Moxy Fruvous collaborating with other artists

Moxy Fruvous collaborations with other artists

Sean Altman


upcoming CD (available by the end of the year)

Track: 'Your Town No More'
(Sean is a former Rockapella member)
Jian co-wrote this song w/ Sean
Jian sings backup vocals?

Track: 'Unhappy Anniversary'
Jian sings backup vocals
Jian recorded the vocal tracks with Sean during the weekend of the Guinness Fleadh (Summer 1999).

Barenaked Ladies


Sire/Reprise 9 26956-2
Track 14: If I Had $1000000 [4:27]
(Fruvous sings backing vocals, along with a bunch of other artists)

The Brothers Creeggan

The Brothers Creegan

(Jim and Andy from Barenaked Ladies)
Track: Bienvenue
Dave Matheson sings tenor on this track.

Dan Byrk

Lovers Leap

Track: But This Time

(Fruvous sings background vocals)

Andy Creeggan


Dave Matheson sings tenor on this album.

DaVinci's Notebook

Bendy's Law

Track 12: Shoehorn with Teeth [1:19]
Guest Artists:
Mike Ford - vocals
Murray Foster - vocals
Jian Ghomeshi - vocals, snare drum
Dave Matherson - vocals, accordion
(This song is a 'They Might Be Giants' cover)

Johny Vegas

Forest Hill Drive

Track: Grandma's Silverware
(Fruvous sings background vocals)
release date: March 16, 1999


Jews with Horns

Track: Manhattan Man
(Fruvous sings background vocals)


Track: An Undoing World
Track: Shprayz Ikh Mir
(Fruvous sings background vocals)

The Nields

If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now

Track: Jack the Giant Killer
Track: I Still Believe in Friends
(Fruvous sings background vocals)
release date: Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Sarah Slean


Song of Sarah's sung by Dave at a January 2000 concert where Sarah Slean was unable to perform, so a bunch of Toronto musicians helped her out.
Soundclip available at

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