Live Show: 10/18/99


Seattle, WA

Reviewed by: GaritRN & Julie

The Details

I saw Fruvous last night at the Tractor Tavern. It's in Ballard, a suburb of Seattle. I brought my dad since he got the tix and the car, none of which I had myself. We got to the lovely Tavern (with pictures of tractors on the outside) about 7pm, the time they were supposed to open. Unfortunately, Fruvous had not shown up yet so we had to wait outside longer. About 7:30 Fruvous drove by in their white van and Jian was in the passenger seat. He looked at us through the window and gave a silly smile. They soon soundchecked and did something like this:

Piece of Mind (part of it)
Half as Much
Splatter Splatter
Michigan Militia
Video Bargainville

It was a nice treat to hear while waiting outside, although I could only see Murray. They finally opened the doors around 8:30. The opener was a bartender at the Tavern named Mike...something. He played a dull set about half an hour long with his acoustic guitar. Fruvous came on about 9:55 and he's an incomplete setlist (a girl grabbed the bottom half)

at this point Jian breaks out a fake southern accent and says "we're moxy
fruvous from nashville, tennessee." not quite as funny as their fake british
accents but still good fun nonetheless
Somewhere here Jian asks the audience who has lived in Seattle their whole
lives? Only one person could raise their hand.
BJ (i was excited about this one)
Nuit (never heard this one live before)

So here is where my setlist cuts off.....I'll try to remember what they did.

Psycho Killer

Encore 1
Get in the Car
Your New Boyfriend

Encore 2
Michigan Militia
Video Bargainville

Encore 3

Hmm....I'm not doing too well here. Oh well. My 5th Fruvous show was a lot of fun. Clocked in at 108 minutes, my longest Frushow ever. On to Los Angeles next Tuesday =)

From Julie:

Hello! ok! Hi everyone! I'm Julie from Mission BC, and I confess!! I am the one who stole the last half of the set list ok,, here are my reasons. I only recently started in on the wild grab for lists at the last concert in Vancouver, and it was fun,, kind of like hockey without the blood!!

Here is some more information that I remember from the concert too! I was thrilled because I had just seen Moxy at Richard's on Richards about a week before, and I gave up a perm to see them in Seattle! (now there's devotion) The wait outside was not too bad, and I was standing close to the gentleman who wrote the other review. (Hmmm I think our lives are connected somhow....don't tell my husband) When the doors opened, the faithfull few who were close to the door entered,and the "guys" were standing right there!! Front door greating, that was nice. We said hello to Jian, and Murray, and then they took off and we talked to Toby for a bit. ( I vote him nicest guy in the world!) He told me he needed to update his bio, because he can no longer tour with other bands, but says he's happy with that.

Now, if you ever go to the Tractor's Tavern, here's a word of advice.... there are 4 chairs ( rough estimate) it is a glorified shoe box. I love it, but if you like to sit, see Moxy elsewhere, or be the first four in the door. Oh I just remembered, DON'T ORDER THE CIDER!!! Ok, here are the best bits I remember. There was a running gag throughout the concert with mike saying (this next song is dedicated to the baby Lordes) It was a "baby Lordes" fest. My husband Rod and I on the drive down from our home and native land, picked two songs that we wanted to hear in concert, that we didn't think that they would do. I picked "Lika" and Rod picked "spidey" and they did both!! Yea!!

On thing I really liked was this set. There was no King of Spain, Authors, GE&H, and I think Drinking song was missing too. Why do I say this? Because not only was it refressing for my 5th Moxy concert, but it was probably nice for the band too. I know what it's like to play the same song for seven years, just because the crowd likes it, but once in a while lt's nice to do somthing new for a change (like the vancouver show when they opened with the first two songs from "wood" wow, awesome!) You have probably guessed that I am a musician too, but enough about me, Moxy on.... they made a quick improve about a guy's shirt in the crowd, and truly seemed to be enjoying their 3rd trip to Seattle. I was happy the croud was massive for this show! Way to go Fru Heads!! On the other hand, this may have been a slightly dissapointing concert for Frugins, because if this was the first concert they saw, they wouldn't have gotten the regular songs most Frugins know, and there was many a shout for GE&H and King, and at one point, Dave said "Haven't we given you a good concert? Haven't we given you a good mix of all our albums? I think we have!" I wanted to yell out " Let's ask the baby Lordes!" but my Wise husband gave me a look of warning in the dead slience. He loves Moxy, but often cringes when the guys spout out religous jokes that sometimes go too far for him (Like the Crucifition joke in the Authors song live) But that's the world of inprov. You never know what's going to pop out.

After the concert, we saw Mike, and told him how we really liked My poor Generation, and he said "hey thanks, isn't that a cool song? " and he remembered us from the vancouver show, because we hollered when the song was played, and everyone else was quiet.. We also got to talk to Dave about "Eddie Lives" the movie Dave was in. If you have never seen it, rent it! look for a Dave "stand in" in the last concert scene, because he couldn't make the final shooting.

Anyway, thanks,, oh I just remembered the set list the end says: Get in the car, New Boyfriend, Psycho Killer, Michigan, Video Barganville (Abba version) Thanks team!! See you next time!

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