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What's new! (August 1999)

Congratulations to Robert Johnson and Adam Hartfield, our new #MoxyFruvous co-managers!!

Thanks to Jason Reiser and Hugo Rodrigues for their service as previous channel managers.

What you'll find here:

About #MoxyFruvous

This channel is about Moxy Früvous, the awesome uncategorizable band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We've been a registered Undernet channel for over two years now. Anyone with an @ next to his/her name is a channel operator and can provide help if needed.

In September of 1996, Phil Schwan (Thrawn) posted a message on asking if anybody was interested in meeting on IRC to talk about the band and get to know each other. With the posting of that message, #MoxyFruvous was born. Meetings were once a week on's IRC server, Wednesday nights after 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Then one fine day. . . Netone's server crashed. This sent fans scurrying to their emails, mailing each other to find out where the heck everyone else had gone. At that time, Hugo Rodriguez (Hugs) proposed setting up a permanent channel on IRC's Undernet so that we could meet and talk Fruvous whenever the heck we felt like it. A nomination form, delay time and 15 days later, a permanent, serviced channel was born.

Nowadays, people from around the world are in-channel day and night, ready to discuss anything and everything remotely related to the band, its music, and its fans.

How to find #MoxyFruvous

#MoxyFruvous can be found on any Undernet server. Click here to go to the official Undernet server list. Once you login, join the channel #MoxyFruvous. (Boy, that was obvious!). If you find that you're the only other person there is W (our lovely male channel bot) on a really laggy night, try connecting to another server. Lots of people use and Get onto another server that isn't as lagged to either of those two and see if any other people are there

How to connect to IRC

There are two main ways to use IRC. The first is by is to use telnet or your Web browser. The second is to download a client program onto your computer. If you plan to join #moxyfruvous regularly, downloading a client is better because the client program, whichever you choose, has many more features than the simpler Java applet.

You can connect to the Undernet by telnetting to and following the prompts. Or, you can go to and use the Java IRC applet there.

OR, more preferably, 

To get to IRC, you first need a program that will interact between your computer and the IRC server. The most common programs for Windows/MS-DOS platforms are mIRC, pIRCh, and vIRC. A Yahoo! search under IRC will get you lists and lists of these programs for the Macintosh. There are also clients at the Undernet’s FTP site,

Most clients these days don’t have set as one of their default servers. Thus, when you launch your IRC client, you will probably need to add that server into the list of available servers. Alternatively, should you be the command-line type, you can just type /server and press Enter.

There are some telnettable sites around, see Undernet's official server page for the details.

Once you've logged in, pick a nickname by typing /nick <your nick>.

To join the channel, type /join #moxyfruvous at the prompt.

Once you're in the channel, depending on your setup, you may or may not have a list of people on the channel in your window. Introduce yourself as formally or informally as you want. Watch the text as is scrolls by and add to the chatter. In general: HAVE FUN!

A *great* introduction to IRC is available at

If you still have questions, email the #MoxyFruvous Administrators!

#MoxyFruvous Channel Rules

  1. First and foremost, we want people of all ages to be comfortable in #moxyfruvous. When there are young people (e.g. mid-teens and younger) in the channel, please just don't use profanity. If you don't know the ages of the people, restraint is wise.If you think what you're typing might be "questionable" just don't say it. Easy!
  2. Excessive swearing or swearing personal in nature will not be tolerated.
  3. Official languages are English, French and any future languages that Moxy Fruvous sings in. However, please respect your fellow channel inhabitants by not regularly conversing in a language they don’t know. A few phrases are fine, but if you want to speak in Esperanto to user XYZ every time you’re in channel, please do it via private means rather than in the full channel.
  4. This is a MoxyFruvous channel. Other topics of discussion are welcome, but do try to at least MENTION Fruvous once in a while. :) Off-topic stuff is fine as long as other people can contribute to the conversation. If you're having a conversation about something that only one other person in the channel knows or cares about, take it to /msg.
  5. Do not use colors. Just don't. Some users are using UNIX-based or color-incompatible programs, which cannot read the text and make it look more like a garbled and recovered file originally written in Yiddish.
  6. A single line repeated greater than 6 times is flooding, as are repeated PING's, /MSG's, /Notice's and harassment of channel visitors. Flooding is grounds for a kick. Repeated flooding is grounds for a ban.
  7. No seduction or excessive sexual innuendo online. Make your advances using more private means.
  8. Discriminatory language, attitudes, and practices will not be tolerated, such as: racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
  9. Administrators have final say in all matters. If you feel you or anyone else has been treated unfairly by a member of the administration, please email If you remain unsatisfied with their decision, well, there are plenty of other channels to visit. Don't clog up #mf with complaints.

#MoxyFruvous Channel Administration

Part of the functionality of W in a serviced channel is the ability to assign administrators to the channel. The channel administrators are all granted 400+ access (see the W Commands page for more information) and are entrusted with the duty of managing users, screening content, and resolving any problems that arise in the channel. An administrator has the right and the responsibility to make judgement calls during normal channel operation if he/she feels a member is in violation of any of the above rules. Any action taken will be reviewed by the other administrators as soon thereafter as possible to decide whether the action was necessary and whether or not any other action should be taken.

The MoxyFruvous IRC Channel is not a democracy. The channel is currently co-managed by Robert Johnson and Adam Hartfield. All final decisions are made by these individuals. Any major concerns are usually addressed in a meeting of all 400+ administrators. Votes can be and are taken amongst the administrators on these concerns. New administrators are added based on how long the person has been a member of the channel, frequency and duration of visits, amount of interest in being an admin, and history of abuse of the channel rules. All additions to the list of administrators require the unanimous vote of the current admins.

Anyone who has a problem on the channel should speak via /msg to any channel admins in the channel at that time. If none are available or you feel you will not receive an objective or untainted response from that admin, you may email the admin group at Your concern will be addressed at the next admin meeting.

Your current #MoxyFruvous administrators are:

#MoxyFruvous Operators

As a channel operator, you are expected to help maintain the fun, convivial atmosphere of the channel and to actively uphold and enforce the channel rules stated above. This is important. The @ isn’t just for changing the topic. /grin.

Most of the time, #mf is a fun place to be. Sometimes, though, rude people join, or people let their tempers get the better of them. As a #mf operator, it is your responsibility to maintain the atmosphere that the channel managers want for the channel. If someone comes in and bashes the band unmercifully, or harasses a channel denizen, a few /msgs are in order with a kickban if the /msgs have no effect.

Kicking-for-fun is frowned upon. Use your powers for good. If you ban someone, please email to let the channel administrators know.

How do I become a channel operator, you ask? Well, it’s simple. Hang out for a month or so and let your actions speak louder than your words. Read the channel rules. If you think you’d like the responsibility of helping to maintain the channel, ask one of the channel administrators listed above.

W commands and controls

W is a robot that controls channel functions and administration. As more and more people are added to W's user list, there is a general confusion as to what this really means. When you are on the user list, you can sign in with W and do certain things depending on your access level. Channel administrators are in charge of the userlist, and set your access level depending on how long you've been around, what you've contributed to the channel, etc. You may or may not be auto-op'ed but even if you aren't you can still use W to do those things for you, such as change the topic and kick or ban a pesky user.

There’s a great W reference page at

Thrawn has created a page specifically breaking down W's commands into easier to understand language. Find it here: There is also a page specifically for mIRC users at

Moxy Früvous Internet sites

See's list of Online Früvous.

Commonly-used Acronyms

No, we're not speaking Urdu.



WB Welcome Back, Wood's Better, Worship Bargainville
RE synonomous to wb
AFAIK As Far As I Know
IIRC If I Remember Correctly
TY, YW Thank You, You're Welcome
NP No Problem
BRB Be Right Back
BBL Be Back Later
BBIAF Be Back In A Few
LOL Laughing Out Loud
ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
AAToD Advanced Accounting Textbook Of Doom (Drea's weapon of choice)
FDC Fruvous Dot Com,
FHDC Fruhead Dot Com,
15W Fifteen Warning. Used to indicate you're leaving soon and thus people had better say goodbye to you soon.
WFB Waiting For Bob, the comic strip drawn by Sirilyan and Katfish at
L! Laugh!
GBS Great Big Sea, a band from Newfoundland
EFO Eddie From Ohio, a band from Virginia
Noho Northampton, MA, home of the IH (Iron Horse Music Hall)
TO Toronto, Ontario
FRFF Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale, New York.
YWGTTM You Will Go To The Moon
TN The Nields, a band from Noho
S2, S^2 Splatter Splatter

Thanks and praise

We do have a few people to thank for all of this. We would like to thank Thrawn for coming up with this great idea in the first place, and Hugo for taking the initiative in setting up the Official Undernet Channel. Also, thanks to the people at Jason, Chris and company, thanks again.

And most importantly, thanks to all of the channel denizens who make #mf a fun place to be!

Last significant update: August 12, 1999

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