People magazine review of YWGTTM People
June 30, 1997
pg. 23
Section: Picks and Pans

By Ralph Novak

Happy Birthday, Trisha; I'm in the Michigan militia." If you think that line from "Michigan Militia" is groovy (to use a word favored by this Canadian quartet), you'll probably love the throwback, pseudo-'60s sound of this playful-going-on-vapid album. The Moxies muster rich vocal harmonies and provide a lively, rhythmically varied instrumental backing, tossing in the occasional accordion and banjo riff. Despite some jarring, obscenity-laced lapses, this is often an ingratiatingly playful album by a band that doesn't take itself too seriously, an all-too-uncommon trait in these self-important times. (Bottom Line)

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