Live Show: 12/8/99


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Chris & Mike

The Details

Dar and Moxy it had to be one of the best combos ever. I loved the venue, intimate, no smoke, no drunkards, no standing up (I had a long day at work). I thought I'd also give you Dar's set list plus Moxy commentary to Mike's setlist

When I Was a Boy-
What Do You Hear in these Sounds-
Are You Out There
Oh Canada, Girls - new
As Cool as I Am
Christians and the Pagans
Another Mystery- new

When the guys came out Dave was in yellow, Murray in blue, Mike in red and Jian as almost always in black. The mainly primary color scheme made my partner think of a certain South Park ep. If you know SP you'll get the joke if not skip down. The ep where cartman has a birthday party and the kids are handing him the Mega Men which are in exactly the same colors as the lads are dressed. So my boyfriend in his best Cartman impression says, "oh Stan you got me the yellow Mega Moxy thank you, you can go and have cake."

 Mike Wood  wrote:
> RAIN- god the acoustics, like hearing the harmonies for the first time 

> FLY - Jian had a weird little preamble where he said all the losers who
had been dumped to raise a hand with him then he said he didn't know
he was thinking because the song was about breaking up but not being
 > B+B
> MOON-a very long preamble where Dave went on about the post apocalyptic
millenium where we'll have to eat squirrels. All of them started making
squirrel jokes amd when you just thought Mike had got them back on
track. Mike started a squirrel song. LOL

 > MORPHEE - such a great song but no sleepy sighs in the middle maybe
because it's hard on the voice and I gathered the fruvirus had struck

> MINNIE - a very political version full of Cdn references that you'd
to be poli sci student to keep track of

> PORK [Mur+Dave] - WOW I only go to TO shows and I've never heard that
one before. Murray got his hat all rolled up in the front then went over
to Dave took the acoustic guitar out of his hands and went back to his
side of the stage. Dave seemed to have forgotten what song they were doing
but got his banjo and his hat. Murray sucking on his teeth cracked me up
so badly. That and the line about the three kids "Caine, Issac and
Chris" my sig others' name is Chris and I started laughing again. If
anyone has the lyrics to this could could tell me where I could get a look
at them or tell me where the song comes from.

 > TODAY'S THE DAY- great preamble by Jian about how Harris is kicking the
crap out of Ont

[Ji+Mike] > MARION-Before Mur started to tell the story he said "a story
by Ann Elk- the Python reference made me lose it again. If you were there
the chick barking out laughing was me :)

> HOLD - very cool discussion about Jian's fav book "Love in the Timje of
Cholera" I should go out and read it. Though Jian did admit if he'd stayed
true to his beloved like the character in the novel it would seem pretty
stalker-ish in todays world
 > MPG 

> AUTHORS - the great "Bovril" substitution but in deference to being in
the church no "crucifixion" line
Get in the Car
> ---- 
> ---- 
> GREEN- during the Beatles part Jian pointed to Mike who had been crushed
by Mr Cheese's cruelty and Mike did this weird oinking noise and was sort
of bent over then he'd shot up and yell Caroline. Does anyone other than
Mike get the allusion?
 > DRINK [off-mic] 

From Mike:

PORK [Mur+Dave] 
DRINK [off-mic] 

sleep now... comments later...

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