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Building up a strong Michigan Militia

by E. Benajmin Miller

Acting Features Editor

Moxy Fruvous is a pretty odd band, but this does not make them a bad band. It actually sets them apart from most groups currently playing in the music industry today. This uniqueness is more apparent when one recognizes that bands will not usually feature instruments like accordians and banjos. But Moxy Fruvous uses them in a peculiar way that gives their songs a different and almost humorous sound. In fact, their first song, "Michigan Militia," was once heard on the Doctor Demento show.

Perhaps their strangeness can be traced back to the sounds of other distinct bands. One can listen to the CD and think they hear bits of They Might Be Giants and even the Beatles. I don't mean that Moxy Fruvous is unoriginal. In fact, they present a blend of sound and odd songs that is all their own.

Listening to the album for the first time, I couldn't figure out what was going on in the songs. I usually don't listen to this style of music but, upon listening to the CD again, I began to appreciate the strange lyrics and sounds that the band produced. Overall, several of the songs are pretty good. This album has what it takes to stand up on its own.

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