Kumbaya 1995

Kumbaya 1995

CD 11719 The Kumbaya Album 1995 WEA

'The Drinking Song' Lyrics

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Track 7: Drinking Song/Goodnight Irene [5:34]

This CD is the result of an AIDS/HIV benefit concert released by Warner Music Canada and also broadcast on CBC.

Track Listing

  1. Leslie Spit Treeo - Just Want the Proof
  2. Kim Mitchell - Cheer On
  3. Murray McLauchlan and Barney Bentall - Disappearing
  4. The Watchmen - 34 Dead St.
  5. BKS and Ashley MacIsaac - Swamp Thing
  6. Micah Barnes and Rebecca Jenkins - Too Many Angles
  7. Moxy Fruvous - Drinking Song/Goodnight Irene
  8. Waltons - Simple Brain
  9. Moe Berg and Waltons - Gretzky Rocks
  10. Barenaked Ladies - A
  11. Barenaked Ladies and Jane Sibbery - My Mother Is Not the White Dove
  12. Jann Arden - I Would Die For You
  13. 54-40 - Radio Luv Song
  14. Big Sugar - Sugar In My Coffee
  15. Tom Cochrane, Big Sugar & Bill Bell - All the King's Men
  16. [Various] - All Along the Watchtower


Only four words are necessary to sum this album up, great music for a cause.

The Kumbaya festival has been held for three years now and is a great success. Various musicians, performers and speakers band together to raise money for the Kumbaya Foundation. The proceeds support services to people living with HIV and AIDS across our nation.

This sixteen track disc was originally recorded live during the Kumbaya festival in 1994. Leslie Spit Treeo dynamically initiates the album with "Just Want The Proof." The Watchmen play an energetic, strong and crowd pleasing "34 Dead St." BKS and Ashley MacIsaac do the "Swamp Thing." Together they uniquely create a fast paced combination of techno-dance music with traditional fiddling thrown in. Saskatchewan prairie popsters, the Waltons, perfectly perform their song, "Simple Brain." They later croon with The Pursuit of Happiness' Moe Berg with their heart felt number, "Gretzky Rocks," a short but upbeat and amusing song about Wayne Gretzky. Other well known musicians that appear on Kumbaya would include Kim Mitchell, Moxy Fruvous, Barenaked Ladies, Jann Arden, 54-40, and Big Sugar. A seven minute track, "All Along The Watchtower" concludes Kumbaya with numerous artists, including Tom Cochrane, Lawrence Gowan, Molly Johnson, and friends.

Kumbaya is a sixteen track accumulation of the well known, popular artists that were lucky enough to be invited to this event. What would be better than spending money your money on good Canadian rock while simultaneously benefitting people living with HIV and AIDS?

- Helen K

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