Live Noise Review

Katie Sigler

Taking threads of rock, pop, jazz, swing, cabaret, and Middle Eastern music, Moxy Früvous weave a kaleidoscopic tapestry of sounds with lustrous voices and vibrant melodies. Floating above their diversified choice of instruments--which at times includes congas, accordion, and a tin whistle--are the band's trademark vocals: four mellifluous voices blending in intimate harmony, like a barbershop quartet covering Tom Waits, Bobby Darin, Ravi Shankar, and the Beach Boys at a Beatles convention. Interspersed between the songs are snippets of the band's on-stage banter and frequent interactions with the audience, bringing everything from a Moxy show into your living room except for the overpriced drinks and the idiot next to you who won't stop screaming over and over for the same song. A rich treat.

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