Moxy Fruvous Lyrics Set #3

The Ballad Of Marion Fruvous

     In days of yore this quaint locale
     Was thought by its people more fair than foul
     Their lives the stuff of simple propriety 
     But for a mild case of garbage anxiety
     With stories and songs the long hours were filled in
     And one was the stand-alone fave of the children:
     "Tell us the fable of waste that will move us;
     Tell us the story of Marion Früvous".

The folks of Toronto, they had it all
Paper thick as New York's and sushi on call
Disposable cans of aerosol
And no one in town seemed to mind at all
Except for Marion Früvous.
Somewhere along the Don she creeps
Where yuppies they drive Cherokee jeeps
By PCB stashes and styrofoam heaps
Hiding by walls where asbestos seeps
Thus spake our Früvous:
"Thrive as you may with extravagent ways
Toronto, enjoy your disposable days
One day you'll rot in your urban malaise"
Said Marion Früvous, then she rode off again.
Citizens cowered at Marion's threats
Politicians lost votes and folks had regrets
'Cause the longer we wait the worser it gets
And the Leafs' top defencemen has gone to the Jets
"Whoa! Hey!" said Fruvous.
"Thrive as you may with extravagent ways
Toronto, enjoy your disposable days
One day you'll rot in your urban malaise"
Said Marion Fruvous, then she rode off again. 

     My colleage and I have been talking this over for 
     about a week and we think we have come up with a plan 
     that is going to takecare of the garbage problem. 
     That's right, with our plan, Toronto will become the 
     world-class, cosmopolitain city we keep calling it. 

We have got a plan, we have had some talks
Have to put the garbage in a small blue box
Fill it up with glass or fill it up with tin
We'll recycle everything that they put in
Take it to the curb on Wednesday
Rest assured you're nature's friend
People all around the world will have a blue box in the end.
What a thing to do, love the colour blue!
An end to all our troubles when the box comes through
Recycling is here! There's nothing left to fear
Etobicoke to Scarborough was set in gear
Shelter for the poor and homeless
Drugs and crime will soon be gone
Pacify the population and purify the Don!
How peacefully Metro folk now slept
But Marion sat by a curbside and wept
Said "the program's a hoax; the stuff must be kept
In a humoungus pile 'til properly prepped
'Til the industries change, 'til we become adept
At rejecting the junk that we've learned to accept"
The words of Marion Früvous.
"Thrive as you may with extravagent ways
Toronto, enjoy your diposable days
One day you'll rot in your urban malaise"
Said Marion Fruvous, then she rode off again.

The Bill Anthem

We will create consumer paradise
Teach all ye citizens the need
A sale is a sale, no matter what the price
Teach all ye citizens the holy need
Everyone's equal before the mighty buck
Train all ye citizens to buy
It's crap, and it's crooked, but we don't give a
Come join our Bargainville and you'll say aye! 

With pockets bulging we regale thee
Our True North domain
Who's natural wealth and opportunity
Sings loud 'cross the plain
Every ringing register will bring us
One step closer to the prize
In each child's eyes the gleaming glimmer
Streamlined shimmer of the newly acquired
And duly admired
For a citizen's a citizen who buys!
Cast aside your gloomy prospects
Wealth flows down from above
Come fill your bags with plastic spatulas
Board games, juicers and love
There will always be trinket-sprinkled products intermingled
You may be singled out for cash rewards
To be spent towards the [pile?]
From plastic swords to [???]
The heaving hoards of happiness
That our Bargainville can supply! 

"During the Canadian Bargainville tour, the guys opened the show by coming out in blazers and bowlers as the "Bills" - the self-professed 'captains of industry'. The Bills are alarmed because of the economic recession, and the fact that profits are down. They finally hit upon the solution that is going to "turn downturn into upturn...Bargain stores across the land - Bargainville, Bill!" And thus Bargainville was created."

-Sarah Hoffmann

Blow, Wind, Blow

(Chorus together)
Blow, winds blow,
all my troubles away,
Blow, winds blow,
until judgement day. 

Well, it's hardly fair,
that Murray cut his hair
those golden locks went on the [?]
But tonight, if we ask him right
He will regale us all with Blur songs 

(chorus together) 

The world's biggest dope,
Has got to be the pope
For Christ's sake, where does he get his views from.
He gave the conference a pass,
He's got his head up his ass,
And he's probably not using a condom.

(Chorus together) 

Well, for most of our shows,
I wear my casual clothes,
so don't mistake me for Phil Collins.
But London's tough,
so we're all in stuff
that makes us look like Henry Rollins 

(chorus together) 

Our name is Moxy Fruv
And as we prove
we may be milder than you may have planned.
But hey, don't you freak,
because three nights a week,
we're a brooding, fuck-you grunge band. 

(chorus together) 


Blow, winds blow,
all my troubles away,
Blow, winds blow,
until judgement day. 

Follow the Road

Little boy Luke stops a goal, that's no fluke 
This kid knows what he wants to be
Mom, do you think that in some future rink 
That superstar goalie is me?
She knows these things are so easily said
She says "we'll see about that, it's time for your bed" 
You can't prearrange all these hopes that may change
On a dime... just give yourself time.
It's not easy to run
When you carry a load
Let the questions be done
And follow the road
Suzie's no bore, she just turned 24
And she's trying to get out of her head
I need some cash for my rent, I can stash 
I need a new job or I'm dead
And my aspirations of traveling nations
And living my dreams are too crazy it seems 
Right now I've a date for which I'm running late 
There's no time... I've got ladders to climb.
It's not easy to run
When you carry a load
Let the questions be done
And follow the road
Steve's 43, he says "hey, look at me.. 
I'm proud of the business I've done.
I'm wealthy in life, I've got me a good wife 
And a 10-year-old goal-scoring son
And who needs a break, do you know what I make? 
I've built my career, we vacation each year
And so there's a price, I'll admit it'd be nice 
To have time... While I'm still in my prime."
Grandma Odet has some spunk in her yet 
Though of late even she's slowing down
"You should visit me more, have I become such a chore? 
Bring the kids by when you go to town.
And I've seen so much, now I'm so out of touch
With the dreams that I had, I shouldn't make myself sad 
I know I can cope just as long as I hope
I've got time... Is that such a crime?"
It's not easy to run
When you carry a load
Let the questions be done
And follow the road
It's not easy to run
When you carry a load
Let the questions be done
And follow the road
Follow the road
Follow the road

The Book Tax Song

We think that any government would be a bunch of crooks
If they had the audacity to place a tax on books
But now the hated GST's attacking what we read
Cutting into learning, the basic tools we need
So here's a simple question, answer as you shall
Will you ax the tax on books...and be our bestest pal? 

This song was created for MuchMusic's 1993 election coverage. A group of musicians were selected and asked to write "Musical Questions" which would be put to the leaders of various parties who were then required to answer them. This is what Moxy came up with.

Canada We Love You

This morning, all full of fear and trembling
Constituents were assembling
With quotes from Mr. Angus Ried in hand
Joe Clark struck up the band for a televised love-in link-up
Wherein average folks could think up ways to save our troubled land.
Then later, three trucks with big antennas
Folks dressed like Frank McKenna's
And cub reporters showed up on my lawn
Flashbulbs shook the dawn and a teleprompter told me
To speak the words out boldly for a CanSave telethone.
I think I love you, can they hear that out in Moosejaw
Here's a simple guy from Oshawa
With a heaping homespun hunk of national pride
I think I love you, get some makeup on the neighbours...
It's a humble, folksy plea...pick it up on camera three...
They gave me coffee and made me sit with others
Whom, if they'd had their druthers would rather be home watching NFL
But I guess it's just as well that we find a common zeitgeist
Before Preston pulls a seat-heist in a parliament from hell.
The CanSave satellite send word from downtown Gander
Where folks refused to pander to ultimatums sent by Neighbour Kim
We were about to pack it in when our Brian started prayin'
Let's all act like Sir John A. - in other words, let's hit the gin.
Then came Alberta with a message from the Saddledome
Said Canada's their true home
There's just some slight adjustments (instructions) for us all
They'd like to build a massive wall, top it with a bubble, pronto
So they could call Toronto the all-new East Edmonton Mall.
We'll sing we love you, you're a jumbo hero sandwich
Top it off with Peter Mansbridge
Two huskies and a bucket of poutine
Canada we love you so much it doesn't matter
You're a frigid, spineless pawn for Wall Street and the Pentagon...
But, geez, we love you! 

Cross Border Shopping

We were thinking of our shrinking Fruvous budget
And we could sit and curse and angrily begrudge it
Or we could spend the week-end in Fort Erie having fun
And while we're at it make a speedy border run.
Yes, we'll be stocking up on simple little pleasures
And then we'll speed through the express lane with our treasures
This border shopping is a lot more fun than one might think
In fact, until last week we didn't smoke or
Drinks are duty-free, smokes are duty-free
This is gonna be quite a shopping spree
Toys and gasoline, nylon, Neoprine
Toilet paper and soap.
Start packing the car, we're leaving today
I'm gonna buy a ton of it in old New York
Canadian goods, they're yesterday's news
These days I'm buying stars and stripes,
Check out these shoes.
I want to buy it in a city that sells it cheap
And find I've gone for a drive, saved me a heap (saved him a heap!)
There's a bold new future high on the horizon
And a VCR I kinda had my eyes'n
But does this border shopping have a darker side,
And are we being taken for a ride?
Say, what's all the fuss, Free Trade's gotta grow
But it's a fear of fiscal consequence for Canada, 
And that our companies will move to Mexico.
But we've got no choice, more taxes each year
But if we're spending all our money in the USA, 
Then our social programs may just disappear
There's lots of merchandise at Super Duper what a price
And Carvel ice-cream will entice, it's shopping that you simply ignore, 
in store
Spend Sunday in your Honda fighting crowds in Tonawanda
More exhausting than Jane Fonda
And you've only got ten minutes more to score
You rush to Onondaga, race across to Cheektowaga
Feeling like your shopping saga's worthy of a spot on Channel 4, News 4
Then driving home you wonder if your pillage and your plunder
Hasn't been a massive blunder!
All right, let's be frank, we lose at the bank
Free Trade is shutting business down, so Moxy propose
We trade the GST for Jan and Wayne Gretzky
And keep our cash in that country
OHIP, Medicare, Welfare, we can share, Univeristy, UI subsidy
OHIP, Medicare, Welfare, we can share, University, UI subsidy dropped! 

Early Morning Rain

Originally done by Gordon Lightfoot

In the early morning rain
With a dollar in my hand
With an aching in my heart
And my pockets full of sand
I'm a long, long way from home
And I miss my loved ones so
In the early morning rain
With no place to go.
Out on runway number nine
Big 707 set to go
But I'm stuck here in the grass 
Where the cold winds blow
Well the liquor tasted good
And the women all were fast
There she goes, my friend
She's rolling down at last
Hear the mighty engine roar
Speed the silver bird on high
She's away and westward bound
Out among the clouds she'll fly
Where the morning rain don't fall
And the sun always shines
She'll be flying o'er my home
In about three hours time
This old airport's got me down
It's no earthly good to me
'Cause I'm stuck here on the ground
Cold and drunk as I could be
You can't jump a jet plane
Like you can a freight train
So I'd best be on my way
In the early morning rain
You can't jump a jet plane
Like you can a freight train
So I'd best be on my way
In the early morning rain.

Minnie the Moocher (scat section)

So our Minnie, she checked out the national papers
Keeping informed of those coast to coast capers
Tired of the biased views that they were bringing
Said she'd rather hear some Fruvous scat singing

Uh 1, uh 1, uh 1, 2, 3, 4.

Clever Ebon Harris the Reigning Mutton Baron packed a 
lamb in saran, saran. How is clever Ebon ever gonna get
to heaven if he turning lamb into spam in a can?

Talking Falcon Ridge Tent Pole Blues

Here are the lyrics to part 2 of the Killer Tents saga
as performed at the "Songs of Woody Guthrie" workshop
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
July 22, 2000

Talking Falcon Ridge Tent Pole Blues

Now it wasn't too very long ago
That folks was wandering to and fro
Every summer weekend, answering the call
A phonomenon known as the folk festival
Wearing toe rings
Tie Dyed Shirts
And "Bring Back Dan Bern" buttons

Slatherin' on the sunblock
Running thru the fields
Trying to get a glimpse of David Howard of The Nields
Picking up a bus at the Contra Dance tent
Rollin' up a hooley watching Iris Dement
Places like Newport
Here at Hillsdale
Or even some guys Appel Farm in New Jersey

Now if you didn't like hotels, or sleeping in the car
There was always an accomodation quite above par
Good for the kiddies, good for the lovers
Folks trying to get Vance Gilbert under covers
Talking about tents
Real economical-like
Wake up all sticky and sweaty in the morning

Well history tells us that all changed
The year the tents went all deranged
Like some crazy film of Terry Gilliam's
They're chewing up anyone named Dar Williams
Tents turned evil
Went on a rampage
Ate lots of folks, but left that Mox-i-Fruv-i-ous feller

Well the tents and Fruvous teamed up so well
They created a faux-folks viewing cartel
But they got real cranky playing high stakes games
Some Fruvous tents started calling each other names
Like Dorkapella
Zipper Mouth
And Bags of Mostly Water

Well that love affair had lost it's smile
Soon they were going at it Gladitor style
To figure out who'd win doesn't take McGuyver
It's on next week's version of Survivor

Fruvous and the tents going head to head
Dukin it out till one side's dead
Fruvous beating their chests with pride
But the tents got Marty Sexton on their side
Big sideburns
Piercing yodel
Four deaf Canadians
(not that no one could tell)

Well a terrible bloodbath you know ensued
And the tents consumed the entire Fruvous brood
Sexton applying the barbecue dressing
For what turned out to be a Hillsdale blessing
Ahh, the tale turns around
Like the latest Harry Potter
or Welcome Back Cotter

You see the moral of the story, we might say
Is the tents were the good guys at the end of the day
True, eating people may cause a sensation
But it's a good way to regulate the festival population

On a new Falcon Ridge millenium what the tents would ingest
Were some posers that poisoned the fest
A few Ani fans, John Gorka's kid
The tents swallowed them whole, like an arachnid
Finally got rid of that geriatric Spiderman
Along with Meg Griffin
And all that radio riffin

So the next time you pass by a tent this year
Clap your hands, stomp your feat
Or just stand and cheer
Make some noise, have a drink, raise a little hell
Like you've just heard a third encore from Richard Shindell

Lick the tarp, pull the zipper, massage that back pole
Show the tent your excitement
Go in the tent whole
But before you get in there too deep always remember..
One way or another, it'll put you to sleep


Up in Downsview where the skies are grey
I can take my Mazda down the old parkway
From what they tell me I just make a right
To the place that's jumping every day and night. 

Well, I'm glad to say I'm on my way
To where ducks and jugglers and children play
I may be stuck in traffic, but I'm on the hunt
Gonna find my harbour down at Harbourfront. 

Pleasure bound I started walking around
It took me half an hour to find some grassy ground
I spread my blanket, but I got no sun
Just the shadow of the condominium 

Well, I'm sad to say they blocked the way
They took my view and my naivete
I saw lots of condos, but to be blunt
I didn't see no harbour down at Harbourfront. 

Hey! Is there no Metro plan?
There's no need for a cultural home
So tell me what do you say alderman?
Build a casino with lots of chrome.
Take 10 story, 20 story, 30 story Lunch!
There's no need for a cultural home
We're gonna solve that intangible budget crunch!
Pave the harbour from the shore to the 'Dome. 

I took my problem to so many doors
To the Feds, Queen's Park, and councillors
They sent me on to a businessman
Who said "son, listen up, I understand" 

"You see, I'm glad to say you'll get your way
Your Authorsfest and your Children's Day
That artsy stuff, spring, summer, fall
On parking level three of HarbourMall!" 

Say, see where the art used to be?
Back to business at HarbourMall
Skydome's a runt next to King Harbourfront
Give the business to HarbourMall. 

So now I see the situation's clear
We'll have HarbourFun every day of the year
Under HarbourMall's roof I'll get my sun
With the tanning salon and Mr. Eggleton. 

Well, I'm glad to say we got our way
The Authorsfest and the Children's Day
All that artsy stuff, spring, summer, fall
On parking level three of HarbourMall... 

...HarbourMall fun in the city! 

This song was written by the FrüCrew after state funding was cut for Harbourfront, an arts centre in Toronto. Federal funding, at the point of this writing, has been temporarily re-established.

Jockey Full Of Bourbon

originally by Tom Waites

Edna Million in a drop dead suit
Dutch Pink on a downtown train
Two-dollar pistol but the gun won't shoot
I'm in the corner on the pouring rain
Sixteen men on a dead man's chest
And I've been drinking from a broken cup
Two pairs of pants and a mohair vest
I'm full of bourbon, I can't stand up 

     Hey little bird, fly away home
     Your house is on fire, children are alone
     Hey little bird, fly away home
     Your house is on fire, your children are alone 

Schiffer broke a bottle on Morgan's head
And I'm stepping on the devil's tail
Across the stripes of a full moon's head
And through the bars of a Cuban jail
Bloody fingers on a purple knife
Flamingo drinking from a cocktail glass
I'm on the lawn with someone else's wife
Admire the view from up on top of the mast 


I said, Chorus 

Yellow sheets on a Hong Kong bed
Stazybo horn and a Slingerland ride
"To the carnival" is what she said
A hundred dollars makes it dark inside
Edna Million in a drop dead suit
Dutch Pink on a downtown train
Two-dollar pistol but the gun won't shoot
I'm in the corner on the pouring rain 


La Complainte Du Phoque En Alaska (French Version)

by Beau Dommage

Cre-moe, cre-moe pas,
Quelque part en alaska
Y'a un phoque qui s'ennuie en maudit
Sa blonde est partie
Gagner sa vie
Dans un cirque aux Etats-Unis 

Quand le phoque est tout seul
Y r'garde le soleil
Qui descend doucement sure le glacee
Y pense au Etats en pleurant tout bas
C'est comme ca quand ta blond t'a lachee 

Ca vaut pas la peine de laisser ceux qu'on aime
Pour aller faire tourner des ballons sur son nez
Ca faire rire les enfants, ca dure jamais longtemps
Ca fail plus rire personne quand les enfants sont grands 

Quand le phoque s'ennuie,
Y r'garde son poil qui brille
Comme les rues d'New York apres la pluie
Il reve a Chicago
Puis a Marilyn Monroe
Il voudrait voir sa blonde faire son show 

C'est rien qu'un histoire
On peut pas m'en faire accoire
Mes des fois j'ai l'impression que c'est moe
Qu'y est assis sur la glace
Les deux mains dans la face
Mon amour est partie pis j'm'ennuie. 

Ca vaut pas la peine de laisser ceux qu'on aime
Pour aller faire tourner des ballons sur son nez
Ca faire rire les enfants, ca dure jamais longtemps
Ca fait plus rire personne quand les enfants sont grands. 

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