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Frucon IV hits Toronto

"I get more and more impressed with the culture that goes on behind Moxy Fruvous," said panelist Margaret Melandrucculo. And with that statement alone this relative outsider seemed to sum up FruCon IV pretty well. In Canada, where the locals generally eat their young, you've got to be a bit impressed at the sight of more than 200 people who've come to a cold land to experience all that is Moxy Fruvous.

"I've traveled all over North America to see the band," explained Andy World, 23 of Great Barrington, Mass. who estimates he has seen the band 50 times over the last 6 years. "Coming to a convention like this is a chance for me to see friends that I've made at shows or talked to online."

When asked what he likes so much about Moxy's music, World doesn't miss a beat.

"I can relate a lot to their songs," he says. "The songs are catchy, the lyrics are strong. There's enough of everything and the live shows are amazing."

According to one organizer, FruCon IV drew fans from as far away as New Mexico and California with ages ranging from youths to adults with babe in arms. The one-day event held in the picturesque Great Hall featured puzzles, sing-alongs and open mics before culminating with a Q&A on "The Process of CD and Video-Making."

Present for the Q&A were band members Murray Foster and Jian Ghomeshi as well as moderator Jamz Bee, and Malandruccolo who directed such Fruvous videos as "I Will Hold On" and "Sad Girl". Moxy Fruvous is on hiatus following extensive touring in support of last year's C Album, but performed the night of the convention. In addition Ghomeshi did a solo set the evening before.

"It's nothing like I expected," said Nicole Stoner, 24 who traveled with sister Christina, 23, from Cleveland, Ohio. "I thought it would be scary and cultish but everyone is really nice. This was a chance for us to take a road-trip. We knew the guys were on hiatus and that we wouldn't see them for a long time," said Nicole who thinks she's seen the band about 20 times.

"I love the fan interaction, the way the band comes out after every show to talk to the fans," said sister Christina.

As for the Moxy men themselves, bassist Murray Foster was humbled by the whole affair.

"I feel all weird and mushy inside," he said, as an open mic session began in the background.

"It's pretty phenomenal the spirit behind this event. It gets better and better every year. I'm kind of stunned - as are most of my friends."

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