Review of You Will Go To The Moon Springfield, MA
Sunday Republican
page F5

By Kevin O'Hare
"Moxy Fruvous, 'You Will Go To The Moon,' (The Bottom Line), 3 stars [out of 5]. Deliciously quirky, Moxy Fruvous [at no point was an umlaut seen] are most definitely on another planet at times, falling somewhere between the Roches and The Rutles, with everyone from the Violent Femmes and XTC to the vocal wonder of the Manhattan Transfer tossed into the mix." "After all, who else is writing songs with lyrical hooks like 'Happy Birthday Tricia, I'm in the Michigan Militia,' and then wrapping it into funk grooves with bluegrass banjo riffs lifted out of 'Last Train To Clarksville'? It's true, and it's all there in the album's opening track. But beyond the bizarre, what makes this really appealing is that the Canadian-based band can really sing, really play and the writing itself is as air-tight as it is off-the-wall." "Among several memorable songs is the Middle-Eastern tinged 'No No Raja,' Rutle-esque 'The Incredible Medicine Show,' and a hip-hop styled cover of the Bee Gees' 'I've Gotta Get a Message To You.' No kidding." "Moxy Fruvous will be appearing at the Iron Horse in Northampton on Friday."

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