Live Show: 10/1/99


Edmonton, AB

Reviewed by: Krista

The Details

"Wow Krista,", I said to myself this morning, a hint of pride in my voice. "You're completely caught up in all your work. Good for you!"

Then I remembered. The Moxy Fruvous reviews.

Oooohhh yeah! More than three weeks have gone by and I haven't posted any sort of preview, review, overview, point-of-view, etc. Not that I haven't *thought* about writing reviews. I'm just a better procrastinator than I am a writer, I guess. But the time has come. I have the afternoon off, and I understand my trigonometry homework as well as I ever am going to(which isn't saying much, admittedly). I'm going to divide my review into three "bite-size portions": Friday night, Saturday night, and the WEM in-store.

-----------October 1st-----------

I picked my friend Lindsey up at around 5:30, and prepared to drive from the suburbs to downtown Edmonton in blizzard like conditions. Lindsey is a big Fruvous fan but she had never seen them live before, so I knew we were going to have a terrific night. (It's so much fun bringing newbies to Moxy Fruvous concerts!).

We got to the Sidetrack around 6:15, said a brief "hi" to Tobey, and found our seats. We were both *incredibly* giddy by this point, and we had a terrific couple of hours people-watcing, playing 3-D Tic Tac Toe, and eating a gigantic plate of nachos that would easily have fed a small army. Eventually some other people we knew showed up, so we sauntered over to their table for a while.

The crowd was much bigger than it was the previous year (and better, as you will discover when I stop rambling and actually get to the concert). A lot of thirty-somethings and university students, and also a family with a young boy and a haughty-looking thirteen-year-old girl(thirteen year old girls are very good at looking haughty. Actually the entire family looked pretty bored; they left about 15 minutes into Moxy's set, believe it or not!)

Tory Cassis came on at about 9:40. I must admit that the first night I thought he was good, but I wasn't wildly impressed. But I absolutely *loved* him when I saw him on Saturday night, so go figure. I told Tobey this and he said it was because "The first time time you see Tobey play he plants a seed in your mind, and it comes into full bloom the second time you see him." This could be. At any rate, he seemed to go over pretty well, although the audience wasn't as quiet as he would have liked while he was doing his cover of Tom Wait's "Time".

Moxy Fruvous came on at around 11:15. Three words that would sum up the entire weekend: THEY WERE ON! More so than last year. If JIAN is reading this, I'd like to thank him on behalf of all the guys for the amazing amount of effort they put into all three of their shows. You looked like you were having a great time on stage, and that spirit of camaraderie trickled down to the audience.

SET LIST (fairly accurate)

*Half as Much
*River Valley!!!!! (This one along with Horseshoes made my night (-:).
*Indy Day 
*Sad Girl
*ILove My Boss
*Boo Time
*I Will Hold On
*Video Bargainville
*Michigan Militia 
*Your New Boyfriend!!!!!!!
*My Poor Generation
*Splatter Splatter
*Psycho Killer
*Jockey Full of Bourbon (With Tory Cassis)
*The Drinking Song

------Points of Interest------

*It's nice to know who plays what on the new songs, seeing as there's no instrument listing on the new CD.

*I used to be half-hearted about Indy Day but after seeing it live three days in a row it's become one of my favorite Thornhill songs.

*There was great banter between all of the guys, especially Murray and Jian. They kept giving each other looks that were clearly part of an inside joke. Murray had a huge grin on his face whenever Jian started to talk. Eventually Jian commented:

Jian: "Murray, don't give me that look! No really, stop looking at me like that. I can tell what you're doing-I know when you're pretending to listen to me, but really aren't." Murray, with a huge grin and a cheesy voice: "No, no, *please", Jian, continue!!"

*Great "Space" jam, complete with Dave fooling around on the keyboard, and Mike making various and sundry noises. "Tang Crystals, Mike Harris, and Ralph Klein will all be appearing - in SPACE!" They also jammed for a while about the fact that everyone was eating. Murray: "We'll try to sing songs that aid digestion."

*Jian asked if the Moffats were there. "They stood us up!" Murray: "Just like N'Sync last week."

*It was the same night that Wayne Gretzky was in Edmonton, so there was a little bit of hockey banter. Jian: "Gretzky will be coming by later. Driving through in a van. Watch for it."

*My enjoyment of I Will Hold On was greatly heightened after a very attractive guy named Nick asked me to dance! I've never danced with anyone to a Moxy Fruvous song, so that was pretty cool. :-)

*The crowd was excellent; very enthusiastic. Amazingly, no one calling out for King of Spain (you'll notice it's absence from the set list!!). Of course, every Moxy Fruvous concert seems to have an obligatory drunk woman hitting on Jian, and this show was no exception. (Oh well. I suppose they're all somewhat used to it.)

The show ended at about 1:30. When Lindsey and I left the storm had cleared up, and we drove back into suburbia singing along with my Moxy mixed tape. I fell asleep at around 4:00, which was a bad idea considering that I had to go to a mental health conference the next morning. Ugh. Well, that's it for now. Stay tuned for part #2...

The Music

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