Live Show: 12/1/99


New York, NY

Reviewed by: Mas

The Details

Although MF is performing @ the Westbethe Theater for two days in a row, they also were on WFUV around 1:30 today. Those of us who are under 18 and cant attend westbethe even though they live in NY (grrrr) appreciated this ( least i did). I cut half of Chemistry to listen to this. this was what they did :

Splatter (FUV played this from the album)
~Chat on faces, Canadian gov~
Half as Much 
~Chat on Thornhill~
I will hold on 
~More chat on the band~
**Show was supposed to end here but WFUV kindly extended their show for 
another half hour*** FUV breaks for news
~Chat on Conan and Don Dixon~
Sad Girl
Happy Bday Improv
~Chat on Westbeth, WTO, their goal to take fans to the moon!~
YWGTTM (i was VERY happily shocked to hear this since i was expecting only    
        Thornhill stuff and screamed in a library -  i was there to hide from 
~More Chat
    Their Guest DJ Pick : Leaving in the midnight train on GA
Also there was Fruvous Trivia issued for extra Wetbethe tickets
1)Murray : Wht's the name of the most popular Co. of the tabletop hockey 
game. (Hint : Not Windwell) Answer : Colico(misspelled im sure)
2)Jian : In the song Stuck in the 90's what is the character's name?
    Answer : Duh, Clem
3)Dave : What is the bonus track of Wood?
    Answer : Organ Grinder

Anyway, I enjoyed least much more than Chemistry. Cya all in Amherst and Pawling.

~Mas aka the mushroom king

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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