Live Show: 11/27/99


Ottawa, ON

Reviewed by: Lawrence & Trace

The Details

after a day of doing stuff in Ottawa, we got to the venue around 7:30, and this time there were a lot of people lined up and they were making sure the front doors stayed closed this time.

and we waited. and waited... and waited some more... and waited... and froze... and waited. and finally at 8:30 they let us in.

Surprisingly, Tory went on at 9, despite the delay in people getting in (although there were still a lot of people coming in when he went on) and played a pretty different set, this time using Murray as his "token guest musician" (he had Dave play some accordion the previous two nights) and I don't know that song (I had no Canadian cash on me, so I couldn't buy his CD, but I plan to buy it in NYC :) but it sounded really great... their voices go very well together.

Then Früvous set up, and there was a chair and a Dumbek front and center... so we were all pretty sure we'd get the extended Sahara.

set and then comments: (I know Trace has already posted this, but I figure I'll put it in for easier reference within this post anyway :)

too careful

wow. what a set. and really, it *wasn't* Bed and Breakfast that "made" this set, either... it was just an incredible show.

the Extended Sahara intro was a little different - Jian and Murray came out while the house music was still playing, and then the loop started... and it was in a different key than usual (leave it to me to notice these things :). the intro was good, and they looked quite cramped on stage (because there wasn't really room for the chair, so Mike was slightly displaced)

Too Careful was... confusing, I think. I actually liked the version they did, whether it was intentional or not - they left out the solo and last refrain. instead they repeated the refrain a few times after the second verse and ended the song. it's much shorter this way, but I think that makes it better suited to a live show (and if they could find a way to reasonably shorten Downsizing, it would be cool, because maybe we'd hear it live more :) it was also played very fast, and introduced with a slight B&B tease - talking about meeting someone at a bar for a one night stand... going on to the idea of being careful about things, but... You can't be *too* careful...

Fly was good, and Mike commented afterwards that he was thinking about the video the whole time and ended up coming in on the percussion about "a minute and three seconds early."

Right after Fly, Mike took his position behind the keyboard and Jian went back to the drums and grabbed the brushes. There was a bit of improv about musicals, and a bit of a possibly unintentional Entropy tease (Mike was playing the piano and it sounded just like Entropy) and then they introduced a song that they "practically never played" and went into Bed and Breakfast, with a bit of an extended intro (a couple of chords right at the start to get the timing right) and the audience went crazy... the song was really performed well, and kind of made me wonder why they haven't done it before... everything seemed on for it - perhaps that it was well rehearsed because they hadn't played it in so long, or that we were all just so glad to hear it. but I'd say it was definitely a strong enough performance that I hope they do consider doing it again and not just burying it forever...

Stuck in 90s was good to hear - yet another song I hadn't yet heard live

Minnie was again different (although there was one more verse that was the same as Montreal) and sick and funny...

BJ was introduced with a Pisco tease (lots of teasing at this show!) and had the last line something about Zaphod's...

and Raja was great! much better than in Rochester... I think the audience was a bit more appreciative this time. introduced with Jian saying something to the effect of "Well, all Middle Eastern songs sound pretty much the same..." among other things...

They didn't get lost in Johnny Saucep'n this time...

Get in the Car was very good this time, with LOTS of extra lines thrown in an generally everyone having a good time

Your New Boyfriend was introduced with what one would expect, and a line where Jian said "My new boyfriend... er, my ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend... is a right wing shit!"

Psycho Killer was similar in that respect - a LOT of fun was had by all during this song. and part of the intro included snapping as the volume level rose...

First encore of Michigan Militia... started with a drum/bass/keyboard jam that was really great sounding, and was just "on," like everything else at the show.

King/Green. I usually don't comment on these. I've seen King of Spain... a lot... :) but I really enjoyed this performance of it. lots of improv, even right in the middle of the song... a nice rendition that pleases everyone (and they seemed to be enjoying themselves, which is always good) when they were talking about who was curious about the King's story, Jian commented "I'm actually curious about him..." pointing at Murray, the continuing "But I'm also curious about the King... I'm bi-curious..."

GE&H was really great... during the "Not the Beatles" bit and the "look what you've done to him!" Mike came forward speaking French, and a good portion of the audience understood him, because they all cracked up... I found out later that he said "I am... I am a mushroom! I am a growing mushroom!" so had I known then, I would have cracked up then, too. :) and when Mr. Cheese made his offer to Sam I Am, he *almost* agreed (or seemed like he was about to), but finally declined the offer...

The Drinking Song was ok - we all were swaying properly this time - but some audience members were very obnoxious during it (and the whole show, really - lots of yelling)

I love shows like this. very high energy, and very good playing... lots of fun banter and improvs. if the audience had cooperated a little better it would have been perfect - even without Bed and Breakfast. but that was just a nice added bonus (and it makes me very glad I made the trip to Ottawa, too! :)

somewhere in there they also teased Disco Bargainville... Dave commented that "it's great being in a rock band..." and Jian responded with "but sometimes a guy just wants to dance!"

and then I drove 9 hours back to Pittsburgh with it snowing most of the way down... such great fun that is. :)

From Trace:

I'm coming out of lurker mode to post last night's setlist. WARNING: If you don't wish to turn green with envy, don't read any further :-) Last night alone was worth the trip from Philly to Ottawa. And I'm not gonna say anything more :-)

[Courtesy of Murray's Setlist]
SAH - extended




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