Live Show: 12/2/99


New York, NY

Reviewed by: Jordan, Amy, Jacey & Jill

The Details


here goes, again... this will be quick simply because it's 2am and i've got divisionals (yes, that's swimming championships for any that don't know me) in about 6 hours.

The opening band - NEAR - i think i'd need to hear 'em more before i could start digging their vibe. (mind you - this is coming from someone that likes a total of 4 female singers). Of the two chicks in the band, i liked the frufan's (non-lead singer's) voice better. i think i could have dug the band if it was more of her... mho.

Next we had TORY CASSIS again. Tonight's show was almost exactly like last nights and since i already said how much i enjoyed him last night... he shared a story and a most revolting christmas gift that he had bought in teh village. A clear plastic globe (resemblign snow-globes) with flowers that alternately lit up and circled while playing a most revolting tune... it was great.

Oh oh - FRUVOUS! here's the setlist. tonight's show lasted about 2h20m and it appeared as if it might have been longer if only Dave hadn't of gotten sick :(

*less talksie more moxy.   no more of this talking inbetween songs -
we're just gonna come up here and do 'em 1 2 3 4 
*"here's another song from our new album" some guy from the back (yes,
this was near teh bar) moans extremely loudly and to that murray says "i
hope you just found a hair in your drink"  and jian mummbled "or poison"
*somewhere in here i swear Jian mentioned fiona snapple again *grin*
BOSS *wow* the dancing just makes it.
PISCO  *i can only wonder if the "peeeeko" guy from last night was there!
VIDEO  *disco 
JOCKEY  *again with tory cassis singing - except this time he started to
sing the wrong verse at one point and quickly noticed his mistake... 
PSYCHO  *same clapping problem we experienced last night... After Jian
signaled for us all to stop clapping some people just kept on.  I figured
they must have been stuck behind pillars *grin* (coem on, it's the only
FLY *yay! i was so psyched to hear this song live again!
---------  *note, the third encore was entirley cut b/c dave was "hoarse"
 instead of what's listed we were treated to If Only You Knew. (no
complaints here).

Improv that started with murray;s people and then noticing how one of murray's people had ended up in front of dave and to that "where are dave's people?" murray claiming "dave has no people" jian had to remind him how harsh he was being. murray got an evil little grin... hehee. >:)

there was the most amazing/entermusing improv - carribean style where they "played every reggae song we know - which is two" it was very nice.

The place was waaay more packed tonight than last night and the crowd was much more active, responsive, and in some cases obnoxious. again, great :D this had to be the longest, and best frushow i've been at in awhile.

Oh oh - post show fun. Just kind of chilled in one spot (honest that's the way to do it) and slowly but surely was able to say bye to most of you fruheads that i'd met the past few days. i hope to be seeing you all soon! Uhm, other than that - murray and jian were the only ones that really came out to chat. As always, i'm sure i bug them a bunch but come on - i gotta love 'em :D i did get to hear the "get away jordan" song again from jian - very very nice *smirk* which now as i think about it may be a clue as to just how much i really do bug 'em (come on... GET AWAY!) *grin* i'm just playing. it was fun.

dave was a sweetie... he'd been upstairs and a few of us crazies had been waiting until well after the show and because all of the bouncers wanted to leave - they asked us who we were waiting for. with that they go up and talk to mike and dave and soon enough dave comes down to chat despite the fact that he was sick (and sounded pretty rough too!)

Sooooo... since my NYE will be spent in vegas (no comment) rather than fruvousing... i've been offered quite a few appealing rides/crashspace/etc. offers for frucon this year (oh yeah, you know i said that last year and the year before but honest... it's sounding soooo much more likely this year) that i may see you kids there next. The *other* Jordan said: > Does anyone remember what songs Sean Altman did? > (besides This Ain't Your Town No More..) his show went like this: R U a MAN PERSON UNWORTHY ANNIVERS UGLY HATE DANDY TOWN DICK PRESTO MINDY FORGET > Did he say anything about a new album? yes, he wisely mentioned that jian was on the new album.

From Amy:

First of all, I waould like to say that everything that has happened since Wednesday did not start to sink in until Friday morning when I was talking with a friend of mine...but I'm getting ahead of myself. I guess I should just take off from where Atasi left off...

So, we get back to JMU at 6:30AM and we all go our separate ways to our rooms. I crash for 45 min. then get up to move my car to another parking lot. When I got back, I checked my emailand Jordan had written me. Apparently we missed some fun after leaving the club. Let me just say that I want to be Jordan when I grow up. :-) Anyway, I went back to bed and didn't get up until 12:30pm. By 2 I am seriously considering going back to NYC for the concert. After asking Laura and Amanda and begging Jes for 15 min, we shower and hop in the car by 2:30pm. We got to the club around 8:30pm. same exact timing as Wed. night. We even parked on the same road. We headed for the bar first because I just needed a beer. But, Jordan sees us before we got that far. (I had emailed her before I left letting her know that we were coming back.) She had made a copy of the Indie tape for me and gave it to me!!! She is just too cool. I couldn't believe she had done it so fast. It was such a nice gesture. Anyway, so we chat for a bit and I introduce her to Amanda and Jes. She heads into the club and I resume my walk to the bar. I get tow beers, one for me and one for Dave. Ya, I got the skills. We found pretty cool spots stage Dave and Laura puts Dave's beer on the stage for me. Tory Cassis played the same set as he did on Wed. night, so nothing to report here. Finally, the lads came out. Jian looked pretty nice all in black and Dave was chill in his jeans and tshirt. They opened with Sahara which was pretty cool since I haven't heard them play it since June in VA Beach. After Sahara, they went on bantered about not talking and just playing songs one after another just like Dave Matthews (and Laura started clapping only because they mentioned the other Dave's name...I had to fill her in that they said something mean about Dave). It was a GREAT concert. They played Disco Bargainville again, Nuit de Reve, KoS, No No Raja...all of which I wanted to hear. Sadly, Dave was horse at the end of the show and so they had to change the songs and only played If Only You Knew. I hope Dave is feeling better! But, at some point at the end of the show, he did thank me for the beer. After the show, we chatted a bit with Jordan and I offered her a ride to FruCon, which she gladly accepted. :-)

Murray came out and we got his autograph...during which Jian came out and Amanda gave him a huge hug. So cute. Jian was cool as ever. He asked me what my name was...then said, "Oh, you're the one that professed your love to Dave." Haha. We resumed our wait for Dave and while we waited, Jordan came over and sat with us. After a long time, one of the guys that worked at the club asked us who we were waiting for and he went and got Dave. Poor Dave! He sounded really horse. But, he was cool and everything. Apologized for keeping us waiting and said he didn't know we were waiting for him. So, we chatted and he asked what my name was...said than you very much for the beer and it was sweet of me. Major points scored both ways: I bought him a Heineken and he said it was "The king of beers". It definitely is. :-D. So, after that we left to return home. I am so happy that I went back.

Out of the two days going to NYC, we made three new converts on my floor. Hopefully by the end of the year, all 29 will be FruFans. :-)

From Jacey:

ok, no one seems tohave mentioned my favorite banter from thursday night (I think it was thursday-- everything is blending together at this point, which is why I can't write a proper review of any of the shows!)

Forgive the lack of clarity on this:

I forget how it started, but I tthink jian asked murray if he had an orange pick.. Murray hands him one, and there was some discussion about how they had just bought them today, yet murray and jian have to share one pick. Then Dave from behind the keyboard, starts tossing out orange pick after orange pick.

Then jian, I *think* mentions something along the lines of "this is how it always is. It's like that with hotel rooms too. Mike and Dave have 6 hotel rooms between them, and Murray and I are huddled in the little corner by the ice machine. Sure, just cause thier the "talented" ones..." Up until about 6 months ago, this is how we thought bands lived-- sleeping in hallways of hotels. We'd see Mike and Dave go down the hall, and just thought they'd found the other ice machine."

Dave:pssst... mike... wake up buddy... yeah, I'm just gonna go in the other room and try the bed.

Mike: And dave and I go to get ice, and tell tehm "8am wake up call. And look sharp."

OK, that was a woefully inadequate rendition of a very funny exchange. I may have to turn into one of those poeple whio takes notes ;-)

From Jill:


This was a different vibe totally...more talkers/hecklers. I've already mentioned the talking during Tory's set. That really bummed me out because I was totally hooked on him from his set on Wednesday. His awful gift has already been mentioned, so I won't talk about that again.

I jotted down in my notebook when Tobey and Cal were setting up that "We have a dumbek!!!" I was very excited about this fact.

They opened with Sahara, which I think was slightly extended b/c the intro went on for a while, and Mike and Dave came out about 2 minutes after Jian and Murray.

After that, Jian started in on this whole thing about not talking...of course, taking about 8 minutes about of talking to say they weren't going to talk.Then they launched into Half as Much. [side note: 1/2 has one of my favorite lines in a Fruvous song[1], so I adore hearing this one.]

Is it just me, or is Jian on an Eagles kick? He mentioned them like 8 times at the NYC shows...

When they were introducing Sad Girl, Jian said "this is a song from our new album," and sooo many people cheered. So Murray said, "Come on! No one likes our new album *that* much!" At which point, Jian mumbles, "Except for the four of us, apparently..."

Murray totally stole I Love My Boss...he did this whole thing where he jumped right up front with the bass and totally rocked out, it was great.

They played Pisco. This was probably for the guy who called out for "Pico" the night before. ; )

They played Raja, which was awesome, because I hadn't seen that live before, either. Sometime in the middle of it, someone lit up a clove cigarette. If you're not familiar with cloves, they smell REALLY good, very sweet and spicy like incense. It was about as perfect timing as you could get.

Someone asked Murray if his people were there, so a bunch of people cheered...especially a guy who was extreme Stage Dave. Murray said that guy was a conspiracy to kill Dave, which led to a "Where have Dave-o's people gone?" improv. Mike did a solo with the "notes" on the megaphone during was hilarious. I was extremely impressed with the guys when they flawlessly changed keys for....

Saucep'n!! During this, Dave knocked down his mic. I didn't mention it for the 12/1 review, but Dave knocked down his mic with his guitar during GITC. When it happened, they all sort of stared at the mic a minute (still playing, of course), and Dave just walked over to Mike's mic for the rest of the song. So when he did it *again* on Thursday, everyone who'd been there the night before was all shocked. Jian: "8 years we've been playing together and that's never happened, and now it's happened two nights in a row!" Dave: "It started with a sneeze, then there was a bump, then a whoosh and then a thud!" Mike: "It's these west village f**kers' fault!"

So....they started the last chorus of Saucep'n over again so Dave could get it, which led into....a Saucep'n/food improv!

Anyone who was at the 12/4 show when Jian said "Chicken Roti Boneless," this is where that came from! I actually thought to myself, "chicken roti boneless" when Mike said, "Popcorn Chicken!" and then, sure enough, Jian said it too!

During the improv, Mike did a "Zen Conga Solo." This actually involved him *not* playing the congas. "He plays while not playing...emptiness!"

During Nuits de Reve, Dave and Mike were doing synchronized bobbing while playing their guitars. It was absolutely adorable.

During KoS, Jian changed his beat-box part slightly, so instead of saying "cha," he was doing this whole "funky-funkity-funk" was cute.

Next was Darlington, at which point Mike said that Dave was really John Malkovich.

The encores were Psycho Killer, Fly and If Only You Knew. It was my first time seeing Fly and IOYK, and they gave me chills. Truly beautiful.

Ok, that's where my notes end, so that's where the review ends! Hope you enjoyed it!

[1] the line from 1/2 that I love is, "I never realised I would need the joys and secrets of your eyes that much" -J writing a song called the Ballad of Jill V. Fruhead Ji-Murray person Owner of all the MF albums and all of Ani DiFranco's "She's too short to play me."-Joey Potter Too short to play herself in a movie

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