Live Show: 10/23/99


San Francisco, CA

Reviewed by: Lynne, Taylor & Nicole

The Details

A pretty good show, kinda similar to the santa cruz show.. From Dave's set list (which he passed to me from the stage - which made me happy)

Raja - very cool!
Video - dance version
King GEH

that's it, just the set list, I'm sleepy.. and gotta prepare for the time change to eastern time!

From Taylor:

Fruvous Round-up Part 3

Well, I'd give a review of West Coast Live, but I was stuck at work all day today. The most Fru I got was sitting there when it was slow and singing to myself "ten soldiers and Nixon's coming!" But before long work was over and I was trekking up to San Francisco from San Jose! Got into town a little after six pm and found a garage to park in. This part of the story isn't the best. I basically paid as much for all three shows as I did to park last night...that's more or less wrong! But anyway, it was three blocks from the venue, so I coped.

Now, the Great American Music Hall is an incredibly famous SF venue, but the neighbourhood it's in sucks beyond compare! Right next door is the famous O'Farrell porn theatre! And I am surprise the band made no reference to it during the show. So I am now the first fruhead at the show and desperately needing to use the bathroom. Luckily a staff member came out and, after asking, pointed me toward a bar (that was clean, had nice decor and lots of friendly posters on the door) at the other end of the block that they all go to after the show. :) Yaaay, bladder saved.

When I returned there were other fruheads there....woohoo, not alone to be hassled by the homeless! Now, let me aside here and point out that I have become known as Taylor of the Tacky Hawaiian Shirt...this way people can find me really easily. However, the weather is finally cooling out here and so I chose to skip the Hawaiian Shirt and go with a nice sweater instead. I had forgotten that I was to meet more out of town people who were only going to be at this show! So flashback to where I was, meeting these other fans, which turn out to be Kristy from Portland and her two local friends/virgins. So now I'm getting hardcore flak for not wearing the shirt...or even the AMMF button. Just couldn't win. But now we had a crowd and now we were the front of the line. Which, by show time, stretched the rest of the way down the block!!

The GAMH is a gorgeous venue inside even though the outside leaves much to be desired. Ornate trim and Victorian artwork lines everything...and yes, the band proceeded to have "bad pun" night and comment on the decor of the place. Okay, here's something cool...normally the opener (at least out here) isn't that much to talk about. Cindy Bullins really was pretty good...we saw her last night as well at Stanford, but tonight, she said, there was a special guest she wanted to bring out on stage to play with her. The general feeling was, "Okay, sure...another person we've never heard of." To which she then says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, my good friend Bonnie Raitt!" Woah, 'scuse me, Bonnie Raitt!? THE Bonnie Raitt?! We were floored to say the least. It was like some strange walk into a VH-1 Storytellers episode...or one of those Diet Coke commercials where they pasted Humphrey Bogart into the scene. It so did not feel real!

Fruvous must have taken the stage sometime after 10pm...kinda late, but no one really cared...the place (cap. 600) was packed!! I didn't get a set list, I always let others get them and post them here. But they improved into a song about Oakland (across the bay from SF), avoided any Fight Club references this time, did another fabulous Minnie the Moocher (to which Kristy scored me the notes), played The Lazy Boy which you just don't hear too often, and gave us an excellent version of Disco Bargainville toward the end. This was a first for Northern California and I am kicking myself now for not having my tape recorder with me. Oh! I was quite impressed when Mike yelled out at one point "Someone's taking a beat on Stu!" which was the big reference of the night when they first played SF again back in '98. And you could tell all the fans who were at the show because you could only hear us cheering! :D The show was also packed with Fruvirgins!

I mean, probably 40-50% of them, which I'm sure is something you never see on the east coast anymore.

Other cool moment was the computer geek references they made during the night. The Star Trek and computer geek reference, they figured, covered 461 of the 600 people there. Then, during King of Spain, Jian breaks out with "King, do you come in all five iMac flavours? Are you 32 flavours and then some?" Uproarious laughter! We need iMacs to come in all four Fru-flavours, don't we? :D

The show ended well after midnight and exhaustion was already starting to set in, but I stuck around hoping to catch Mike who didn't have a chance to sign my poster from Stanford the previous night. But Dave said he took off early and so I figured I could send the poster ahead to the east coast and get a friend to have it signed. Frankly, I can't blame Mike, it was a really big crowd!

So longer story just a tad shorter, I got home around 2am...having nearly fallen asleep on the way home. Not cool. But I got home and just crashed hardcore! Big big thanks to Doug, Caitlin, Nicole, Elena, Rachael, Colleen, Miles, Sandra, Rachael's two friends whose names I can't seem to remember (sorry), Sarah Bum and mom, the girls from Ohio and Connecticut, Chris, all the other Fruheads West and East who I may not remember after so little sleep, and especially big hugs of thanks to Kristy Thompson and Fruwench for making the weekend so damn cool!!

Oh, and a note to the was most of us who nicely wrote Love From Fruheads West and Delaware on the rear side window of the van.

From Nicole:

Have I yet mentioned how much easy it is to get lost in San Francisco? Caiti, her SO Chris, and I got lost on the way to my car--we (foolish mortals!) tried to cross Golden Gate Park. We began to speculate that we'd fallen through a transdimensional wormhole, or at least strayed into the Twilight Zone, because no one could figure out where we were. All around us were buildings, paths, and vast grassy meadows that none of us had ever seen... we started to wonder if we'd wandered into a sector of the park that was inaccessible during daylight. Fortunately we eventually found my car and proceeded to spend most of an hour driving around San Francisco. Once we got to the venue, we found a line that was already almost to the corner!

The opener was again Cindy Bullens, and I liked her stuff a lot better this night. Perhaps this is because she had a little help from a friend... "I'd like to invite a friend of mine on stage," she said, "Bonnie Raitt!" At which point the entire audience thought (it was written in the little thought bubbles that appeared over everyone's head) "No WAY."


Bonnie Raitt came on and sang backup on a couple of Cindy Bullens' songs. It was REALLY COOL. [3] So I'm glad I got to see her, and especially glad that it was in a (relatively) intimate venue like the Great American Music Hall rather than an arena somewhere. Then... Fruvous! Highlights included "Down From Above" (I was stunned and delighted) "No No Raja" (yay! Never heard it live before), a snippet of Cher's "Believe" (fully as hilarous as you'd think), Disco Bargainville, and a lengthy punfest from Dave. And then, alas, it was over, and I had nothing to do but drive back to Davis and face the mountain of homework.

Only nine months until Fruvous come back, only nine months until Fruvous come back, only nine months until Fruvous come back... [4]

--nicole twn

[3] I heard tell that Ms. Raitt talked to the Frulads before the show and confessed to being a fan. This apparently left all four Lads struck speechless. Go on--try to imagine this.

[4] Based on previous tour schedules and not any official information. Me, I wouldn't mind if they came back in time for me to get my tenth stamp, but I think I'll have to settle for the keychain and pin.

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