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Review of 4/9/99 concert

Somebody scream!

The popular band from Toronto, Moxy Fruvous, came to Clark Gymnasium Friday April 9th to play a solid set of old favorites as well as some of the new songs off of their just recorded album. The Pushstars (inappropriately billed at the "Pushkings" on the tickets) opened a little past the advertised time, but managed to do more than just pass the time. They offered up some of their skilled guitar play with a mix of interesting beats and lyrics. While the opening band was great, the anticipated event of the evening was Moxy.

The boys from Canada had been on campus since the early evening. If you were tuned into WITR 89.7 you would have heard a great interview with Moxy. Fresh out of the studio recording for their latest CD, they talked about their tour across western New York State. Always full of humor and never short on answers, the interview was a good indicator of what to expect that evening. As Moxy took the stage, the gymnasium roared to life as they broke into such favorites as "Get In The Car" and "Michigan Militia." To break the ice and warm up the crowd, the guys asked us how life at RIT was. Someone blurted out that "the computer labs don't even work." From this, the boys erupted into an improv song that was all about "the new language: COBOL!" That's right, COBOL. Also featuring Fortran, BASIC, DOS, and a Commodore 64. If you were there, I guess you might call it the "De-bugging" song. Using their incredible word-smithing talent and knack for beats, the computer-based jam really got the crowd going. It was a closet computer geek's dream.

You never know what to expect at a Fruvous concert. They might be in the middle of one of their songs when all of a sudden they will break out into some classic David Bowie, or some Skynyrd, or maybe even the Beatles. Moxy proves time and again that they are more than some guys with good voices as they belt out the classic guitar tunes. The lighters came out numerous times throughout the course of the concert.

In what seemed to be an incredibly short set, Moxy performed their signature song "King of Spain" to a very appreciative audience. The wonderfully performed "You Will Go To The Moon" was a superb example of Moxy's a cappella talent for which they are famous. Full of the crazy antics and wonderful stage presence that are trademarks of every Fruvous show, it was an enjoyable experience for all. The only noticeable exception was the classic "street performance" of the classic "Green Eggs and Ham." However, this writer didn't go home until Moxy had played three, count'em, three, encores. Closing out with the traditional "Drinking Song," it was sad to see them go.

Good night, Irene, good night.

photos by Andrew Gombert

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