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The Second Annual Fruhead Convention is coming up faster than you can say 'chilly February weather'. As always, this page will keep you up to date with the latest and greatest info about every fruhead's favourite yearly event.

NOTE: All information presented here is subject to change, so visit this page often!

What is it?

If you weren't there last year, you missed a really fun event. Fruheads came from all around the world (well, relatively speaking) and converged on downtown Toronto.

"I hope the Toronto Board of Commerce is fully aware of this." - Mike Ford during FruCon I

First and foremost, the FruCon is a place for fruheads to meet one another. It is the one time of the year that a majority of fruheads will be in one place, so please come make a slew of new friends!

Please remember that the con is fan-driven, so come, interact and enjoy!

During last year's con, fruheads participated in sing-alongs, watching videos, socializing, looking at photo albums, and a raffle of rare Fruvous merchandise. For the Second convention, we're anticipating a lot more attendees. We'll have all the same fun events as last year plus more. Have any ideas? Check out the bottom of this page and send an email to Colleen with your suggestions for things you'd like to see happen at this coming FruCon.

Some new things planned for the next FruCon: a walking tour of notable Fruvous sites (dress warmly!), an art table for original fan-created Moxy art, and possible performances by other artists (not definite).

At last year's con, all four members of Moxy Fruvous joined us to close the festivities. They performed a short acoustic set, and helped out by drawing the winners of the major raffle prizes. We're not sure what the boys have planned for us this year, but it's safe to say that they _will_ be there at some point during the con, joining in the festivites.

If you'd like to bring videos, photos, artwork, or acoustic instruments, please do!!
If so, clearly label them with your name. The area volunteers will *NOT* take any responsibility if your items get misplaced or damaged.

When is it?

FruCon II is planned for the weekend of Friday-Sunday, February 19-21, 1999. The convention itself will occur on Saturday, February 20, and is currently slated to happen between 11am and 5pm. This is the same Saturday of the year that the first convention was on.

Where is it?

This coming Frucon will be in the ballroom of the Clarion Essex hotel (now called the Ramada Suites) in Toronto. This is the same hotel that the con was held in last year, and as before, if we can get enough people staying at the hotel, it will significantly reduce the cost of renting the room, and, in turn, reduce the cost of entry to the con.

RAMADA HOTEL (formerly known as the Clarion Essex Hotel)

How to get there, where to stay...

Frutripping, carpooling, etc...

Want to coordinate with other Fruheads about your travel plans? Want to share hotel rooms, save on gas, and all that jazz? :-)

Vika Zafrin has volunteered to maintain a list of people's travel arrangements:

Click here for the current list (2/17/99)

(NOTE: This is not the same as the pre-registration email. That info is listed below (under "Please Pre-Register"). This is only if you want to publicize your travel arrangements so other Fruheads can coordinate with you.)

Also, this is more for people who are offering rides and/or floor space and would like to have others join them.

In your e-mail, please include the following:

Send your e-mail: (put the words "Frucon2 Frutrip" in the subject field).

ALSO, Lynne Fisher has a web page devoted to Fruhead travel plans for NYE and Frucon2. Check that page out at

Transportation around Toronto

Click here for the Toronto Subway's website

From: (Brent McNamee)
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 18:08:47 GMT

On Sun, 17 Jan 1999 05:07:23 GMT, wrote:

>> What should I expect in the way of transportation between the
>> airport and the Ramada?  How much would a cab cost?


Take a look at the TTC's "schedules" page at  They have a great
"Ride Guide" in PDF format (for the Acrobat reader...)

The airport is in the north-west "corner" of Toronto, near the top left
of the "Ride Guide" map.  Route 58A (the red line) is the route through
the airport, and goes to the "Lawrence West" subway station.  From
there, you can take the subway to the College station - the closest one
to the Ramada.  It's about a 10-15 minute walk from there.  The whole
trip would probably take 1.5 hours.  It's confusing, and I'd really only
recommend it to people who are familiar with Toronto...


There are MANY shuttle busses to downtown - you can find more
information at the "Lester B. Pearson International Airport" OFFICIAL

They even have a page on "Getting to the Airport" at

The Pacific Western Airport Express is the major bus company providing
service to downtown.  It will cost $12.50 each way, and stops at the
Ramada, as far as I know...  This is by far the easiest and
worth-the-money way to get downtown!


Take a cab.  You have to be very careful when you do this, as not all
cabs are "authorized" to pick up at the airport, and if the RCMP catches
an "unauthorized" cab picking you up, you'll lose your ride (no penalty
for you or anything, just annoying...)

According to the Taxi Tarrif posted at the Airport's site (above), it
should cost you $34 FLAT RATE to get from the airport to the Ramada
Hotel (300 Jarvis Street).  **DO NOT** let them take advantage of you by
using the meter!!  Tell them you want a flat rate to downtown.  If they
refuse, then FIND ANOTHER CAB!

If you really want to go in luxury, there is a whole fleet of "Airport
Limos" servicing mostly business travellers.  These are basically
glorified cabs, but they feature extremely polite drivers, VERY clean
cars, and they're not a whole lot more expensive!  You'll know a limo by
the cleanliness of the car, the leather seats, and the license plate -
they all end with FLY (Like 004 FLY, or 175 FLY)  If you're going to
take a cab, I'd recommend these...

If anyone has any questions about your trip, Toronto in general, what to
do when you're not "Fruheading", give me a buzz at -
I'm more than happy to help you out!


 -----------[ Brent McNamee - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA ]-----------                 |  Eagles may fly above it all,   |  but weasels are never sucked
                                    |  into jet engines.

Hotels to Stay At in Toronto

Ramada Hotel and Suites (formerly the Clarion Essex)

NOTE: As of 1/28, there still seems to be group rooms available at the lower rate. Call them and ask!

The official convention hotel is the Ramada Hotel and Suites in Downtown Toronto (formerly the Clarion Essex - the same hotel as last year's FruCon).

FruCon II is being held in the Ramada Ballroom. If you're thinking about coming and paying for a full price hotel, consider the convention hotel. Not only is it more convenient, the more rooms we get, the lower the ballroom rental. Thus, keeping ticket prices low.

They would prefer not to put more than 4 people to a room. These prices then are subject to a 8% goods and services tax, as well as a 5% provincial sales tax.

Check in time is 4:00 pm and check out time is 11:00 am. These rooms may fill up quickly, so if you know you're coming up, you may want to make reservations soon. When booking, please be sure to note that you are booking with the "Fruhead Convention" so you get these special rates. The hotel is reserving a block of rooms for FruCon guests. The deadline to be part of our block of rooms is February 1, 1999.

Each guest is responsible for their own reservation and payment directly - the FruCon committee will handle paying for the ballroom rental.

Address: 300 Jarvis Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2C5
Phone # (416)977-4823 or 1-800-272-6232 or 1-800-567-2233

$99 single OR double
$109 for a triple
$119 for a quad.
Please state when booking a room that you are with the Fruhead Convention. If you do not, you will not get the discounted Room Rate.

Location: Dundas and Jarvis

The Details: A very nice and affordable hotel and nicest for the price in the downtown core.

Rooms are tasteful, newly decorated and clean. Happens to be on the rim of the red light district but it is a safe neighbourhood at night if travelling in twos. Right Next to Ryerson Polytechnic campus, therefore is a student area as well. There are very few restaurants or bars right near the hotel.

Dist. From Lees: About 2.5 miles.

Streetcar to Young subway. Take subway north to Bloor and transfer to Bloor Subway westbound. Take westbound train to Bathurst and walk one block east. Approx 25 minute trip.

After bar closing few Streetcars run all night, but people could taxi pool back.

The Backpackers Global Village

Location: The corner of King and Spadina
Global Village Backpackers Hostel
460 King Street West
Toronto, ON, M5V 1L7

(416) 703-8540, toll free: 1-888- 844-7875, fax: (416) 703-8541

corner of Spadina, hosts: Richard McCarron, Stephanie Butler
discounts for Backpackers and HI members

Rooms: $20/night per person in an 8 dorm
$22/night per person in a quad room
$48 total for a private room for two 1 Double bed.

Please say that you are with the Moxy Fruvous convention and if enough people book you will get a 10% discount on your arrival.

Guests require on piece of photo ID to register

Details: This Hostel was opened in September 1997 and on a scale of one to 10 in the hostel ratings I would give it an 8.5 or a 9. Rooms are for 8, 4 or private room for 2 and there is a co-ed floor, female floor and male floor. It is clean (all areas including washrooms and showers), colourful and incredibly affordable. Located right next to Queen Street West (cool shopping and restaurants), and near Kensington Market, China Town and the Theatre District the hostel is in the centre of it all. There is a fully equipped kitchen to make your own meals and a bar, reading room, pool room and lounge. There is also Internet access. On Streetcar and bus lines, easy to get to. Once again relatively safe neighbourhood, when walking in twos after dark. Check it out at

Dist. From Lees: About 1.25 miles. Take streetcar right infront of hostel and get off at Bloor Street. Walk West 2 blocks (about 5 mins).

The Best Western

Location: Jarvis and Carleton, three blocks north of the Clarion Essex.

Details: A comfortable and clean hotel. Although not as nice as the Clarion. On the streetcar line and smack dab in the middle of the red light district.

Dist from Lees: About 2 miles. Westbound Streetcar from Carleton to Spadina then Northbound Spadina Streetcar to bloor. Get off at bloor and walk 2 blocks West to Lees. Travel time 25 minutesli. At night taxi pooling would be the most sensible option.

Room Rates: $119 per room single/double
$10 for each extra person

The Holiday Inn on King

For those who like luxury

Location: King and John Street
370 King Street West
Tel: (416) 599-4000 or 1-800-465-4329

Details: In the heart of the theatre district. Busy area in the evenings. Very nice, very new, very clean. All the luxuries of home and then some A number of restaurants in the area although mid to high price.

Dist from Lees: About 1.75 miles. Walk 5 mins to Spadina and take Northbound streetcar to Bloor. Get off at bloor and walk 2 blocks...5 mins to Lees (about a 15 minute trip total)

Room Rates: $169/night two queen beds for two people (extra people $15 per person per night)

The Fruvous Concerts during the FruCon Weekend

This info has changed as of 11/4/98

Disclaimer: FruCon II and the concerts that Fruvous is performing that weekend are two distinct events and are in _no way_ affiliated with one another.

Moxy is no longer playing four dates at The Rivoli during FruCon weekend. Keep reading...

Moxy Fruvous is playing *three* concerts that weekend (one on Friday night, one on Saturday night, and one - the Fruvous & Friends For Choice show - on Sunday night). All three shows are at *Lee's Palace* in downtown Toronto. Check out the 1999 tour dates page for more information about these concerts, including ticket prices, show times and when advance tickets will go on sale.

Lee's Palace, just like The Rivoli, is a 19+ venue. You probably won't be able to get in, even if you're accompanied by someone older than 19. We repeat...

Lee's is 19+!!! Please plan accordingly.

Please Pre-Register! And...we need *your* help!

We're asking people to let us know ahead of time whether they plan to be at FruCon II. This way, we can be sure to book a room large enough for all those who wish to attend. All it takes is a simple e-mail message!

NOTE: Please put all your pre-registration info in one email message (this one email should include the fact that you're coming, PLUS the info requested below). Thanks!

FruCon was such a huge success last year because of all the volunteers who helped with planning, setting things up, tearing things down, etc... This year we need your help again.

There are a bunch of tasks at the con we'll need help with. They include:

In your email, please:

Send ONE e-mail to:

That's it! Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

FruCon II Specifics

Entry Fee

The entry fee will be $7 CDN ($5 American, although we encourage the use of CDN money). Children under a certain age will be allowed in ask at the entry desk!


Every person coming to FruCon will receive one complimentary raffle ticket with their entry fee. If you want more tickets, they will cost $4 CDN apiece or 3 for $10 CDN. (CDN money ONLY, please)

Food during FruCon II

There will be some kind of food/drink available, rest assured, the extent of which still has to be decided.

There will be some snacks provided. The Ramada does NOT allow outside food.

Art Table/Exhibit

There will be a table provided for fans to show off the cool Moxy Fruvous related artwork and other creations they've made. Although we will have a person keeping on eye on this table, each fan is responsible for his/her own items, and for retrieving them when the con is over.

Please bring anything you'd like to display!

FruCon II T-Shirts

(This section's information has changed *dramatically* on!)

From Brent and Marianne on 2/13/99:

Well, it's official. The FruCon2 shirts have been printed and are in the mail - as of 12:35 pm Saturday February 13th. All shirts have been shipped via. Priority Mail. The Post Office claims, but does not necessarily guarantee, 2 to 3 day delivery. That means everyone in the US should be looking for their shirt on Tuesday (Monday is a postal holiday), Wednesday delivery is a good bet if you're in the sticks. Our dear Canadian friends should look for their shirt at the end of the week. Please drop us an e-mail once you receive your shirt so we know it got there in a timely manor.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who made this possible, especially the band and the FruCon2 planning committee. We can't wait to get to Toronto to see everyone we've met at Fruvous shows and corresponded with over since FruCon1, it will be like a giant family reunion, only better!

From Brent and Marianne on 2/2/99:

Thanks for everyone's help on the FruCon2 shirt project.

We've met and exceeded the printer's minimum order of 75 shirts.

The ordering deadline has now come and gone.

Only orders that come in the mail today (2/2/99) can be accepted, unless we've received e-mail from you before this post.

Sorry for imposing this deadline, but the printer needs time to order the shirts, prepare the artwork, the shirts need to be printed and dried, we need to package and ship the shirts all so they can arrive in your hands before FruCon2.

Once again, thanks so much for making this possible.

It was great to get to know so many Fruheads.

From Brent and Marianne on 1/21/99:

If you would like daily updates on the progress of the project, you can visit our website for details about shirt orders as well as printing and shipping information.

As part of the FruCon1 shirt packaging last year, we included our saga of how the shirts came to be. This year, we want to include your stories from FruCon1. Interesting short stories about your journey to or from Toronto, or more importantly, what you did, who you met or what happened to you at FruCon1 (even stories about not being able to go to FruCon1 or 2). The length of our insert will be determined by how many "short" stories we get. So far, we only have one story, but it is "Very Funny!" Please don't post the stories on the News Group, send them directly to us at:

From Brent and Marianne on 1/7/99:

The ordering deadline is February 2nd!

FrüCon2 Shirts:

The “Official FrüCon2 Shirts” are ready to be printed.

Please spread the word quickly, because this project can only happen if we meet the printers minimum order of 75 shirts.

Despite what you may have read or been told, these shirts WILL NOT BE SOLD AT FRUCON2 OR FRUVOUS SHOWS.

If we do not receive 75 PAID orders by February 2nd, this project will be postponed.

WHY PREORDERS ? We hope you understand

There are six basic reasons why we will not be selling shirts at FrüCon2 or Shows. 1. We feel that it is in poor taste to compete directly with Moxy Früvous for T-shirt sales. We (Brent and Marianne) support the band by buying their T-shirts, CD’s and Concert Tickets. The convention shirts are produced with that in mind. 2. We are not authorized to collect taxes in Canada. 3. We are not comfortable smuggling/importing clothing into Canada. 4. If shirts were available only at the convention, we would have no idea how many to print. All the printing, packaging and transportation costs would come directly out of our pocket, unfortunately we are not in the position to do this. 5. If driving conditions make it impossible to complete our 325 mile journey to Toronto, then nobody gets FrüCon2 shirts and we all loose. 6. We’re coming to the convention to have fun!

To get a better look at the shirt design, visit:


PAID orders must be received by TUESDAY FEBRUARY 2nd.


Short Sleeved $18 US per shirt sizes M, L and XL

Short Sleeved $20 US per shirt size 2XL and 3XL

(Sorry for the extra charge on 2X and 3X shirts, but the printer charges over $2 extra for these sizes) Long Sleeved Mock Turtlenecks $22 US per shirt sizes M, L and XL Long Sleeved Mock Turtlenecks $24 US per shirt size 2XL (Sorry Mock Turtlenecks are not manufactured in a 3XL size)


$4 US for up to 4 shirts. Add $1 for each additional shirt.

Shirts will be shipped via. Priority Mail (US Post Office, delivery in 2-3 business days) on Friday February 12th and should arrive the following Monday 2/15 or Tuesday 2/16. (There are hundreds of off-the-wall and UNFORESEEN things that could delay the shipment of the shirts, postal strikes, blizzard’s, natural disasters, the printer’s building burns down, etc... But the point is, we will do absolutely everything in our power to deliver these shirts to you by Tuesday February 16th.)

For Updates Visit: FDC or our web address:


Make checks or money orders PAYABLE TO: MARIANNE MILLER, US funds only. (If you believe in the tooth fairy, as some of you did last year, you can send cash...but you would be doing so at your own risk) Send your check or money order to: zone5 c/o Marianne Miller 1075 Grandview Street Bridgeville, PA 15017

Please include the following information with your order: Specify SIZE and STYLE (T-shirt or Mock) as well as the Ship to Name, Address, City, State/Province, Zip Code/Postal Code.

NOTES: In case we have a question or can’t read your handwriting, your e-mail address or phone number would be a big help. If you have any questions, if anything seems unclear, or you would like to know the status of your order, we would love to hear from you. Call 412-221-2377 between 9 am to 9 pm Eastern Standard Time or, save the cost of a phone call and e-mail us at:


If we don’t receive 75 shirt orders by February 2nd, we will have to postpone this project. If that is the case, you would then have the option of having your check or money order returned at FrüCon2 or refunded by mail after the convention.


Moxy Früvous FrüCon2 shirts were designed by Brent and Marianne Miller, and on behalf of both of us, we’d like to thank everyone that ordered the first annual Frühead Convention shirts last year. We hope you’ll order again and that you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoyed designing it and getting to know so many of you!

Other things to do during the weekend

Suggestions or ideas?

Have anything you'd like to see happen at the next FruCon? Please send an email to Colleen Campbell (ceecee) at:

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