CDNOW review to You Will Go to the Moon 1997


Review of You Will Go to the Moon

Tom "Tearaway" Schulte

Moxy Fruvous excels at four-way harmonies with diverse hooks delivering humorous or poignant original songs. The cheeky bookends of this their latest collection are "Michigan Militia" with MC 900 Ft. Jesus goes Fruvous stylings and the a cappella title track. "Get In The Car" condenses an entire afternoon of taking in the autumn changes along country roads into two-and-a-half minutes. Wurlitzer and theremin dress up their version of "I've Gotta Get A Message To You." We are reminded of the pre-soul/disco sound of the Bee Gees but without interrupting the flow of mostly acoustic, many-voiced gems. Duke Ellington identified two kinds of music, good and bad. I agree with this taxonomy and serious fans of music in any way will place this Moxy album in the "good" category.

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