Moxy Fruvous

Live Noise

The diverse flavors of Moxy Früvous come to in this Listening Party for the group's latest album, "Live Noise." An exotic and sometimes chaotic mixture of rap, blues, jazz, folk and funk, "Live Noise" continues the band's genre-hopping tradition.

Moxy Früvous formed in '90 and went straight to the streets, busting their way through Toronto with four-part harmony and street-theatre guerilla tactics. Adding an odd mix of instrumentation such as banjo, accordion, melodeon, harmonica and strings onto a bass, drums, acoustic guitar setup, the group scored its major label debut in '93. Two albums, '95's "Wood" and '97's "You Will Go To The Moon," followed but the group's edgy, improvisational energy cried out for a live album.

"Live Noise," which features impromptu songs about Trivial Pursuit and chess-master Kasparov, as well as favorites like "Michigan Militia," answers the call. Recorded over six nights during the group's "Your New Boyfriend Tour," "Live Noise" hits the streets on May 19.

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