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Night Life

Live Noise, the new album from Canada's Moxy Fruvous, consists of tunes recorded over six nights from the band's "Your New Boyfriend Tour". Moxy Fruvous plays its lighthearted rock 'n' roll with plenty of yuks. The best tunes include Michigan Militia, Video Bargainville and My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors. On the latter, Doris Lessing is rhymed with "dressing". Funny stage patter, too; How many groups would debate the merits of Kasparov vs. Deep Blue? How many even know who they are? If you like Barenaked Ladies - and who doesn't? - but wish they had more backbone, you'll dig Fruvous.

In conjunction with the album release, Moxy Fruvous will reward fans (FruHeads) with the "FruMiles Card". It works like a frequent-flier program. You get points for every Moxy Fruvous show you attend.

You also can get "degree of difficulty" bonus points. You'll probably need documented proof that you had a flat tire or battled locusts on the way to the show. The points can be redeemed for prizes such as key chains, songbooks, and best of all, bowling with the band. Imagine going a few frames with Fruvous at Capri Lanes, or it's Canadian equivalent. The joy!

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