm in the navigator seat... and I've finally decided that I'm turning in my navigator card. It seems like every time I get into a car, esp if Fru-related, I get lost! We make it to Gardiner Expy, but take the wrong exit on York St and end up heading North. I know we want to turn around and head towards the lake, and I know the general direction we want to head... but thanks to the _wonderful_ parking attendant and clerk at the Beer Store, we get directed to walking along the lake to the Molson Amphitheatre!!! Thanks to my trusty cell phone (ack there are pics floating around of me with said device firmly attached to my head... I'm becoming one of them!!!), I call Amy (Amychic2, hi honey!!!) find out we're about a 25 min walk from the Harbourfront Amphitheatre!!! Of course, she said we had plenty of time... and we were going by the schedule posted on FDC, which said Tory at 8:30, Fruvous at 9:30.. and since we were figuring in Fruvous Time... anyway,

We take a cab back to Harbourfront, turns out we parked kiddie-corner to where we needed to be (arghhh, just shoot me and get it over with!), and as we approach the theatre the announcer comes on and introduces Moxy!!! at 9:15!!!! If we hadn't taken the cab... I immediately decide I need to be stage Dave, and start trotting over there to stand against the railing, Taryn and crew find seats near me so I sit down.

We got quite a few looks from people around us... esp when singing along to the new songs off of Thornhill (all the die-hards were makin' noise up front, how I longed to be there!!!)

Setlist? Don't ask, Lost it after Laika, sorta. Hightlights were Tory coming out to sing Jockey Full o'Bourbon and play the trumpet during the instrumental. That was awesome! So mad I missed his set :^( Taryn bought the CD so I'm sure I could find time to hear it at some point, right? *wink*

Jian commented on his mum being out in the audience, an inevitability when they play in Toronto, and he said that after every show she'd come up to him and make some comment like, "oh that was very nice and all but, why were you chewing gum?" And either Mike or Murray commented on the mom thing of wiping dirt off of your face with a tissue that magically appears (Murray I believe with the comment, "tuck that back in your bra where you got it!"), leading to a comment about the fact that Men, because they sneeze all the time, carry a handkerchief, but never offer to clean the face... which lead to the theory that women don't sneeze, and that they never see a woman sneeze (well, if they saw me in class I'd prove them wrong today, head cold's second wave, nothing but sneezing... sheesh!)

Of course, at the tail end of Jian talking about his mum Murray asked him about the curious absence of swearing on Jian's part, and Mike asked, (or maybe it was Murray again, can't remember) "yeah, where's that potty mouth we've come to know and love?" [personal thought, that is SO kids in the playground! gettin' Jian in trouble with the moms... heehee].

There was a person in the boat (James?) that blared his air horn a few times, Jian laughed that it might be a friend of their's, to which boat guy blared again. So what next ensued was an improv song with a call and repeat, "Is that James in the Boat" (Is That James in the Boat), he'd pause, and boat guy would blare 2 times. Later on in the night he blared his horn and it kinda warbled, and Jian said he needed to revive his air horn (or something along those lines)... and the boat guy blared this hysterical warbly sound.

Mike was full of energy, as always... where in the HELL does he get it??? He was all over the place for Boo Time (the only bit i remember was the repeating line "Doin' up a blunt at Harbourfront"). For some reason, the back and forth scat between him and Dave seemed especially cool last night, they seemed to really be having a ball with it.

There were a couple of little teasers about songs throughout the night. The guys had gotten very quiet to start a song, and it was raining and you could hear it rushing along the other side of the amphitheatre... and Mike said it sounded like the beginning of Bittersweet, and someone (can't remember who was on drums) started playing the rhythmic beginning to it. Mike said something about it being an inside joke and pointed at the folk up front. Later there were also references to Organ Grinder (tease!!!)

Right before they're closer (before the 2 two song encores), they started playing Splatter Splatter, Mike was trying to cue up the electric (correct me if I'm wrong, he does play the acoustic, right?), seemed to be having some problems, looked at Jian and Dave, grinned sheepishly and grabbed the acoustic. During this Jian told us all to stand up (but not piss off the people around us) and have some fun with this one. Aural Speed strikes again, I for one went spastic (I can't help it, I love dancing to that song!). So, they made their bow, left the stage, and poor Tobey was running back and forth changing guitar string after guitar string. They came back out, did a couple more songs (Get in the Car was in there, Michigan Militia was somewhere in there... I forget)... and closed with MPG. I get a feeling that, partially in an effort to pull away from the Bargainville atmosphere, MPG is replacing The Drinking Song. I honestly can't remember off the top of my head the last time I heard it as the closer... I'm thinking maybe before FalconRidge?

After the show I tried to keep my socializing brief (sorry Taryn) but it didn't happen. I originally wasn't going to say anything to the guys, but in waiting to talk to Tobey I gave in and went to visit with Dave, we chit-chatted about nothing, then I went back to talk to Tobey, saw Murray standing behind a car and went to bug him for a bit. He's funny, at FalconRidge we talked a bit about my SCA Fencing activities, and he seems to bring it up just about everytime I see him.

I got tired of waiting to see Jian, also realizing it was near Midnight and we had a 3 hr drive and I had to be at work by 7am, we decided to head out. Well, he had bopped over to the merch area to grab a CD, and was running back to whoever he was talking to. As he ran past, I pointed a finger at him and told him to slow down or something smart-ass, to which he replied, "Hey SnarkiFru!" *groan* does that make it my official Fru-nick now? heehee

Anyhow, I remember more, but I'm lazy and some of it won't make much sense out of context (ya had to be there kinda thing). it was great seeing the hundreds of people I don't have the brain cells to recall, hugs to you all! Amy, glad you dragged your Dad up to TO for the show! I wish I coulda hung out longer... but I was a passenger and more importantly, I had to get home! For the record, I was in bed by 3:50a, my alarm was set for 5:30 and I didn't even hit Snooze... and made it to work by 6:50a. I had a good class, was awake and aware and got great evaluations. Not that I'd make it a habit or anything ;^P

From Maggie:

A quick intro here... I wrote this with Melissa very early Friday morning (pretty much directly after we walked back into the hotel after the Fruvous show). And I am typing it up now (10:30am Monday morning) so I will probly have some editing to do. So here we go...

We left Rochester around 10:45 or 11am. It was a pretty uneventful drive to Toronto. We stopped and ate lunch at Harvey's... and we got rained on. *g*

We got very lost on the confusing Torontonian expressways. I think they made them like that just to confuse the stupid Americans who visit. Luckily, Melissa can read maps... I think I need to learn how, it's a good skill. We got to 427 South and we were still very confused. Then, my mother and my sister saw a van from the ValHalla Inn (the place where we were gonna stay) and they both screamed "FOLLOW THAT VAN!!!!!" LoL. I think we had a Budgie Dog Guardian Angel in the minivan with us. Heehee.

[Eds note: this is actually the concert review and I'm going to type this as if I had just written it. k?] Okay, I'm tired. And my Fruvous adrenaline rush is wearing off. The sugar-high from Tobey's Pez is wearing off, too. *g*

Well, it was an excellent show. Faboo. Fantabulous. I must admit, I don't think it was as absolutely wonderful as the Milestones show, but it was *really* good.

Tory Cassis (?) opened. If he's the guy I think I saw two years ago, he's improved a *lot*. The guitarist had a funky, shnazzy guitar with leopard print and zebra stipes, but he didn't use it til the very last song... which was the only song that got the majority of the crowd up and dancing.

Fruvous came to the stage *gasp* on time. Shock! :) It was a long set. They opened with Half as Much. I tried to premiere my Half as Much dance, but we were all sitting down, so it was pretty tough. *g*

They did an improv based on a boat horn. [Eds note: the James in the Boat improv has already been covered, so I'll skip it]. Later in the set, when "James" blared his horn again, Murray said it was like playing straight man to a horn. LoL. Murray funny!

Speaking of Murray, I saw this guy sitting down who looked *just* like Murray only with semi-long hair and glasses. As it turns out, it was Murray's brother... and I'll explain how I found that out later. More on Murray-related stuff... They did Independence Day. This was my first time seeing it live, and I could feel myself falling totally in love with it. *swoon* It's my new favorite song.

During Boo Time, Murray's bass strape broke and his bass almost flew straight into the air. The look on his face was priceless. LoL. Mike ran over and helped him fix it. Jian had a few problems with one of his cymbils (?). No matter what people did, it just wasn't right. when Dave went to the keyboard (oh yeah, this *all* didn't happen during Booty, but at various points during the show) it was *way* too loud. Mike broke a guitar string during the Love Potion #9 medley. *g*

It was raining during the show, and Jian asked the audience if we were getting wet. When we collectively answered "no" he said that there wasn't actually anything he could do about it so what was the point in even asking. Murray said it was kind of like Woodstock where they spray the crowd with hoses, only Moxy Fruvous has dryers... "bring them towels!"

Lemme see... [Eds note: I'm searching thru my pages of scribbles trying to sift out stuff that's already been talked about] When Jian was talking about women being superior human beings because they don't sneeze (and yes, Murray did say something about putting the Kleenex back into the bra where it came from LoL) and they give birth and men can't manage either, he said that you never see women sneeze... Murray (maybe Mike, but I think it was Murray) said that they've never seen Cal eat. "You see him order food and then you turn your head and you look back and it's gone. And he keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller... " LoL.

Before they did Splatter Splatter, Jian invited us to stand up and dance. I felt about ready to die because in my state of tiredness, I thought it sounded like BJ (the name of my ex... :::shudder::: ) but they went to Splatter Splatter. Whew! And then I was okay.

During Fly, it was raining pretty hard. The lights in the background were different shades of blue and the stage was all misty. During the harmonica solo part, you could hear the rain pounding down on the stage. Pure beauty. *swoon*

Jian messed up the lyrics to Disco Bargainville. After he made this mistake he said "Oh shit! Sorry Mom." But the really incredible thing was that he stayed in time with the music. *grin* What a guy... ;)

At the beginning of MPG, Dave messed up a little bit. I don't remember what it was, but it wasn't right. They had to start over. It was pretty funny... Jian blamed Dave's mistake on Murray. Jian then said that he owed Murray a beer, but Murray said he'd take one of the many provided backstage.

I almost forgot to talk about post-show! As I was walking towards the part of Molson Place where the Fru-Men were, I heard this lady saying that she felt Murray was having a few problems early in the set. I thought she kinda looked like him, too. Well, I ran into Murray and I asked him if he had time for an autograph, and he said "Well, not right now, I'm looking for my mommy," (*squeal* he actually said mommy! How cute!!!). I told him that I had found a Murray-clone and he said that it was his brother. "Yeah, the family's here." :) Dave was cool as always. He said that the Baldagra we gave him was working rather nicely... I personally couldn't see any difference... Maybe it was just too dark. ;) I finally got to talk to Mike. I think Missa and I interrupted him while he was talking to some of his friends, and I felt *really* bad about that. If you're reading this Mike, I'm really sorry. Then Missa and I were in line to talk to Jian, and I handed him my well-loved copy of Thornhill and he said "And you are?" My face like, fell, because lately he's been so good at knowing Missa and me. *g* But then I mentioned WBER and I think it clicked with him that it was Maggie and Missa from Rochester... maybe. Oh well. LoL one of Dyan's friends hollered "Look at her neck!" because Dyan has his incredibly cool hand-made budgie dog necklace. LoL I *think* Dyan was about to faint when Jian leaned close to her to sign it... :) Melissa and I talked to Murray longer than we ever have before [Eds note: I think I'm becoming one of Murray's People. I keep talking about him!]. He told me that he sent his mommy away. *g* We asked him if he got the sparkley hair gel we sent to him via Jian. He said yes, and he was probly gonna use it when they go on Conan. *squeal* How cool! And we got pictures with a tumorless Murray. See, a few months ago we took pictures with him, and he had a sucker in his mouth, so it looked like he has a grossly large tumor in his face. It's actually kinda funny...

Um... yeah, that's more or less it. I finally met people!! YAY!! Hi to Dyan and Josh and their whole crew. Hi to Fiona, Amy, Little Chad, Paul M., Chrissy and all the other people that Melissa and I briefly met (I was the girl wearing the orange tank top and Missa was wearing a black tank top... Missa also claims to be the only Korean Fruhead that she's ever seen... does she have any competition?). Okay, I think that's it. Thanks to everybody who actually has read this! :) Oh yeah, I must also thank my mommy because she was a saint and brought Melissa and I to Toronto. She is now defruginized and she *really* enjoyed the show. :) My little sister didn't, but I'm working on that.... Sorry that this was so long. If you aren't reading this sentence, then you realized this a long time ago and moved on. So I'll thank everybody who's gotten this far. :)

From Angie in response:

Maggie did a great job of filling in a lot of details Sara and I either forgot or were too lazy to type :^) in response to one of her comments:

(snip) At the beginning of MPG, Dave messed up a little bit. I don't remember what it was, but it wasn't right. They had to start over. It was pretty funny... Jian blamed Dave's mistake on Murray. Jian then said that he owed Murray a beer, but Murray said he'd take one of the many provided backstage. (snip)

As I recall, while Murray and Mike had started MPG in the right key, Dave started in a different key... was rather sheepish about it, and turned around to switch keys. While the sound was just fine in the shell, I missed a good portion of the banter, so I missed the commentary after he realized he was in the wrong key.

Oh, and after talking to him afterwards... I'm inclined to think Fiona that your suspicion was off... i think it was just an oops, like singing the wrong verse of a song (which we've all seen Mike and Murray and Jian do at one point or another). I mean, Mike forgot which guitar he was supposed to be playing for Splatter^2! :^}

Other technical oopses also involved the banjo. I forget which song was first, but when he started playing it there was little sound. Cal made an adjustment and went way too loud, then readjusted.

OK, off to work for me... ciao!


From Irene:

Two Fruvous events in one week (well, three, if you include the 15 minute spot on 99.9): thatís nothing short of a miracle for me.

The first event was the album release in Canada on Aug 26th. As is always the case, I did not know what to think of this the latest Fruvous album. I was a little better prepared for this one than I normally am, but just the same I was left perplexed by it. The album is like another Wood, brown cover and all. Coming from me, this is not a compliment. I like many of the Thornhill songs on their own, but once they are strung together on an album, everything changes; they create a particular mood and it is a melancholy one. Both Wood and Thornhill leave behind the things I value most in Fruvous: spunk, wit, versatility and humour. (Good musicianship has not yet been abandoned, thank God!)

An anecdote: My mom has known the music of the Frulads since the early days of the demo tape (this was the first tape I bought), and she has heard every album since then. I played Thornhill for my mom as we prepared dinner the other day. About halfway through, my mom said, "What happened to them?" The Lads were going for a sound on this album, I said. Theyíve never gotten much airplay in the past, so this time they tried to make something a little more marketable. "So they sold their souls to the Almighty Dollar, did they?" Trust Mom not to mince words. Oddly enough, I could not come up with a response.

I am sorry that the album does not have the variety of sound that can be heard on Bargainville or YWGTTM. Itís not likely Iíll play this album straight through very often; like Wood, Thornhill brings my mood down, and that is something I do not need. (Independence Day is beautiful, but sad, and Downsizing breaks my heart every time I hear itóno love song could have so strong an effect.) It looks like Iíll have to create the variety myself: time to dig out the blank tapes!

The Harbourfront concert, on the other hand, was everything I had hoped for and more. I made my way down to Molson Place with a friend of mine. There, we met up with 2 other friends. Our seats werenít bad (central). We had just comfortably settled in to listen to what remained of Tori Cassisí set, when a rather large spider dropped down onto seatback directly in front of me. Now, letís just say that spiders and I donít get on well. It didnít help that this bugger was scurrying left and right. So, every time he/she/it moved left, I moved right, and vice versa. I managed to refrain from screaming. After a few minutes of this sliding back and forth, I started to lose patience with the whole affair. (Fear turns to anger; anger turns to hate . . .) I wanted to enjoy the concert. So I yanked off a shoe and, when the spider next came near, I whacked the life out of it. And thatís why it rained. (Sorry, guys.)

The Fruvous concert was a lot of fun. The Lads began by declaring that they were no longer Moxy Fruvous; they had changed their name to . . . (pointing to the sign on the wall behind them) Bell Mobility. I love how these guys take full advantage of their environment. At one point, their environment took notice of them: the Lads were interrupted by a toot from one of the boats in the harbour. They stopped their banter and asked if it was Jaymz Bee (sp?) in the boat. The response was, as you might expect, another toot. So Jian started up a drum beat and the song went something like this:

Jian: Is that Jaymz in the boat? Audience: Is that Jaymz in the boat? Jian: Is that Jaymz in the boat? Audience: Is that Jaymz in the boat? Jian: Is that Jaymz in the boat? Boat: toot toot

Simple, but entertaining. I wish I could remember some of the other banter; it had me grinning. (Thatís what happens when you wait a week before writing the review, Irene! Idiot.)

The Lads mixed the old with the new. Itís amazing how much more I like songs when they are live. Video Bargainville is something I rarely listen to at home; the song grates on my nerves. But live, it takes on a whole new feel, especially with the addition of the keyboard part courtesy of Dave (amazing, I tell you!). The new songs have life, for Godís sake. Take IWHO, for example. At the concert, Jian commented on how this was being received as a love song, which, for him as the writer, it was not. And when he sang it, you could hear the bitterness. On the album, there is no edge; in fact, I would venture to say that there is no emotion. It is as if Jian was so intent on being note-perfect, that he forgot to pay attention to the content of what he was singing. As a sidebar, I think that IWHO is unlikely to be taken the way Jian wants. The listener brings to a song his/her own baggage; he/she may remember a moment of total obsession which they prefer to refer to, rather romantically, as "love" rather than an unhealthy waste of time and energy (no, I'm not bitter). The song, to that person, then becomes a piece about love rather than obsession.

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert: we laughed; we cried; we saw a car run into a streetcar on the way home. A good time was had by all.

Next stop: Beachfest.

From Melissa:

Hopefully Maggie got most of the details, like last time, but I think she forgot some, so I'm posting whatever I can conjure up from memories of Thursday night. *grin*

--my first fru-trip--

After several days of parent-teenager negotiations, Maggie and I made it up to Toronto. Luckily, I know how to read maps and I can remember the locales of the major Toronto landmarks from various hockey tournaments (not mine, my brother's). We finally found Molson Place (often confused with Molson Ampitheatre, even by Toronto natives) after a while and grabbed seats stage Jian/stage Mike ( I love fruhead lingo!) Maggie's mom and sis also attended the show but first went to find dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Tory Cassis was a lot better than the last time I saw him--what a change since 11/97 at the HarroEast. I think he played for about 45 minutes 'til quarter of nine--he started early (@ 8pm). After Tory and his band had cleared the stage, Rob Christie(correct?) came out and announced the guys and acknowledged our eagerness for the show to begin.

The guys played for about an hour and a half--and if I remember correctly, the encore was a bit longer than usual. Songs from the setlist include: Half As Much, Laika, Sad Girl, IWHO, Disco Bargainville, Boo Time (complete with the black hats), YWGTTM, Splatter Splatter, Fly, Get in the Car, Lazy Boy, MBLABOA, Jockey Full of Bourbon (with Tory Cassis and his trumpet), Love Potion #9 medley, River Valley, Independence Day, Michigan Militia, Johnny Saucep'n, and MPG.

The improv:

--Jian joked about how the announcer got their name wrong and it should have been "Bell Mobility," referring to the banner behind him. It was also mentioned that part of stage Dave was reserved for Bell Mobility employees, who had obviously not shown up yet, because they were busy "not answering phone calls

--a song "Too Many Phones" started by Mike (if someone remembers more about it, please add info)

--"Is that James in the Boat" (repeat after me style by Jian) The guy in the boat would answer back with his horn, and he also used the horn later in the show when there was actually silence between songs. I know that brought plenty of smiles to Jian. Later, Murray started singing the "Loveboat" theme song, I think referring to the boats passing by on the water.

--After one song, the guys stopped and listened to the rain, which had started pouring down outside the stage--everyone could hear the water running. Dave started singing some Alanis Morrissette-- "I've got one hand in my pocket and the other one is wishing I could pee" (funny, but strange). Murray had a later comment about how interesting the position of Dave's hand was _in_ his pocket . --Jian mentioned how at Woodstock, the audience was frequently sprayed with hoses to cool off. He said that instead they should have dryers, and even towels for the audience.

--During Disco Bargainville, I guess Jian got so wrapped up in the mood and the flashing lights, because he completely forgot the words. (This was after Jian had mentioned the fact that his mom was at the show, and (Angie, it was Murray that made the "potty-mouth" comment about Jian) Jian slipped and said "oh sh*t" then immediately apologized to his mom before continuing (how cute).

--Before Jian thanked everyone for coming before the last part of the show, he asked the audience in a very genuine tone of voice to spread the word about Thornhill and the band "unless you don't want us to, um, prosper." Then, "Or maybe we should keep it as a cult-following" (something like that). *giggle*

--Angie mentioned the thing about moms wiping away stuff with tissues, but I think Jian added something about how dads should be involved and carry some tissues in their wallets. Mike added that he had left his in his other pants.

After the show:

I missed Mike because he was in a hurry. I'll have to catch him next show. Dyan, I hope you weren't to embarassed about the "look at her neck" thing, *smile* Luckily, Jian was really nice and signed your budgie-dog necklace thing--you're so talented. I think Jian remembers me now as virus girl (from the March Melissa virus improv @ the RIT show.) I hope it's a good thing--at least he remembers who I am, even though the actual spelling of my name was a tiny problem. Oh well, thanks for being polite and asking, Jian. Dave had a vision coming to him about who Maggie and I were after he apologized for not recognizing us. He has a good excuse, since he meets so many people at every show. Murray posed for some lollipop-free pics (Maggie--hope you remember?) and we chatted for a couple minutes about the Conan O'Brien appearance (I can't wait!) Hopefully, he'll do what we asked him to and what he mentioned he might do. We'll see.

It got to be 11:45 pm and Maggie's mom was getting impatient for the second time, so we went back to our hotel on the other side of Toronto and arrived at 12:15am. Maggie and I wrote some details from the show down on paper and then went to bed at the insistence of Maggie's sister. The rest of the weekend was kind of boring and frustrating so I'll just leave that stuff out.

Thanks for hanging on thru this long review. It was a (insert a really cool, unusual, complimentary adjective) show and an awesome night in the hometown of the Maple Leafs, the Raptors, and the Blue Jays. Good luck to the guys on Conan O'Brien!

It was cool to meet lots of people (like Chrissy, Fiona, Josh, Dyan, and other people with names I forgot).

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