Innocent Questions published in the Toronto Sun

Innocent Questions

by Gary Dunford

in his column "Page Six"

What do you think Moxy Früvous' new record company is gonna say when they find out a rival label is also releasing Moxy's controversial Rush Limbaugh ditty to market?

Last week we told you how WEA Music was hurrying along the group's send-up of radio rightwinger Limbaugh, seeing it as a logical single, based on reaction from airplay on CFRB. The novelty tune's been rush-recorded for Moxy's first official album release. But in less than two weeks, WEA rival BMG Music is delivering a compact disc called Up Front - Canadians Live from Mountain Stage to stores. It's a sampler of homegrown folkies and acoustic groups who've performed for the popular U.S. public radio live concert series. Guess which tune the label has decided to work as a "focus" track, the album's foot in the door to radio?

It's Moxy's Rush Limbaugh tune - The Greatest Man in America - just as Früvous performed it last year! One group, one hot song, on two different major record labels, both rushing it to radio. Hilarious! Oh, but we'd love to be a fly on the wall at WEA this morning. Get those a cappella brats on the phone...

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