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Moxy Fruvous Make Live Noise for Fans

Unveil FruMiles Program

NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--May 19, 1998--Canada's Moxy Fruvous answer their fans' requests and release their first live album, LIVE NOISE, with The Bottom Line Record Company. In conjunction with the release, the band announces the "FruMiles Card," a frequent flier-type program that rewards the band's most dedicated followers with "FruMiles" for each show seen, which can then be redeemed for special prizes.

In seven years, Moxy Fruvous have earned a fan base so devoted that many fans regularly travel hundreds of miles, taking time off from jobs and loved ones to see the band. The Fruheads, as they are known, have gone so far as to arrange the first annual Fruhead Convention this past February in Toronto. With dozens of bootlegged shows floating around, Moxy finally yielded to demand and produced LIVE NOISE, which the band calls their "official bootleg album."

Recorded over six nights in the fall of 1997 during their sold-out "Your New Boyfriend Tour" and mixed and produced by the band, LIVE NOISE brings the full Moxy Fruvous experience to the listener by including the band's trademark impromptu songs and stage banter. What band but Moxy could improvise a song about a random Trivial Pursuit card ("Lowest Highest Point"), or engage the audience in a debate of the merits of humans vs. computers in "Kasparov vs. Deep Blue?" All the Moxy favorites are included, from "King of Spain" to "Fly" to "Michigan Militia," along with homage-paying covers of Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer" and Tom Waits' "Jockey Full of Bourbon."

The FruMiles Card program was designed to reward Moxy's fans' dedication. Earning points for every show attended, with bonus points thrown in for "degree of difficulty" involved in attending the show, Fruheads can redeem points for prizes ranging from key chains to a Fruvous song-book to bowling with the band. FruMiles is the successor program to the original "Fruhead Card," which offered its top prize last February at the FruHead Convention: a tattoo of the band's mascot upon the posterior of the winner.

The band kicked off their 1998 tour by headlining the Mayfair in Cambridge, MA on May 3, followed by a series of in-store performances in the Northeast, after which they will tour the country this summer and fall.

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