Review of YWGTTM 10/27/97

YWGTTM review

The Eagle, American University


"Gangsta banjo hip-hop, Accor- dion love songs. Persian epics. Solid pop songs."

So proclaims the official Web site. The first three I can vouch for, the last was perhaps an outright lie. Moxy Fruvous is also "widely loved" in Canada. "You Will Go to the Moon" is the Moxy Fruvous' third album. Is this something one should bother to listen to?

If the thought of Elvis, the Beatles, Devo and a barbershop quartet ac- companied by a banjo and drum ma- chine gives you a certain distinct feel- ing, Moxy Fruvous is the group for you. The feeling it gave me was, unfor- tunately, the kind leading to short, bitter reviews

"You Will Go to the Moon" is a very appropriate title, considering my wish that we soon send another spaceship there, carrying as ballast every copy of this CD. That would be fantastic. My only fear is beings of the future discov- ering said rejected music and thinking our society to be responsible for lyrics like "Happy Birthday, Trisia, I'm in the Michigan militia."

Not even a "so bad it's good" effort, Moxy Fruvous is actually try- ing. Trying my parience, that is. Ex- ceptionally bad tracks include "Get in the Car." "The Incredible Medi- cine Show," "Your New Boyfriend" and "Boo Time." Sleep-inducers "Lazlo's Career" and Sahara" Serve only to separate such atrocities as "Michi- gan Militia" and "Kick in the Ass."

The most appealing part of the CD is the packaging, which is of the ut- most importance in the business of actu- ally selling bad mu- sic. I applaud the ef- forts of Helios for the graphic design. I do not applaud the styl- ist who decided to put these guys in matching outfits for the three pictures. Or perhaps Dave Matheson, Jian Ghomeshi, Mike Ford, and Murry Foster should be held responsible for their own bad taste in clothing as well as music.

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