Live Show: 9/6/99


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Dan & Irene

The Details

Although everyone who was supposed to ride with me to Toronto, I decided to go to Beachfest anyways... When I got there, Kim Stockwood was on. She was ok.. Nothing major. Fruvous went pretty much on time. Setlist:

Half as Much
Michigan Milita
Splatter Splatter
Get In The Car

A Short Set. Interesting Points:

KOS was introduced by saying that they were inviting a special guest star on stage that hasn't graced a Fruvous stage in Toronto in a while. Mike popped in asking if it was "the Niave Young Chap?" I think that he's refering to Harbourmall, any old time Fruheads know for sure??? The also mentioned that another band introduced one of their characters on the Harbourfront stage.

During Splatter Splatter, Jian mentioned that they were going to be on Conan Oct 12, and that they'd do this song with all sorts of Fake Squirting Blood.

A very enjoyable show!

From Irene:

Walking outside today was like swimming in Lake Ontario: wet and not good for your health. But my friend Karen and I trekked down to Kew Gardens just the same. As rain was in the forecast, we donned our raingear and set out. Who would have thought that the sun would come out and grill us? I fear that my fair friend may wake up a ripe shade of lobster tomorrow morning.

We got to Queen St & Woodbine about a half hour before the concert was to begin, and so we had time to wander. Perhaps it was in response to the hot weather that we entered the store, perhaps it was because we are two sick individuals. Who knows? Whatever the reason, we spent the bulk of that free time in a little, air conditioned Christmas shop, peering at snowmen and sleds as the sweat ran down our cheeks. It was a great place; it had everything from pure junk to lovely decorations. We decided we’d have to go back once the weather was more conducive to such shopping.

We reached the park perhaps 5 minutes before the Frulads were scheduled to go on stage. Fortunately for us, the crowd was not as packed in as it was the last time we went; we found sitting space about 3-4 metres from the stage, stage Mike. I took a quick look around and remarked to Karen that there didn’t seem to be any Fruheads present. As if in response to a summons, Fiona appeared, greeting me with the words, "You must be totally deaf!" Yes, it seemed that she and Rosemary had been calling me the entire time Karen and I had been hunting for a seat. I thought I had heard my name…

Rosemary came over shortly thereafter and congratulated me on putting one in for Fruvous. I was dumbfounded. Putting one what in where? It turns out she had heard my requests on MIX 99.9 during the Sunday Listener Mix Brunch. The songs: Space Oddity (David Bowie), Heaven Coming Down (Tea Party) and IWHO (you know who). Well, I’m glad someone heard the songs, ‘cause I didn’t! Yes, Miss Perpetually Misinformed thought that the requests would only be played during the lunch hours in the week. Wrong. You live and learn. As soon as Rosemary heard my name on the radio, she quickly started leafing through the white pages for my number, bless her sweet heart, but was at a loss when she discovered how many Gaspars live in the Toronto area. Thanks anyway, Rosemary!

The concert started almost on time. That in itself left me stunned. It was an energetic set. A grin from ear to ear appeared on Karen’s face when she realized that the guys were rather awkwardly, but humourously, trying to make their way into Michigan Militia. My favourite of the set was Splatter Splatter. Their banter was limited due to the short time slot, but they did manage to sow that seeds of paranoia by suggesting that perhaps all of that construction on Queen was set up by rival radio stations who did not want people to get to Beachfest. They did, however, say that the best way to get there was to Get in the Car. Argh. That hurt, especially since my car was stolen on Saturday. (Oh, my baby!) Apparently, someone was in want of wheels for the weekend.

But I did not let that get me down. Karen and I met up with Fiona, Mike and Sangitta (sp?) after the concert. We left them to harass the Lads (how’s that for ambiguity?) and proceeded to peruse the vendor tables set up around the park. We stopped off at the Christmas shop to cool off one more time, before we began the trip home. It was a short day, but a good day.

The Music

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