03/25/96 -- Eclectic Sounds of Canada's Moxy Fruvuous The Leader
State University of New York at Fredonia

Eclectic Sounds of Canada's Moxy Fruvous

By Jean Ross

(Caption under picture of Jian): Lead singer Jean Ghomeshi sings his heart out to the Fredonia audience. The crowd was less than enthusiastic.

For all you fans of something upbeat, clever, and almost totally Angst free, Canada's own Moxy Fruvous appeared in the Campus Center on Saturday.

The Fruvous boys, Jean Ghomeshi, Micheal Ford, Davis Matheson, and Murray Foster, entertained a partly enthusiastic crowd, with such old favorites as "King of Spain", "My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors", and selections from their new CD Wood, like "Fly" and "The Greatest Man in America."

It is very hard to place this band into a formal genre. Some call them alternative, some just term them a "funny band." Whichever you choose, it cannot be denied that they are an extremely friendly band that enjoys getting their fans involved in the show.

A good example of this would be an incident that occurred during the song "Spiderman." Someone threw a stuffed Spiderman head onto the stage. This inspired an impromptu song in honor of the pillow and its donator, a woman named Tracy. The band connected with the crowd by getting to their stout Buffalonian hearts by singing songs inspired by the area and common experiences such as cross border shopping. They even went so far as to compliment those hockey icons, the Buffalo Sabres.

Mitch's Infydel's opened up for Moxy Fruvous, doing their best to stir up a completely apathetic crowd with their smooth upbeat sound.

Moxy Fruvous is no longer produced by the company that produced their first album, Bargainville. Because of this, their new album, Wood, will not be released in the United States for an indefinite time. However, both Wood, an another album titled, the b album were sold at the concert. If you weren't there, your only chance to get them in the near future is to join the Moxy Fruvous mailing list.

Many thanks to the College Events Commission (CEC) for bringing such a wonderfully different act to our campus.

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