Live Show: 9/11/99


Bowling Green, OH

Reviewed by: Maria & Fiona

The Details

I'm not really a review person, so don't expect a real review. 'Twas an okay show, but I was feeling sick up until River Valley, which I love so much that I kinda forgot about my nausea. I am including a setlist, but I'm not quite sure who's it is, maybe Murray's. Someone left it at the merch. table, and when Tobey asked who's it was, nobody answered, so my mom said she'd take it. Anyway, here it is:

Tureen Sauce
[Darlington Darling--not on setlist]
Potion [encore]

Banter included Jian saying that you could get fresh cut fries, and Murray saying, "they're fresh-cut, but the potatoes are a year old." At one point everyone but Murray left the front of the stage, and when Murray noticed this, he said something along the lines of, "This is my solo part of the show...All of them are flute solos." Then Jian said something about Murray being a floutist, and Mike asked, "Are you into floutism, Murray?" At the beginning of Fly Jian said that the slow song is when everyone decides to go get some Fresh Cut Fries, and such, and then the "bad break-up on Labor Day" part.

It was so great meeting all of you. Cheesemonkey, Lisa, Sheryl, Trace, Lori, Vincent, Fiona, Lawrence, and everyone else. Sorry I didn't meet the rest of you.

Geez, there were mobs of people waiting to meet the guys. I almost fell asleep waiting when I was leaning against the post, but that was more because I was really tired. Also, when I met Jian (after being a jerk again) he said something about seeing me in the midwest. So HA.

Okay, 'nuff of that, I'm tired, I need sleep, goodbye.

From Fiona:

Ok, all you people who keep protesting that *I'm* the sanest of the Trouble Trio, get ready to eat your words.

I was staying in Toronto for the weekend: to begin with. I had a hearing-aid check up scheduled for Saturday afternoon. I planned to do a lot of sleeping. That I had every intention of staying home this weekend must be established or nothing wonderful can come of this story.

Friday was excrutiatingly long. I had tons of work and not enough people to deal with it. When the boss left and my supervisor enacted the "5-minute rule" she specifically said to me, "Fiona I want you OUT of here." I almost forgot to get off the train at Dundas station, I was so anxious to get home. However, the need to save a little money on the bus tickets for Detroit was just enough to get me out of the subway and into the Metro Toronto Coach Terminal.

The Detroit trip is planned. It has been planned for weeks. I booked Friday off work. I have crash space, tickets, transporation, and buying the companion fare deal for the bus was the last piece of the puzzle. The moment all my plans for next weekend were complete, I turned the wrong way to get out of the line.

That was my mistake.

I looked up into the face of Marie-Claude. And hKatherine. We stared at each other for a second before we all blurted out "What the F*ck are *you* doing here?" "I'm picking up tickets for Detroit." "We're going to Ohio." "Come with us!"

MC and hKath are evil incarnate.

Somehow, by the time they had bought their tickets to Windsor, I found myself on the phone to AJ's house, querying Lisa about car and Fruspace availability. There was space. I called home to ask someone to bring me down some supplies. No one was home.

This is where it *really* got crazy. "Well, there's an hour until the bus leaves." MC volunteered. "I could make it. It only takes twenty minutes to get to Lawrence from Dundas" something which was *not* my common sense mused. So er.. I did.

I left the terminal at 5:30 having bought my ticket. Got to Lawrence station at just before 5:50. Ran home, arriving around 5:55. 6:00 I opened my bedroom door and nearly ran down my mother, who had been planning to knock.

"Hi Mum. I'm going to Ohio for the weekend. Can you drive me to Lawrence station?"

*blink* "All right" (I love my mum)

6:05 Just barely miss a train. 6:07 on the train, counting the minutes.

6:27 I bolt into the terminal, meeting a mildly panicked MC and hKath, who are making an impatient bus driver wait for me.

6:30 "I'm going to Ohio. I can't believe this."

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