Arrogant Worms article snippet 1/25/99
Toronto Sun
Arrogant Worms article about vegetarians

And then there was the vegetarian-baiting tune Carrot Juice Is Murder, which was the number-one most-requested song on Dr. Demento's U.S.-syndicated program, the show that launched Weird Al Yankovic.

"Then it turns out there actually is a Vegetable Rights Association in Boulder, Colo.," says Patterson. "This whole sect that talks about vegetable rights, they've got a Web page, the whole deal. So we sent them a copy of the song, they loved it, they put a link on their Web page for us. And all the other freaks in Boulder kinda got pointed in our direction."

Says Strong: "The point is that anything can be taken too far, by example of there being a vegetable rights association. I'm quite happy at the top of the food chain. I'm for nature. I think it's unnatural not to eat everything you possibly can."

"Moxy Fruvous might have something to say about that," says Patterson, getting in a jibe at another musical troupe -- friends of the Worms as it happens -- whose earnest political activism long ago overshadowed any lyrical cuteness.

"Well, they don't eat meat," Strong says of the Moxys. "How tough can they be?"

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