Now Now - Toronto's Weekly News and Entertainment Voice
February 18-24, 1999
Vol 18 - Number 25
p. 37

t.o. musicnotes

By Matt Galloway, Kim Hughes and Tim Perlich

Mondo Moxy

Folk/pop combo Moxy Früvous are back home, briefly, for a trio of shows at Lee's Palace Friday to Sunday (February 19 to 21), with the third serving as a benefit for the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics. This is the fifth such benefit, and Früvous, longtime proponents of the cause, are donating proceeds netted from the $10 cover. Rounding out the Sunday bill are Sarah Slean (who also supports on Friday), Susan Werner (who supports on Saturday) and Tory Cassis.

On the subject of Früvous, do yourself a favour on a slow Sunday and check out their fan-friendly Web site at But be forewarned: an exhaustive, obsessive site of Grateful Dead proportions, Fruvous Dot Com includes, among other things, protracted fan testimonials and an astonishing array of detail, lists and reviews of what appears to be every show the group's ever given.

There are also heaps of interviews, fan-painted portraits, more photos than a Life Magazine archive, details on the second annual Fruhead convention (Saturday, February 20, 11 am to 5 pm in the ballroom of the Ramada on Jarvis), directions for out-of-towners on how to get there, a crossword puzzle and just about every factoid pertaining to the fellows you could need or want to know.

One can only wonder what these folks would be up to without a hobby.

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