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Saturday, April 26, 1997

Moxy digs deep for moxie

You will go to the Moon reviewed

by Mike Ross

Some bands are just begging to get slammed.
 These four smarmy guys from Toronto became one of the most loathed Canadian acts of the '90s due to their smirking, CBC-supported, preachy political satire set to barbershop quartet-style music that's so cute it makes your teeth rot. After these musical intellectuals oozed their way into the mainstream in 1993, they were dismayed to realize their core fan base consisted of pre-teens. Oh, the irony! Since then, the group's very name has become a punchline.
 So it's a lot for a potential fan to get over - a veritable police spike-belt on the road to appreciating this unique foursome's considerable talent.
 OK, I'll admit it. I loved Moxy Fruvous' debut album, Bargainville - until I found out from my cool friends how uncool it was. It's a shameful thing.
 Moxy's third album, out Tuesday, is missing much of the happy chirp of the debut, but the deft satirical edge and solid, four-part vocal harmonies remain.
 Using a combination of Beatles-era chord progressions framed in hip-hop drum loops and sprinkled with rap may seem as appetizing as chocolate chips in mashed potatoes, but it works, in a perverse sort of way. Michigan Militia slams the American far right, while The Incredible Medicine Show tackles the modern obsession with looking young. These are two of the album's more amusing highlights. In contrast, Lee, with its spooky combo of violins and grand piano, is a chilling parable on lovers' suicide.
 Listen to this album with an open mind and hopefully you'll enjoy it whether it's supposed to be cool or not.

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