Live Show: 9/10/99


Cleveland, OH

Reviewed by: Donna Hunt & Rebecca

The Details

Hey folks!

Lori is chastizing me for posting even later than she does, but we just got back from the Odeon (after grabbing something to eat).

Now Lori's chastising me for misspelling chastising. :P [oh, and my typing's atrocious too] [1]

Anyway, here's Murray's setlist:

Too C.  (Careful)
Too C.  (Cold)


If On?
    (Not played, Authors and Get in the Car instead)


Wow. Great show! Eclectic, even. :)

Large Crowd for Cleveland, I was proud of my hometown, even if there aren't any cool radio stations here. :) Jian mentioned during the show that there "Must be a cool radio station near here somewhere" :) They almost had to open the Balcony for the Odeon.

I'm too tired to review. :) Details later, although I do have to say that I was completely blown away by Nuits, so surprised that they did it, so thrilled to hear it, and so impressed with the solo work.

Not a lot of banter, and I always miss that when the guys don't chatter.

Yay Pisco! Yay Horseshoes! Yay Too Careful!

That's all from me for now. :)

From Rebecca:

Well, since no one seems to really be commenting on this show...I thought I'd give it a shot. What the hey, I _did_ drive five hours each way to see the darn show...

Myself and a few other Syracusean früheads landed in Cleveland with just enough time to grab some grub before being subjected to the opening act, which deserves no mention other than to say that her name was Colette and she had a CD in the back. Her music was not memorable (other than the torture factor), and all I do remember was that she kept repeating that her name was Colette and she had a CD in the back. Did I mention that her name was Colette and she had a CD in the back???

Fruvous came on fairly early (10.30ish, I believe). As someone already posted a setlist, I think I will just elaborate on banter, whatnot. opening comments...glad to be doing a "rock show" sick of all those "folk festivals"...

General trends: Murray talked. A lot. Dave didn't talk. Jian, also very quiet. Which left some lovely song-banter led by Mike/Murray. I must say it was very strange to see Jian so un-banter-ish. However, he did have some comments on a "gum incident" and the MTV Video Music awards ("are we in the _same_ industry?" and "the one thing I could relate to were all the dancers, because I just wanna dance"--intro to Disco Bargainville). At some point someone in the front offered up food, apparently having something to do with Rosh Hashanah, which led to an improv on Renegade Jews.

Memory escapes me at this point, but I think it was during Renegade Jews that Murray was on drums (Sad Girl), at which point (Jian pointed out) he used the "shut the fuck up" drum beat, which Murray claimed was the first thing they teach you in drum school. And the show went on...

Musically, DAVE ROCKED. I must admit here that I am a Murray's people [1] but since Thornhill's release I seem to be becoming a Mathesonite. His voice...and those guitar solos!!!!

At some point, props were given to Don Dixon, who was there...some harassment of Jian by Murray...

My first time for Pisco...great song. Great fun to watch! Independence Day, for me, was what I describe as the most "religious" part of the show. I just love the second verse, and Murray's voice just filled the Odeon...mmmm......definitely a solidified memory.

I had resigned myself to not jumping around (my version of dancing) too much, but Disco Bargainville killed that idea...great energy...

Boo Time-another first for me, so much fun in concert! and Mike going nuts as usual...

Too Cold--a surprise, very nice, much like Nuits...sound was just really good IMHO,

IWHO. ok. I cried. personal experience, I know, but man, Jian can really get that emotional expression out there and suck you in...

Drinking glad they wrapped up with this. By psycho I was REALLY pumped up and totally not ready to leave, so I needed something to bring me down. Jian seemed very affected. Easily half the venue was arm in arm, I sang at the top of my lungs, and it was just great to be with friends at a früshow.

An all-around excellent show, full of variety, not _too_ Thornhill heavy. And I believe someone already mentioned Tobey's had to be there. You just had to be there...there is no explaining it...

AND I was glad to have a KoS/GEH-less show, especially since the group of people to my left were screaming at the top of their lungs for KoS, not to mention the "spiderman" hecklers who were met by dave with "I've forgotten all the chords..."

Tobey confirmed that they will be in Rochester on Nov 24, but I guess that's up on FDC already. He also mentioned that they're between two venues...we tried to get a plug in for Syracuse...

So it was well worth the pain of driving from Syracuse starting at noon on Friday and getting back in Syracuse around noon on Saturday. A lot of driving for Buford (my car), which has now officially been frütripping initiated!

Well, back to lurking for awhile. Obscure art history texts await me... -becca

[1]when, milleniums from now, they write the bible of Früvous, it will go something like this: "and Murray's people begat more Murray's people, etc...because this is what happens when you are a convert and your friends are Murray's people, and then your converts become Murray's people...

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