Important info regarding New Year's Eve and The Fruhead Show

New Year's Eve & The Fruhead Show

Dear Fruvous (Fruhead) Community of Humans,

i have decided to interrupt your regular cyber-serendipity to address, clarify and announce some matters of interest regarding Fruvous events in the upcoming period (straight from the proverbial "horse's mouth" one might say). But first may i just say a word of thanks to all the friends, fans and followers of Fruvous who've made this a great year of growth and success for us. We do *really* appreciate all of you who have spent your time and energy in various ways to spread the word about our little group from Toronto. We are cognizant that we're a wierdo, unconventional, uncategorizeable, funny-lookin', political, polemical, goofy hybrid that needs to depend on grassroots forms of promotion on our way up...and you folks are all playing a major role in helping us to that end. Thanks.

Now i know that i have been quoted as saying that, "our fans are stupid!" at times in the past. Well, please understand that this has been misunderstood and taken completely out of context. The fact of the matter is that i like stupid people. Anyway, i's some info that you might find stimulating:

(Note: One of my fears about the growing internetted world is that we sometimes tend to presume that *everyone* is recieving the information that *we* get in cyberspace. But we all know that there are many in our community who don't have access to Websites or even email. So, if you know any Fruvous follower who would find the following information helpful and is NOT currently lounging in cyberspace, please pass the word along.)


First, apologies to all those who may have had plans to see us in New York City on New Year's Eve. i suppose we jumped the gun on advertising a Bottom Line club show in our Fruvous Quill mailout without completely confirming it. The truth is, we are disappointed that negotiations were unsuccessful in putting together a show in NYC. We love our New York City crowd and we thought that it would be a cool place to gather for a variety of reasons. Well, it wasn't meant to be...BUT, we're quite excited by what we've chosen for you fellow geeks and/or hippies instead.

We have just announced an special New Year's Eve show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, New York. This show meets a whole number of the band's requirements. We were hoping that we could keep ticket prices *low* for our New Year's show this year as a measure of thanks for those who've paid to see us all year. We were also hoping that the show could somehow be intimate and small in numbers. Well, smiles all around...the show is FREE! Tickets will be available at the door on the night of the gig on a "first-come first-served" basis (my presumption is that it will be prudent to line up early...the club only fits 300 and will inevitably "sell-out" very quickly).

Further, we've decided to reward our most devoted Fruhead Card carriers with *guaranteed* free tickets to the show. If you have 12 stamps or more on your Fruhead card by the end of this week we will happily put you on the guest list for the New Year's show. An RSVP is required here so email ( or telephone (416-368-5599) Jude at our main office by December 19th to confirm that you have 12 or more stamps and you want to claim a ticket for the gig. Then, all you have to do is turn up at the club by 8pm on New Year's Eve and we'll make sure you get in. If you don't have enough stamps please try to understand, we're not trying to create a hierarchy here, only to thank those crazy glam-folk stalkers who've spent lots of energy and money on seeing Fruvous many times in the last year-and-a-half. Besides, *anyone* will be able to get into this show for free if you get there early enough. Well, unfortunately maybe not *anyone* - the show will be 21+. This is a policy of the Hard Rock Cafe...unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about it (we tried).

We look forward to making this a special New Year's Eve party - and we're very happy to be back in the Buffalo area for this occasion as we were in 1994 and 1995 ('91, '92, and '93 were all in Toronto and last year, of course, was in NYC).


There has been some discussion lately of a "Fruhead show" that is assumed to be taking place at some point. Well, we Fruvous lads have finally agreed - we debated this one for a while - that we are uncomfortable holding any public Moxy Fruvous gig that leaves us deciding who can and cannot attend. If we are playing for a college that has a "student only" proviso, for instance, or a club that does not let in minors, we defer (sometimes begrudgingly) to the policy of those who are hiring us. But WE don't want to be in the position of creating the conditions whereby only some of our friends and fans can attend (and by extension, some cannot). Quite honestly, i have NO IDEA who is "worthy" of attending a private Fruhead show and who is not (what about the enthusiastic Fruvous fan who can make it to our Toronto "fruhead show" but only has one stamp on her/his Card because they live in Saskatchewan? Do we leave them outside and refuse admission?!). We like the idea of materially rewarding Fruhead Card carriers as we've always said we would (i.e. Fruhead t-shirts, buttons and guest list for New Year's) but why have a show where some people don't even have the OPTION to attend? If anything, we want as many people to see us as possible. i hope i'm adequately making my general point.

Instead, we've decided to invite one and all to our fourth annual pro-choice benefit show in Toronto scheduled for Saturday February 21, 1998. The show will be held at Lee's Palace and will be one of our few gigs in the first months of next year (we aren't planning any major touring until, at the earliest, late Spring). It will be a full Fruvous show but will include some of our "friends" also (other musical artists to be announced). Choice is an important cause that we continue to support - proceeds will once again go to the Ontario Coalition of Abortion Clinics - and we expect it will be a lot of fun playing in our hometown. In addition we will be honouring our Fruhead Card members who are eligible for the promised bowling outing on the Sunday afternoon after the gig. Also, we are tossing around ideas for other events for the SaturDAY for Fruhead Card folks and out-of-towners (a bit of a "Fruvous convention" weekend one might say?). Please understand, we are stickhandling through these issues - yes, i inevitably succumb to hockey terminology - with the intent of pleasing as many people as possible. Forgive us if we are unable to accomodate everyone's concerns.

Thank you again to all Fruvous supporters. My apologies for this protracted rambling. i hope i've been able to clear up some concerns and questions. And to those who continue to make pejorative comments about my fashion sense (specifically my trousers) may i just state for the record that i *do* have more than one pair of pants for stage...i just happen to, er, own a bunch of chords that, well, look the same, ok?!!?

Yours (currently in Tehran for the Middle Eastern dates),


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