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November 25, 1996
Section: People

A Concert For the Ogoni of Nigeria

Famous for their political and social songs lightened with humor, the Toronto-based Moxy Frvous was the ideal band to headline the Canadian segment last week of an international benefit concert to remember government-executed Nigerian playwright and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa. "We were pretty flattered to be part of this," says Jian Ghomeshi, who along with Mike Ford, Murray Foster and Dave Matheson make up the band. The concert, which linked Canada, Ireland, Britain and the United States, commemorated Saro-Wiwa and eight other Nigerians whose executions a year ago ignited international outrage. The concert also raised $4,537 to aid the Ogoni people, from the oil- rich region of Nigeria where Saro-Wiwa lived, and 19 Ogoni activists still facing execution. "If I was a member of the Ogoni 19 and I heard that a group of Canadian artists were singing for me," said Moxy Frvous vocalist Foster, "it would give me hope."

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