Moxy Moves in on Rush published in the Toronto Sun

Moxy Moves in on Rush

by Gary Dunford

in his column "Page Six"

Rush Limbaugh is the most dangerous man in America. Moxy Früvous is the most dangerous a capella group on the planet. And since Moxy first sang their Limbaugh-baiting ditty, The Greatest Man in America on CFRB/1010 a few weeks ago, it's safe to say the battle lines have been drawn.

Moxy's tune sends up America's beloved rightwing yapper and talk radio, using the same cruel stew of venom, absurdity and ridicule the Rushman himself uses daily against hapless liberals and the Clintons.

The sharp satirical buskers brought their Limbaugh lampoon on a repeat visit to Andy Barrie's show, the newest dart in their kitbag of song send-ups . Indeed, on an aircheck version 'RB's been playing since then, you can hear Andy chortling through his favorite Limbaugh-baiting lyrics, like a distant loon.

"It's just snowballed," laughs Rob Meise, 'RB's program director. "The feedback to the song was great, so we played it all weekend long. Stores started getting calls for it and their record company wants to take it to talk radio in the States."

Moxy went back into the studio in recent days to re-record The Greatest Man in America and it's being rush-released by WEA Music. There's a satellite feed of the tune to stations across the country tomorrow, so by the weekend the topical ditty could be in the air, everywhere.

Make no mistake: knowing the Rushman's enormous ego, there's no question the Froove tune will inevitably wind up on Limbaugh's syndicated radio and TV shows, where he will chomp microphones to bits in mock rage. This is a Battle of Giants.

Funnier still that 'RB - a station that now plays no music, should get an assist for Moxy's scoring goal on Limbaugh. But Rush Rules. We've ordered a subscription to the Limbaugh Letter, surely his salvation. But to hell with The Motts. And their little dog, Toto.

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