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University of Waterloo
Friday, July 14th, 1995, Volume 18, Number 6

Moxy Fruvous: Wood

by Greg Stephens

Imprint staff

Reluctant to find we suck in the nineties again.

I first listened to this album with my roommates in the room: "They sound totally different." "Yeah, they're shit." By the third song my audience had shrunk to three (myself included), the others returning with more comments: "What's with the banjo?" They seem to have replaced the irritating accordion with an annoying banjo. "What are these guys thinking?" I managed to hold out and listen to Wood in one sitting.

There comes a time when a novelty act decides they no longer want to be novel so they go serious. Yes, Moxy Fruvous went serious... at least they tried. Songs like "The Drinking Song" and "King of Spain" (Bargainville) are out and cheesepiles like "Nuits de Rêve" and "Sad Today" are in.

Wood isn't entirely shit, after a couple more listens I found lines from "It's Too Cold" in my head, and I decided "Bed and Breakfast" was also pleasant. Besides these two the album blows, right down to the BONUS (oh boy, smiles) track!

The Früvi (plural?) kept the harmonies and expanded on their brutal country twang accompaniment. They also maintained their solitary french component ("Nuits de Rêve").

If you're a die hard fan, all one or so of you, you might like Wood but for the rest of us without Miracle Ear I suggest it's best left at the store.

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