Saskatoon Star-Phoenix
Thursday, May 15 '97
by Cam Fuller

Moxy Fruvous You Will Go To The Moon Warner Music Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Is Moxy Fruvous's latest album boldly experimental or just weird? Or just self-indulgent? Every song is different, I'll give them that much. How enjoyable they are is another matter. The atmospheric Sahara, marked by eerie strings, would serve as background music in a potpourri-smelling craft boutique. The lead song, Michigan Militia, contains some biting satire on fascist American militias ("Fighting for a blue-eyed Jesus/America first and the rest get the pieces"). Musically, it combines banjo with rap, which is unique if not pleasing. There's an infectious '60s-flavoured pop tune called Get In The Car, which sounds distinctly early Beatles. It's fun. It makes you want to turn it loud and buy a convertible. The magical mystery tour continues later with The Incredible Medicine Show, a tribute to the Beatles' later psychedelic phase. Still on the '70s theme is a cover of the Bee Gees' I've Gotta Get A Message To You, which is nothing but distressing; even with all the topspin the Fruvoids give it, it still sounds like what it is: a radio-weary, superannuated Bee Gees hit. This is the dim sum of albums. If you're adventurous, take a chance. But don't eat anything too strange. -- Cam Fuller

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