Live Show: 11/26/99


Ottawa, ON

Reviewed by: Lawrence

The Details

Got to Ottawa pretty early and checked in, found people, hung out, ate food, and went to get in line around 7:15 (doors were supposedly at 8) and there was NO ONE there. not even staff of the club. the doors were unlocked. so we opened them and went and stood inside since it was raining.

stood around for a while, finally got in around 8:15, and found spots. zaphod's is an interesting club... very much a nightclub more than a standard concert venue. and a VERY small stage...


I Saw Her Standing There (improvved, not on setlist)
sad girl
la complainte
jockey (with Tory)
boo time
lose that girl

*two* Beatles songs. wow.

I should probably say something about La Complainte, but I don't know what to say... it was nice, but I have no clue what they were singing about. :)

Jockey was interesting, and pretty good...

Boo Time was really well done, with an improvised line to go back to the main song (instead of "Growin'/smokin' a little boo with the Früvous crew...")

Johnny Saucep'n was interesting because somewhere, somehow, they missed a beat after the first verse and couldn't start the refrain, so Dave counted off the beats to get everyone back on track (the whole time everyone was still playing, so the song didn't just stop)

The Kids Song was a lot of fun...with the corrected pronunciation of Pinochet, even... which makes it that much funnier, really. :)

King of Spain was really neat... the first verse was completely improvised with lots of talking (he didn't even say "Oh, my unspeakable wife Queen Lisa" or "And now I work at the Pizza Pizza")

Darlington Darling was... interesting... the accordion solo actually seemed to be the part that goes under "In Darlington, lies my darling one..." and during Jian's refrain Dave sang the responses rather than playing the accordion lines... not sure if it was intentional or what, but it certainly caught some of us by surprise. :) (based on the look he gave Dave I think it caught Jian by surprise, too :)

The Drinking Song was good, except for the fact that one line was going the wrong way... and I was on the end of it and kept crashing into the other line... (everyone should start in the same direction, at least! :)

and then immediately after the Drinking Song was over, almost even before they left the stage, the Way Too Loud House Music came up, eliminating any possibility of conversation. So I left, figuring I'd get some rest while I was in the city for two days and had more time to do stuff... and then on to then next show. :)

somewhere there was an improv "Everything happens to him..." or something but I don't remember where and I don't remember all of it, but it was a great improv (I've noticed that since the no taping/taping thing the improvs have become a lot longer and more free flowing, even now that taping is being allowed again - it's great!)

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

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