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The King of Spain goes solo

After so long in a band, David Matheson of Moxy Fruvous is savouring the chance to work on a solo project. He and his bandmates have been on hiatus since touring, in support of last year's C Album, wrapped up. According to the official website, Mike Ford is staying close to home with his family, Murray Foster has been doing session work, and Jian Ghomeshi is busy touring in anticipation of his own solo album.

Matheson, whose self-titled release comes out April 21st, says he's been writing for as long as he can remember, but pulling it all together only began recently. "I was always writing, but I've only picked stuff from the past two years. We'd been planning this hiatus from Moxy Fruvous and so we've all been doing our own things," said Matheson from his home in Toronto.

The 12-song release brought Matheson into contact with several Ontario-based musicians including drummers Gavin Brown and Mark Mariash, and bassist Maury LaFoy (the Supers). In fact getting to know local artists was one of the highlights of the album. "It was great fun to put the band together. It's been great to get into the community and get to know people a lot better," said Matheson.

Anyone who knows Moxy Fruvous knows that the band has toured incessantly since the early 90s and has built a loyal following as a result of their hard work. "It's been so nice to be at home for a while," said Matheson. "If you were us, then you would know that we've been away from home," he said with a laugh.

As for the album itself, Matheson shies away from putting it into any one genre. He's proud of it so far and says public approval isn't as important as it might have been before. "I hope this is firmly in the songwriter camp," he said. "It's very satisfying. At this point for me it's not as high priority to tour and do the live thing. I've been on the road for a really long time. Its nice to stay home and just put out an album."

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