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Toronto's Entertainment Weekly
under T.O. Music Notes by Matt Galloway, Kim Hughes and Tim Perlich


Dora Keogh Pub, Web, April 5

Over black bean soup and a pint of stout, Moxy Fruvous singer/percussionist Jian Ghomeshi described his band's forthcoming The C Album (follow-up to The B Album, natch), to be sold exclusively through their www.fruvous.com Web site and at gigs. He offered no comment, however, on being seen around town lately with American Psycho actor Krista Sutton other than to slyly confirm they're dating.

Look for the album - "It's showcases the zany, more vaudevillian side of the band" - in May.

Also coming in May: a 30-minute documentary on Fruvous via news-magazine show CBS Sunday Morning. Last week a crew followed the guys around their hometown and will film upcoming shows in Philly and NYC.

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