Live Show: 10/27/99


Las Vegas, NV

Reviewed by: Rachael

The Details

This show was amazing...I've never reviewed a show before but I'm going to attempt it. *traded in my frumiles for a pin whoohoo*

The day was insane to begin with. No sleep the night before and an emergency call into work, meant that by 7:00 I was so ready for some fun and a concert. So after waiting grabbing a quick bite at the dining commons, my friend Jorjia, my roomie Choi, and I headed out of the UNLV parking lot amidst the strains of "We are the Champions" oh yeah. The fifteen minutes it took to drive to the venue(my shortest frutrip ever I might add) went quickly, and after a bit of confusion over a stray dog in the street, we parked. As we pulled into the parking lot, the other fruhead members of the audience,Shannon and Dmitri,from Tuscon AZ, pulled in behind us.

We headed over to say hi to Tobey and overheard a bit of the sound check;Piece of Mind, Message and KofS. We chilled in the parking lot for a while waiting for the rest of the audience to show up....they didn't.

The audience finally did grow to 11 people(counting the opening band) however. Just a note...fruvous practically sold out LA the night before, and here they were in Vegas playing for 11 people. We had the feeling this was going to be a pretty "different" kind of show and we weren't disappointed.

Fruvous hit the stage around 9:45, or rather wandered on stage and opened with:

Sahara Murray was having probs with the bass so it
took        quite a while to get past the intro the
"new"        extended version I guess.

Jockey--After Jockey the guys announce that for the   
       first and only time...this is going to be a set
       listless show.

BJ--- At this point my friend Jorjia got up to use the
      restroom, Jian and Mike kindly played the
opening       over until she returned,There was
bantering over       the fact that even the gas
stations in Vegas had       slot machines in them.

      Jian then proceeded to search for a native in
the       audience..there was only 1..which led

Early Morning Rain-- by Gordon "Pasty" Lightfoot, this
      being Las Vegas of course.

When she talks-- started out as the "instrumental"    
      version as the keyboard didn't want to          
Pisco I was the only person in the venue, that had    
  previously heard this song, it was quite the        
  novel feeling and I got to teach the    was fun
Spidey This is where the show got a little crazy.  The
       guys jumped off stage and ran around the room  
     for these was awesome fun! Mike even  
     did a little pole dancing during  
     "Misty" the showgirl.
If Only--sounded awesome.  Wow, talk about chills.

Boo Time
Mistra know it all "We'd like to play a Stevie Wonder 
                   tune" "yeah it's gangsta paradise" 

here the guys kind of just looked at each other and
wondered what to play next.the chose

Incredible Medicine show

My Poor Generation
Splatter  this after voicing their worries that this  
        audience would think them morose for only     
        playing the slow songs off of  
        they decided to play the one fast one off of  
        the album
then Lou appeared for the final song...

Dancing queen

An amazing show...the guys seemed to have fun, and it must have been quite the turn a tiny venue with 11 audience members. The show was long. Started at 9:45 over at 12:00. We hung around for a while chatting and then thanks to papers and midterms started on the "long" journey back. Definately, quite the amazing night.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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