Moxy Fruvous: The 'B' Album

Chords and Stuff: Josh Woodward <>

  1. I Love My Boss
  2. The Greatest Man In America
  3. Johnny Saucep'n
  4. Ash Hash
  5. Gord's Gold
  6. Big Fish
  7. Jenny Washington
  8. The Ballad of Cedric Fruvous
  9. Entropy
  10. The Kids' Song

I Love My Boss

He can't stand a loss
He's always cross
            E9      G
His name is Ross... my [boss]
I love my boss

I love my boss
He isn't full of fluff and gloss
He gives me work and many chores to do
   G                            A
My model like Ben Cartwright to Hoss
And though he pays me minimum wage
It's all I deserve at this stage
Some union hack said I should ask for more
  G                      A
I answered with suitable rage

I love my boss
I love my boss
          E9     G
I love my boss
I love my boss

One day I came to work too late
I'd had a Fruvous luncheon date
My boss he summoned me to speak with him
  G                    A
I sweated, awaiting my fate
He said "you're done!"
He chased me two blocks with a gun
But my dear boss let me apologize
   G                        A
In hindsite, there wasn't a gun.

He's going out now with my sister
They go real heavy on the sauce
I'd like to tell him watch out mister
But he's the boss

My friends they say that I am clinging
Ask why I'm carrying this cross
Who knows what club-med will be bringing 
From dear old boss


Bosses through the ages prove

They're the ones who make it move
Bewitched would have an empty plate

If it weren't for Larry Tate
Clark Kent reached the highest height
With the help of Perry White
And if we may be retrograde

Speak the name Reuben Kincaid

B                              Dm7
Now the other workers all say "Wow!"
When I roll over and I shake a paw
   A                     B
My boss is my brother-in-law

I love my boss
I love my boss
          F#     G
I love my boss
I love my boss

The Greatest Man In America

Opening Chord:

            E          E/Eb       Ab
Coming from Canada, we love those leaders 
      Dbm                  D    E
Who pesonify the US way to be,
          A        A/Ab     F#m   B
There was JFK, and LBJ, and WKRP.
              E                  E/Eb   Ab
But of all of these there is not one to rival 
    Dbm                     D   E
The greatest genius of them all
       A             Am
He's a megalo with a healthy glow
         F#m        B       E
He's the man called Rush Limbaugh.

       A            E
He's a dose of P.T. Barnum
       A         Ab
With a Mussolini twist.
Dbm          A         Dbm           A
There in the limosine, parked on the lawn,
       E     Db     C      B
He's a goofy Gengis Khan.

[more verses, same as before]

Roll the carpet on the floor
For a man...
For a man...
For a man...
Such a man...
      B sus 4
For a man....
With his head up his-


E                   B                       E
Ask us the name the name of the King - It's Rush!

Johnny Saucep'n

Note: all of these chords are played in a bluegrass fashion with
alternating root and 5th notes as the bass line. For instance, for
the A chord:

D----2---2---2---2---2---      etc...

Intro after flute:
A     (A-B-Db)
A     (A-G#-G)
B     E

            D                                 A
Well he was just some Johnny Saucep'n when he walked into that kitchen
        E                                A
And the chef picked up the order and put down his Solzhenitysen
         D                                  A
He said "make yourself at home, boy, I just prewarmed all the griddles
       E                                              A 
Ya got 20 minutes, starting now, to make some gourmet vittles"

Basil endive parmesan shrimp live
Lobster hamster worchester muenster
Caviar radiccio snow pea scampi
Roquefort meat squirt blue beef red alert

Pork hocs side flank cantaloupe sheep shanks
Provolone flatbread goat's head soup
Gruyere cheese angelhair please
And a vichyssoise and a cabbage and a crawfish claws.



Ash Hash

Now, if all that ash used to be hash
What the heck time is it now?
Last thing I remember I was looking at my stash
Just before the late late show
Then we threw a couple movies in the VCR
And I remember driving Buddy home in the car
Well, we got not gas so we couldn't have got far...
What the heck time is it now?
The howling part is played with an Em backdrop. The notes:
E - E - A-B-D-E
The following verse's E# and C#7 sound best played like this:
E7               C#7
Oh, my weary and aching head
            F#             B        E      Esus4-Em-E
You know, I gotta get some thinking done

I can't remember where I put the bed...
        F#               B
I ain't moved it since '71

        E                       A
I got a real funny feeling I'm about to fall down
I hope I find my way to the ground
  E                 Eb    D    Db7
I hate to spend the whole night floating around
F#        B          E
In the condition I'm in.
B         B          E
In the condition I'm in.
(Em riff again)
(same chords as last verse)
First thing in the morning I'm giving myself a break
You kind of get an early warning when you're fingernails and eyelids ache
Well, it might be closer to the afternoon
But the big point is, I'm gonna do it soon
There ain't nothing underneath this moon
Will ever make me toke another take!

...But what's that on the table?
Why, it looks like a little chunk
I bet old Petey dropped that there
He always was a drunk
         E                  E(root G#)
Well, it looks so good just sitting there
  A                        F#/Bb
I believe what I need is a bite of the hair
E       Eb       D      D7
Doggone stuff is like a breath of fresh air
F#              B        E     Db7
Think I'm gonna sell the farm (and buy more)
F#              B        E     Db7
Think I'm gonna sell the farm (find the door)
F#              B        E
Think I'm gonna sell the farm.

Gord's Gold

Entire song is finger-picked folky style.
She had that disposition
Sent all the boys a wishin'
      G                                  A7
As we trickled down the coast of Peggy's hide-a-way.

We loaded up the cube vans,
The days were steeped in Ray-Bans
       G                                   A7
That reflected love's embrace from which I shyed away.

    G          A7       D          Bm               G
And I wouldn't know her ass from a deep hole in the ground,
           A7           D              Bm               G       ->A7
Lined with bushes and a fence that the neighbors placed around;
Make a child with me.

|:  D-C(add9)-G-A7  :|

Big Fish

Dm - A
Dm - A
(A, Ab)
Verse 1:
F#m                               B7
As a young boy Michael helped his mother cook,
F#m                                     Db7
Down by her apron strings the whole day long.
F#m                                    B7
Knife in hand, her eyes trained on the recipe book
     D7                            E
He'd salivate as she sang out this song:
Chorus 1:
        A                 D
Cut the onions, start the dicing.
       E                 A
Listen up Mike, it's the right thing.
         A             D
Chop the parsnip for a rich dish
       Dm                     A
In the small pond you'll be a big fish.
       Dm                     A
In the small pond you'll be a big fish.

(Follow verse chords)
When in college our lad made some special friends,
Kept him from subversives and their kind.
Swirled within a world of sports and dividends.
And the song they sang was etched upon his mind:

(Follow chorus chords)
Cut the hair off the hippy sleeping.
Listen up Mike, it's the right thing.
Chop the fringes off the freakish.
In the small pond you'll be a big fish.
In the small pond you'll be a big fish.
(Follow verse chords)
Thirty-five, a burning drive possessed him
To be the greatest golfer in North Bay.
Sometimes a fear of failure near obsessed him.
But then he'd hear the other golfer's say:

(Follow chorus chords)
Cut the motion on your back swing.
Listen up Mike, it's the right thing.
Chop the golf ball with a big swish.
In the small pond you'll be a big fish.
In the small pond you'll be a big fish.
(Follow verse chords)
Now he's breaking bread with heads of industry
The captain in the autumn of his years.
He proceeds with Messianical rabidity.
When he echoes mother's words he hears the cheers:
(Follow chorus chords)
Cut the welfare, and public housing.
Listen up Mike, it's the right thing.
Chop the health-care, you'll get your wish.
In the small pond you'll be a big fish
Cut the child-care and the schooling.
Listen up Mike, it's the right-wing.
Chop the free-lunch for the poorish.
In the small pond you'll be a big fish.
In the small pond you'll be a big fish.
       Dm                     D
In the small pond you'll be a big fish.

Jenny Washington

Murray pedaling an E with rest ba-dap'ing E-Eb-D
     E                          Am
It's ten-til-two and I've not a thing to do.
F         B      E              Am
How can I get my picks of human zoo?
  C                   F        G(root Gb)
A daily treat full of lies and deceit.
                G              G#   C#    C
My pleasure's begun with Jenny Washington.
(unintentional key change? about 1/4 step up)

      F                              Bbm
Cause dad's from Mars and baby likes porno flicks.
F#            C          F                Bbm
Mom hates the blacks and junior's turning tricks.
        C#                   F#  Ab(root G)
There's therapy for my whole family
                C#     G#    A      D   Eb
Each weekday at one on Jenny Washington.

             G#                     Eb
Consistently number one, it's Jenny Washington
                C#   G#               Eb    G#
For three years in a row, the highest rated show
               Eb                          G#
She's sexy and sensitive. She's showing us how we live.
              C#      G#         Eb      G#          
Remember it's one for fun, Jenny Washington!

E                           Am
Sibling lust and doctors on angel dust.
F        B        E                    Am
Arsonist kids and crooks they couldn't bust.
C                        F      G(root Gb)
Nazi teens they say it's in the genes.
                  G           G# C#  C
There's plenty of fun in degradation.

  F                              Bbm
A pleasure cruise on an ocean of hot issues.
F#            C         F              Bbm
Get people to fight and serve it up as news.
C#                        F#      Ab(root G)
Talk is cheap except when it goes -BLEEP-.
                 C#         G#    A      D   Eb
The nun with the gun, Jenny Washington.

                   G#                     Eb
Cause it's the new number one, it's Jenny Washington.
              C#    G#                 Eb     G#
She puts the "f" in fuss, she puts the "u" is us.
               Eb                          G#
She's sexy and sensitive. She's showing us how we live.
              C#      G#         Eb      G#          
Remember it's one for fun, Jenny Washington!

The Ballad of Cedric Früvous

Note: most of the song will be alternating 5ths on the 
low end of the guitar. Strum that with the chords.
Example (intro):
--3-------3---------------------------3-------3----  etc..
 [G]             [Am]            [C]           [Bm]


A few of the chord voicings I use for the decending part:
 [G]    [G(b5)] [G(sus 4)] [G]
Up until just recently
Gambling was thought to be blasphemy
            C              Bm      Am
Like Wilson Phillips, evil stuff
But Canada is changing fast
Loosening it up at last legally
        C                Bm
The new narcotic, take a puff.

  Am            Cm                     G
Casinos open to raise funds for social needs

G                G(w/ b5)
Full of roulette wheels,
               G(sus 4)       G
Black jack and video slot machines.

    Am                  Cm
Now guys like Cedric perform benevolent deeds.

G                      G (w/ b5)
I've been saving up my welfare
                  G(sus 4)           G
Just to throw the dice on the velvet greens.

Money made by dealing folks
Goes to helping healing folks 'cross the land
  C                 Bm     Am
I stand and proudly gush.
Casinos are a ministry handled governmentally
Show your hand.
  C                  Bm
I almost had a royal flush.

      Am                    Cm
Since Cedric spent his last dime on 15 to 2.
G        G(w/ b5)    G(sus 4)             G
I put my chips on 32 red it went to black instead.
Am                   Cm
Guys like Cedric are pulling Medicaire through.
G                        G(w/ b5)
Now they're asking me to leave, 
                     G(sus 4)               G
And I'm poor and I'm peeved so I just might heave.

So he mortgaged the house and he traded the kids
And he studied the odds and he practiced the bids.
The he ran to province next door to his
Where casinos were a brand new flourishing biz.
    B                           Em          D    D(root Db)
His new found luck at blackjack brought him such wealth
     C             D(root Db)     F#m         D
They realized he'd make a perfect Minister of Health.

Now he's wearing all the hats
Hanging out with bureaucrats at bookie joints.
       C            Bm      Am
He's a public money sponge.
Watch him place another bet
We go deeper into debt losing points
    C              Bm
And credit ratings plunge

      Am               Cm                    G
We've made a virtue of that which used to be vice:
                  G(w/ b5)          G(sus4)           G
Lower tax on corporations, gambling donations pay the bills.
    Am                   Cm                  G
Now gambling addicts are civil servants with dice:
                      G(w/ b5)                G(sus4)             G
Selling health to the hopeless, pocketing the profits, curing our ills.

    Am                Cm
Our social service is getting nervous
   Am                 Cm
As Cedric hands it to one-armed bandits.
     Am                   Cm                    G    C   Cm   G
It's hell for purists but swell for tourists so yeah!


Note: This song also alternates root 5ths about the whole time.

    C                            D
Galileo, Newton, Watt, they were genuises all.
    Dm               G               C
Without them we'd be freezing in the dark at the mall.
      Am                         D
James Joule found total energy remains the same
No matter what it's form.
       D      G
That's why it carries his name.

  C                     D
A chemical, electrical, potential and heat,
Dm       G                C                    
Radiant, kinetic, ooh the list is incomplete.
They're always changing back and forth
It's really quite a blur
oh, how could he?
D       G
I've forgotten nuclear!

(a cappella)
Ride a barrel down the falls
Then cook spaghetti with meatballs.
Really make your friends amazed.
Nuke it with some gamma rays.
Fly to Venus in a rocket.
Put your finger in a socket.
You may suffer from exhaust,
But none of that energy is ever really lost.

                  C                                  D
Then why can't we make a clean machine that moves perpetually?
              Dm               G         C
Cause there's another law with which all energy must agree.
    Am                       D          G     
Whenever it changes form, it loses quality (in other words...)
D         G             G#
Damn that rising entropy!

     C#                         D#
It's entropy you see that turns finess into mess
  D#m         G#                       C#
A palace to a pig-stye why it's simply scandalous!
Bbm                    Eb               Ab
Energy once neat degenerates into waste heat (We must repeat.)
Because of entropy.

Kids' Song

(a cappella)
We took the babies we knew and the toddlers we knew,
Said we'd like to get a slice of life from your point of view
'Cause you cry and laugh a lot more than us older folks do
It's a Spicer show especially for you.

    F                               C7
The markers that I just got are non-toxic
       Bb                            Dm
And my sister says the lake is quite dioxic
I don't know what these words mean,
I just want to play where it's clean
    C                                 F
But something in the backyard make my dog sick.

Is there something you like? (squirt-gunning my dog!)
Is there something you hate? (when my turtle ate my gerbil)
Is it fun to take a bath (no...sometimes...yes) balbum-(yes, no, sometimes, yeah)
Should Quebec separate?
            Bb                      F
Well, we'll try and handle that for you
                  C                           F 
And make a better world, so you can have kids too.

F                                   C7
My mom is French, and she's a candy striper
        Bb                                       Dm
When my dad sings 'Save the Queen' she gets real hyper
She says "Douglas, keep your paws
Off my Notwithstanding clause"
         C                      F 
And they argue, and forget about my diaper (gross!)

Is there something you like? (Jurassic Park)
Is there something you despise? (when I ate too many crayons)
Do you like to play with dolls? (not dolls, action figures)
Do you have a gender bias? (my sister is three....gender biases)
            Bb                     F
Well, we'll try to handle that for you
                  C                           F
And make a better world, so you can have kids too.

           F                              C7
Hello, I'm Gabby and I just got here from Chile (welcome Gabby!)
       Bb                        Dm
I like Canada, except that it is chilly
  Bb                          F 
I met Premier Bob Rae, and he ain't no Pinochet
   C                            F
My mother makes a spicy bowl of chili (three rhymes!)

Is there something you like? (squirt-gunning my Shreddies)
Is there something you hate (reject)? (food that isn't pizza)
What's your favourite colour? (fuschia...teal)
Is that politically correct?
            Bb                      F
Well, we'll try and handle that for you 
                  C                           F
And make a better world, so you can have kids too.

(a cappella)
Now the kids have held court, and we're glad to report
That from now on we'll take orders from the young and the short
In fact, adults should only speak up as a final resort
When there's a grown-up problem through which one must sort
Trust the people for whom living is a sport
If you need us we'll be backyard in our new treefort.

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