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Canadian pop band to rock Lafayette

By Nick Giordano

Online Editor

Purdue students brave enough to venture across the Wabash River into Lafayette will have the opportunity to see a band on the verge of a breakthrough Thursday night.

To say that Moxy Früvous, a Canadian pop quartet that hails from Toronto, is on the verge is misleading. The band has already made a name for itself in Canada and is now working to build a fan base in the United States.

Moxy Früvous is composed of Mike Ford on vocals and guitar; Murray Foster on vocals and bass; Jian Ghomeshi on vocals and drums; and Dave Matheson on vocals, accordion, banjo and guitar.

Moxy Früvous is hoping for success similar to Barenaked Ladies, another Canadian pop band. According to Foster there are a lot of good Canadian bands looking for fans in the United States.

"There are a lot of great Canadian bands that will never be heard (in the United States)," said Foster. "There's a lot of good music here that just wants to get to the states."

The group began playing together on street corners in the early '90s and released their first album, "Bargainville," in 1994. The band just released "Thornhill" last year. The album is an appealing mix of pop songs with a sense of humor. The songs' engaging lyrics and album's diverse sounds make "Thornhill" worth picking up.

Foster attributes the bands unique sound the group's diverse influences such as the Beatles, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and Stevie Wonder. "We're inspired by songwriters," said Foster.

Foster said its live performance is something the band is aware of it. "We come from busking, singing in the street for money, so we know how to engage a crowd," said Foster. "We let (the show) take its own shape every night. Anything can happen."

Foster said the band has been touring the United States for five years trying to build a fan base. The band has a group of devoted fans called Früheads that travel long distances to see the band's live performances.

Friends of Bob, a live music co-op that sponsors live music in the Lafayette area, booked the band to Lafayette. The co-op was formed in late 1994 and has sponsored over 50 performances in Lafayette. This is the second time that Friends of Bob has brought Moxy Früvous to town.

Richard Fudge, the president of Friends of Bob, said the band's first performance in Lafayette was a huge success.

"It was a sold out show. We turned away a lot of people," Fudge said. "They were actually keen to come back."

Fudge said the band's live performance was one of the reasons Friends of Bob brought them back to Lafayette.

"It's screamingly funny to watch this band. They're very audience friendly," said Fudge. "I think in terms of a live show they're one of the most exciting live shows."

Sarah Slean, a piano player/singer who is also from Toronto, will open for the band.

Purdue students interested in live music should take advantage of this chance to see this great band live. After all, it's only a matter of time before Moxy Früvous makes its breakthrough and is too popular to play Elliott.

• Moxy Früvous will play Thursday in Duncan Hall. The doors open at 7 p.m. and the concert starts at 7:30 p.m. Advance tickets for the concert can be purchased at Von's for $8 and $10 at the door.

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