Live Show: 10/8/99


Victoria, BC

Reviewed by: FruWench

The Details

We hit the 1:00 ferry to Victoria, and I was trying to keep an eye out for the FruBus as Tobey had mentioned they were also going to take the 1:00 ferry. We got there at noon, and I went over to get some money changed so I could get a Tory CD. I had a nice little chat with the guy in the money booth about Fruvous and traveling, etc, and I went in to find batteries for my camera. No batteries, but I got a couple Areo Bars. *yum* When I made it back to the car, Jamie commented that the entire row of cars could hear my conversation with the guy in the booth. Oops, I guess I was projecting so he could hear me through the glass. Oh well. Then I saw Dave wandering around and Jamie pointed out the FruBus. Ok, they're here. Once on the ferry, I walked past Dave with his violin under his arm. Visions of rare songs drifted through my head. We met up with George on the ferry again too.

In Victoria, we headed to Jamie's so Doug could shower, and then off to the venue. Halfway there, Jamie realized he left the tickets on his desk, turned around and flew back for them. As we left (again) he asked if our seat belts were fastened, and took us for a merry ride on a shortcut through a residential development. Got there, found batteries, didn't find Dats, had dinner in the restaurant in the hotel. Jaime left dinner early and saved us the second spots in line. We got a table right in front of the drum kit, and I had my camera this time. George set up his stuff in front of a nice big column, so he was about 3 rows behind us. Again, I couldn't sit still and kept bothering poor Tobey while he was trying to eat his stuffed salmon. I did pick up the Tory CD, and amazed a local by mentioning that I was from Delaware. Interestingly, when I say that in the States people ask "where is that?", the Canadians just looked amazed. Tobey did warn me that after the show, this place clears out and turns into a "meat market". Eventually I ordered a Guiness - my first alcohol at a Fruvous concert.

Tory came out before I got my drink and an invisible DJ announced him. He made a joke about that and babbled for a bit while checking everything. Then he started off saying "I'm Tory Cassis," and there was a dead silence. No applause, no yells, no babbles. Nothing. Tory looked a bit worried, and I could almost see him thinking "Ok, let's see what happens if I try this . . ." and he followed with "I'm opening tonight for Moxy Fruvous . . ." Again, dead silence. I stopped with my hands in clap position, afraid to make a noise. I was getting worried, scared even. Tough room. Jamie leaned over and said "We're not this bad, honest." I looked at him in concern and waited. Tory started off with "Leaning on the Stair" as he had last night. It seemed distracted, I couldn't feel it the way I usually can when he sings. Then my beer arrived and Jamie had to pour for me and explain the "Guiness Experience" of watching the beer separate. Gee, back East, we just drink it. Poor Tory, we were doing this in the middle of a song right in front of him. Then Jamie and I had to be troublemakers and snap during the intro to "First Love", just because he had mentioned last night that the audience snapping too early during this song was becoming a running gag on this tour. But he didn't say that tonight . . . he did laugh at us though.

When Fruvous came out, I had decided to ignore the rest of the room. They were behind me anyway. Fruvous nixed the invisible announcer and Mike did an intro in French. After about 2 or 3 songs they got the attention of the light guy and had him bring up some lights behind them, and lower the spots so they could see the audience. I tried really hard not to wave at them at that point.

Set List - Half As Much, Horseshoes, BJ Don't Cry, Jocky Full of Bourbon (I was VERY happy to hear this one, I have missed it. They brought Tory out with his trumpet to join in. Wonderful.), Independence Day, Sad Girl, I Love My Boss, You Will Go To The Moon, Stuck In The 90s, Minnie the Moocher, Michigan Militia, Johnny Saucep'n (I forgot to mention that last night, I persuaded Norg that the Macarena fits Saucep'n perfectly and got him to dance it with me. I wonder if the Lads noticed and if they will kill me for it? *giggle*), I Will Hold On, My Poor Generation, Splatter Splatter (another Conan plug), King of Spain/Green Eggs & Ham, DARL, Love Potion #9 Medley

Encore: Sunrise (with Tory), Disco Video Bargainville, Drinking Song

Banter: More picking on the Albertians.

This show also seemed low energy, and little to no audience feedback or involvement. I actually heard someone playing pool during one of the ballads. The final applause was almost not enough to bring them back for the encore, and they only did one.

As soon as they were off stage, the waitstaff started clearing the tables and chairs and opening the dance floor. The music turned disco, for a minute I thought they were playing the disco mix of KOS, but they were serious. Bright flashing lights, loud thumping, repetitive bass and drums. We hung around until Tory came back out, so we could get our CDs signed and then ran for the hills. Fresh air, no thumping . . . although I still heard it for the next 10 minutes. I saw Jian chatting near one of the bars, but we didn't stay long enough to see anyone else.

The feel of these two shows, the energy from the audience and the Lads, were all very different from most of the other shows I have attended. I have to wonder whether it is a West Coast thing due to less appearances in the area, or is it related to their history in Canada. The shows seemed to be centered around Bargainville and Thornhill, the familiar album everyone knows and the new one they are promoting. The songs that got the best applause and the most appreciation were the old wacky favorites from Bargainville, and I felt that the softer ballads of Thornhill just weren't appreciated as much. I realize I am putting more thought here into the audience then to the show itself and the band. But that was what most affected me this time. I was far from home, and missing the warmth I am used to at these concerts. From the fans as well as emanating from the stage.

The Music

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