Live Show: 10/29/99


Boulder, CO

Reviewed by: Bridget

The Details

OK... I've been getting requests for my reviews. That's very flattering, thank you... (o; Anyway, sorry for the delay, I've been trying to get caught up on sleep, I've been semi-looking for a new job, and I've been suffering severe writer's block. Ugh. So here's the first, I promise the 10/30 won't be too far behind...

Boulder, CO... October 29, 1999

SIGH... Früvous in my hometown. Well, not hometown but rather home state. Close enough... it doesn't happen all that often. Definitely not as often as it should. And friends coming to visit ME for a change... (o; I had been looking forward to this weekend for a reeeeeally long time.

I picked Donna, Joe and Debbie up at the airport Friday morning, we hung at my place for a bit, then had to head up to Fort Collins to get Becky from school. We finally arrived in Boulder around 5. It was cold. Very very cold. So we found a coffee shop to loiter in until we could get into the Fox. Becky and I actually got in before the rest of our group and before doors were officially opened. Lots of times at that theatre, they’ll let you in because there’s a bar, and what is now a sushi bar (it wasn’t the last time I was there...). So Becky and I were hanging out watching Drew Carey when the staff actually started to form the line outside. When they began to let people in we just went into the room, not having our tickets taken or our ID’s checked. So a bit later we were waiting to chat with Tobey and the guy checking ID’s at the door recognized us as being inside before everyone else, and asked us for our tickets and ID’s. Damn. I was worried that he’d make Becky go up to the balcony since she’s underage and all, and sure enough he stamped her hand "balcony access". So I was forced to put my powers of persuasion to use. OK, so I flat out begged him. I explained to him that I’m her sister and there's no way she’s going to drink anything and can she PLEEEEEASE come down to the floor with me? He went and checked with the house manager and came back and said yes!!! So he took her ID and said that we could get it back after the show, but if it looked like she’d been drinking or smelled of alcohol or anything, they’d call the police and we’d both be arrested. I assured him it would NOT be a problem.

Oh yeah, on my way to get MY ID... Tyler yelled at me from the balcony, where unfortunately he was stuck with Kent and Lindsay. I think Jeremy was there too. Not to say that it’s bad to be stuck with Kent and Lindsay, but being in the balcony kinda sucks. )o: I ran up to say hi and distribute Pisco stickers... (o; It was also good to see Stacey (who I met long long ago in Carbondale) and Joy and Lorene (who I met in June in Boulder).

So before the show I made a deal with Becky that if we could sit stage Murray on Friday, we’d sit stage Dave on Saturday. She gave in, and we headed down to join Donna and Joy. It was SO wonderful to see my friends that I haven’t seen since the LAST time I saw Früvous. Needless to say, at this point I was extraordinarily happy.

Once we were in and settled, thrilled with the knowledge that Becky would be on the floor with me, we went to schmooze with Tobey. I had bought a Pez dispenser for him at Target a while back. It’s a pretty cool looking little guy, but Tobey pointed out that it looked like someone had hocked a big luggie on it. Which it did... (o; But hey, it got me a hug, ya know?

The crowd (size) was a little disappointing, IMHO. It didn’t seem that there were as many people as they had drawn at the Fox back in June. And I forgot to ask Jian how he felt about the crowd. Oh well... There didn’t seem to be as many out-of-towners as I’d expected, either. Donna, Joe, and Debbie (but that was MY doing, or so I'm told) and Joy and Lorene came up from New Mexico. Perhaps others that I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting. I looked for "tie-dyed" Dave (who I also met in June), but didn’t spot him anywhere.

So on to the show... (no opening act tonight) -

Jian’s setlist:

(PORNO) - Becky did a double take after she
snagged Jian’s setlist and saw this one... (o:
***Jian – "There’s going to be no talking in this
show.  Less talksy, more Moxy... we’re going to
be more like Dave Matthews, a grown up band!"
***Jian – "I was surprised to find out that my
name was 'dude'"… (apparently Coloradans say
"dude" quite frequently...
***Cat’s ass/Bill Cosby banter
***Apparently, the balcony is now the smokers
section (fka "the Leper Colony")
***Wilco banter (Mike – "Then laugh at the joke,
you f***ers!!!!") – just a very very funny moment
of the show.  We later theorized that we just
LIKE to have Mike call us all f***ers... (o;
***Neil Young (?) improv... Jian "Can one of you
bootleggers give us a tape of that after the
show?  ‘Cause that’s really cool..."
***"Jian book" banter...
***Fashion of the 90’s, emaciated looking 14 year
old girls... "You, Jackie!"
***Jian said that they’re trying to play songs
that have never been played in Colorado, to which
the crowd started shouting for King of Spain and
other unintelligible requests.  The Spiderman
guys started piping up at this point too.  Murray
explained that they played a few songs just this
side of the border (Jian – "at a rest stop") and
that _they’d_  be the judge of what’s been played
in Colorado...
***Mike – "We’re quite awed by the beauty of
Colorado, the mountains, the streams, the lakes,
the gorges..."  (o;
(BOOTY) (Larry Walker – Canadian rocker)
***Dave – "From here on in, it’s all Blink 182
covers, folks..."
***"Saucy Nurses" improv.  This was TOO damn
***Früvous at the Bluebird improv, where Murray
harmonized ABOVE Mike, very cool.  Jian explained
to the crowd that for anyone who comes to the
show at the Bluebird tomorrow who says at the
door that they were in Boulder will get a free
Doma (sp?), which Murray and Jian will be making
all night.  Then Murray said that anyone going to
Denver tomorrow should get double stamps.  Jian
suggested free money... and it went on from
there.  But we didn’t get ANYTHING for going to
the Bluebird show... (o;
***Jian – "Boulder is a progressive bastion of
liberal hippie-dom, but Denver is kind of a
conservative place."  (which is very true, btw!)
***Murray – "Denver wasn’t actually on our tour
schedule, we were just going to go right through
the state, play here and keep going, but we
really wanted a John Elway sticker on our van." 
Jian – "He’s one of our favorite hockey
players...".  Jian – "Do you guys all KNOW John
Elway?"  Dave – "He’s actually a wax figure with
little motors... have a car, take it for a test
drive!"  Murray – "The reason he’s the greatest
quarterback of all time is that he’s a robot. 
C’mon, anyone can see it!  He gets sacked
sometimes, you see the clips and there’s like a
puff of smoke out of his neck, we’ve all seen
it."  (OK... sorry about the protracted John
Elway banter transcription here, but it was very
funny for us Denverites... (o;)
HOLD (Jian – "You can either take this song as a
love song or a disturbing song about obsession
and stalking.")
***Dave – "Here’s a song called My Poor
***Dave – "Here’s a song called My Poor Present
Tense Tureen..."  Mike – "...Generation...".
***Jian – "Anybody got a pennywhistle in D?" 
Mike – "A pennywhistle in D is a pennywhistle
indeed...".  *GROAN*  Jian – "No, they’re just
temperamental, they like to be French kissed." 
Mike – "That’s what they mean by ‘wet your
whistle, laddie’."  And it gets worse from there,
I won’t continue...
***Jian – "You won’t see that at the f***ing Limp
Bizkit concert, alright?"
***Jian "How many people saw Moxy Früvous on the
Late Night with Conan O’Brien show?"... many
cheers... "How many people who had never heard of
us saw us on that show?"... total silence.  It
was too bad, you’d like to think that Conan would
have brought SOME prospective fans to the show. 
Maybe they were THERE, just really quiet...
***Lou – "A lot of my lyrics come from life in
the gutter, the bottom, the basement, no
teasin’... which brings up the topic of the
‘Lanche this season.  The Avs..." Then we were
treated to a great visual of Mike’s impression of
the Avalanche this season... hey, I don’t think
they’re doing THAT bad.  (Red Wings SUCK,
Joe...).  (o;

Encore 1 – Disco Bargainville
***Then the Spiderman guys really started getting
boisterous, and as Donna said, you want to tell
them to shut up, but somehow they just make you
***Mike’s King intro – "Please get ready to bring
on the guy who is (a) a superstar, (b) someone
who does miracles with papier mâché, and (c) the
very self-same guy who supplied these three
jokers (the Spiderman guys) with the acid before
the show, the KING OF SPAIN!!!".
Encore 2 – King of Spain/Green Eggs & Ham
(short)/The Drinking Song
***Jian – "King, how are you such a genius?"...
Murray – "There’s a hat on your head..."  Mike –
"Feel my sunshine!"
***Jian – "You don’t like green eggs and ham..." 
Dave – "What’s that?"  Jian – "I said you don’t
LIKE green eggs and ham..."  Dave – "Beg pardon? 
Come again?"  Jian – "You don’t like green eggs
and ham..."  Dave – "Oh, Mr. Perception, Sam I
***All in all, an excellent set of encore tunes. 
It's been a looooong time since I'd seen GeH, and
I discovered that I'm not sick of it anymore!!!

Wow. This was a great show. It’s been a very very long time (if ever) since I’ve seen a show with more banter, more humor, more improvs. While the setlist wasn’t really anything special, the show as a whole was unbelievably entertaining. Yay Ash Hash! I’d never seen this one live (!) and had been patiently waiting since it was on the setlist and SKIPPED last October in Carbondale. The "saucy nurses" bit was awesome. The banter was WAY on and very funny. Becky made the comment to me early on that Dave seemed in a very good mood tonight. You know how there are just those times where he has that mischievous look in his eye? This was one of those nights... the guys were really on and the banter and improvs were absolutely hilarious. Have I said that already?? *grin* I love Poor Napoleon as an opener. Especially since it seems I’ve been inundated with Half as Much lately. Dancing Queen, always a winner. I’m surprised at how often they’ve been doing Get in the Car. I think I’ve seen it about 6 or 7 times in a row... I guess SOMEONE finally discovered what a fun tune this is live. It’s just so darn catchy! I’m glad they did Disco B’ville... when I played a (ahem!) bootleg of that song for Becky, she LOVED it! Donna decided she LIKED seeing shows in Colorado, because they still play Green Eggs and Ham here... (o: As far as the setlist, Jian made the comment that they were trying to do some stuff that hadn’t been played live in Colorado. I think they succeeded very well. (Poor Napoleon; Your New B'Friend; Ash Hash; The Lazy Boy; My Poor Generation; Splatter Splatter; Dancing Queen; Disco B'Ville) It never ceases to amaze me the lengths these guys go to in order to please fans. But I suppose if they didn’t amaze me, I wouldn’t be writing a review right now of my 17th show in barely over a year. I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t find their way to Colorado NEARLY often enough! Either that or I just need to move to the Midwest... (o;

Donna and I were both wearing the shirts Kat made for us as a memento of our Midwest trip together last month (yes, our car ROCKED!). You guys TOTALLY need to see these shirts. I’ll have to bring mine to Buffalo for NYE and/or to Frücon3. I had to show the shirt to Murray and Jian. Murray loved it, when I asked him if we could get a picture, he said we could get a picture if he could get a shirt... (o; Stayed for a bit after the show to chat with Murray and Jian. And there was a late show at the Fox, just like last June, so we figured we’d get kicked out right away. Happily, we weren’t and we had a chance to talk with the guys and our Frühead friends.

Then after the show we were trying to decide what to do. We settled on Denny’s, but Denny’s apparently decided they didn’t want to seat us, so we ended up at Perkins. Scary... a rather eclectic group of Früheads invading the local chain restaurant. The whole night was almost a surreal experience... having other Früheads come to MY state to see a show... hanging out after the gig in MY state... Anyway, I had a total blast. Thanks to everyone. It was wonderful to see Donna (love you bestest), Joe, Debbie, Joy, Lorene, and Stacey again. Tom, Kat, Kent, Lindsay, Tyler, Jeremy, Laura... honestly we need to get together more often. This night was fun. And I’m sure I say this way more often than I need to, but after my first year+ of being a Frühead, I still can’t get over what an incredible group of people you all are.

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