CD Shakedown 10/16/98
CD Shakedown Music Review of Moxy Fruvous
"Once I Was the King of Spain"
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Randy Krbechek

CD Shakedown Music Review of Moxy Fruvous

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Moxy Fruvous, Live Noise (Bottom Line Records 1998) - For Live Noise, the foursome known as Moxy Fruvous (Murray, Jian, Mike and Dave) capture the energy of their live shows. While there's a bit too much bantering with the audience on the disk, when the band gets into a groove, they are downright engaging.

Thus, the semi-comic interludes of "Kasparov vs. Deep Blue" and "The Lowest Highest Point" could have been omitted in favor of musical cuts. Because the band shines on such tracks as "Psycho Killer" (the classic Talking Heads song) and a great original song, "King of Spain." The latter song appears in two versions, with the five-minute "Cranky Monarch Version" being the standout cut on the disk.

"King of Spain" has a mature, Bryan Ferry-influenced sound, and is a radio-friendly gem which deserves to be enjoyed.

Moxy Fruvous comes across as a hard-working Irish party band, as exemplified by the album's concluding track, "The Drinking Song." Give Live Noise a listen, and wait to be spellbound by "King of Spain."

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