Live Show: 9/12/99


Columbus, OH

Reviewed by: Sara & Lawrence

The Details

First things first--I have never posted before, but since I walked away with Jian's setlist last night, I thought maybe I should. So I will keep it short. My first thought walking into Ludlow's last night was Wow! the stage is so small that it doesn't matter where you stand because you'll be able to see all the guys. But, I conveniently took my place along side Donna at stage Murray.

Although I could see Jian's setlist throughout the show--which in itself is funny because at Bowling Green, I could see Mike's--I tried to control my curiosity and let the show be a surprise. Alas, I found my eyes straying and eventually asking Donna if she could see so that I wasn't the only one. However, even with being able to see what was next, the whole show was still full of great surprises...

1/2--3 days in a row, but still quite nice



CAR--just an all around fun song, I was surprised to hear it 3x's as well
VIDEO--call me crazy but I like this Disco version


RUSH--we had no idea what this was until it was played--I had just listened 
to the "b" album before the show for the first time :) so it was a real 
LAZY--another fun one

GREEN--another nice surprise


IF ONLY--one of my faves



ORGAN--big surprise, that's the first time I've heard it live

SAUCE--still don't quite have all the words

SPLAT--another fave of mine




MPG--this is such a wonderful song

Altogether quite an enjoyable show. To everyone I met this weekend "Hello!" and also to those I haven't Thanks for the patience of listening to a newbie.

Talk at ya later--

Sara---the girl with the fluorescent slinky (yes, that was me!)

From Lawrence:

Since reviews of the other two shows have been posted, I'll spare you all mine and jumpt straight to the review of last night's show, which I *said* I'd post when I got home, but it was almost 4 when that happeneed. And I needed to sleep.

A bunch of us arrived at the place insanely early (4pm) and sat around outside, listening to the setup and the pre-sound check. Dave was there, but none of the others were, and Dave played *everything*. He even got the violin out and wandered around Ludlow's playing it for about a half hour. He's getting really good!

After getting food, hanging out, and then being forced to stand in the parking lot so they would have room to open the doors and stuff, we heard the sound check, which included *all* of Downsizing, and a significant chunk of Jenny Washington. Sadly, they played neither of these during the show.

The show was great - *lots* of energy from everyone, especially the front row of the audience. :) I think Mike has become aware of the fact that I'm interested in the chords to their songs, because on the final chord of Half as Much (and one other song, I forget which) he leaned right down in front of me to show me what he was playing. Either that or he was just being silly. :)

The songs, with a few comments...

Half as Much - didn't expect to see them open with this a third day in a row. It was still good, and I suppose it might be weird to open with a song *not* on Thornhill, since this is the Thornhill tour.

Laika - this one's great. haven't heard it in a while, and it was a good sign that we were going to see a good mix of songs with quite a few differences from the previous nights.

Too Careful - I think I like this song more and more every time I hear it. Dave always looks so relaxed as he sings it. The lyrics were done normally this time (in Cleveland it was "When you feel like Woody Allen for the dialogue, but you prefer the Blair Witch vision...")

Get in the Car - moved *way* up in the set from the previous two nights. And the electric guitar worked the whole time so we got to hear the solo and everything. (we got a semi-acoustic arrangement in BG because the electric guitar died halfway through)

Video Bargainville - with no false starts. The audience hit the "TWO!" quite well on the first try. This was the new version, which is... surreal, to say the least. :)

Sad Girl - I don't remember how they got on the subject, but they were talking about writing waltzes, and Jian started playing the chords to Sad Girl in 3/4 time, and then *singing* it in 3/4 time. He got through about a verse of it, and while we all picked ourselves up off the floor from laughing so hard, he gave the "real" introduction. (again, they tortured Murray by making him improv on the drums, Jian referring to him as "drummer" using finger quotes and a very amusing tone)

Greatest Man in America - a bunch of us were singing this outside before we were let in. They must have heard us or something. Or read our minds. Or it's a coincidence. Lots of audience "participation" on this one, too, and quite a cheer for WKRP (no surprise there :)

The Lazy Boy - This is one of those that I like 1000 times better live than on the CD. I think it's because you can see the energy (ironic for a song like this :) and because the audience gets into it (after all, who *doesn't* have a Stereo That Rocks? :)

Green Eggs and Ham (short) - as much as I would have preferred to hear the long version, I still love this whole bit. A bit of Beatles improvving in the middle, but otherwise more straightforward than I remember it being before. Definitely a good one to hear (it's been what? 7 months, I think, since I heard it last)

Sahara - wow. I just love Dave's "effortless" guitar playing on this. He makes it look so easy. This was definitely one of the cooler surprises of the evening.

If Only You Knew - I think there are relatively few songs in existence (by anyone) where the music and the lyrics go together this perfectly. I really like hearing this live, and it leads well into the next song,

Independence Day - Great keyboard. Amazing keyboard. mmmmmmmmm...

Michigan Militia - I never have much to say about this one. I hear it at almost every show.

Organ Grinder - wow. the only song from Wood we got to hear all evening, and what a good one it was. As soon as Jian started to introduce this one, everyone knew exactly where he was going with the intro, and got just a *little* noisy. :)

Johnny Saucep'n - *I* can sing the list in one breath. (usually - but I never have to breathe on "Cantaloupe" :)

Splatter Splatter - the live intro to this is sounding more and more like the live intro the BJ Don't Cry. Same instrumentation, after all. I can't remember anything "special" about the arrangement (my notes say only "Splatter") so I'm going to assume it was just normal. The accordion was more duct taped today.

Psycho Killer - with numerous false starts, and Jian directing the audience to increase and decrease the volume of its clapping during the bass intro. Also, as far as I remember, no one broke any strings during the song (amazing!)

then the first encore

You're Going To Lose That Girl - !!! That's all I have to say.

Your New Boyfriend - with the intro coming right from the previous song ("And after he lost her... she went out with someone else...") fast version, and quite good. Anotehr one I've never heard live before (and I'm looking forward to Kick in the Ass next week[1].

second encore

I Will Hold On - introduced with a note that someone had passed up to the stage (and if you pass a note onto the stage it will always get read :) from a guy who just got engaged and wanted the song dedicated to him (even though Jian told us it's *not* a happy song) and they got the "happy couple" to go up on stage, which was quite interesting.

My Poor Generation - well, we hadn't heard it two nights in a row, so they had top play it there. :) This is definitely a good closer, and a very nice change from the Drinking Song, which, despite having seen my first three Frushows ever and *not* seeing it, I'm kind of glad to not be hearing *every* show anymore. Change is good. :)

There were some other interesting improvs and comments I'm sure. I forget what they all were, though. Lots of fun, and I met lots of cool people who I'm not going to list here for fear of leaving one or more out and feeling really stupid afterwards. :)

[1] Yeah, I know they don't always keep these "promises" (and no, I was *not* the person who shouted it out) but I'd really like to hear it, too, so I can hope. :)

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